Viral QAnon Video Shows Cult-Like Followers Will Believe Anything

Uh, there’s a viral video going around Twitter
right now over woman explaining while driving her vehicle exactly who and what QAnon is
all about. And this video was originally shared, I believe
as a Travis view, the co-host of QAnon Anonymous and really the video speaks for itself. Here it is. “I remember this moment. Please remember where you were and the circumstances. The very first time you ever asked who or
what is Q. And here’s why. Q is you and Q is me. Q is logic. Q is a plan to save the world. Q is not a secret, but Q is secretive. Carefully crafted. Secret education. That anyone can have access to. Q One day will be in every history book. Q is the best thing that’s ever happened to
you. So remember. Remember this moment. Permanently.” Now I know she’s trying to explain to everybody
what exactly Q is, but it really comes off as more of a recruitment video for a dangerous
cult. And to be honest, QAnon is not that far off
from being a very dangerous cult. Q is you Q is me, Q is All of us. Q is a secret education that you cannot obtain,
but we will give it to you if you so choose to follow us. Folks, follow us into the light, see the reality,
take your blinders off and embrace the Q. Here’s the thing folks. I don’t know if, uh, some folks out there
old enough to remember the Heaven’s Gate, uh, I forget that guy’s name, but a real creepy
guy would go on TV, never blink by the way, and tell his followers to come with him, follow
him. The spaceship traveling behind the Hale–Bopp
comment was going to take us all the way to a better place. This is just the latest incarnation of that,
right? The Jonestown folk, it’s the latest incarnation
of that. That is what Q is. That she didn’t explain in the video, and
by the way, Travis has also pointed out that he interviewed this woman at the 4th of July
event and she claimed in that she was a family doctor, a doctor. This woman went to medical school, this woman
diagnosis people for a living and prescribed the medicine and she’s sitting in her car
while again, while driving, by the way, making this video, looking at the camera instead
of at the road in front of her telling us that we all just need to accept Q into our
lives and then Q is going to show us the truth. Q is nothing but a bunch of conspiracy theories
about some kind of global ring of pedophiles that doesn’t actually exist or these people
helped push that pizzagate conspiracy that nearly got people killed. They also believed that Robert Mueller was
not in fact appointed to investigate Russian collusion. He was appointed by Trump to investigate Obama
and Hillary and John Podesta and all that group as well as John McCain. That’s why John McCain spoke out against Donald
Trump. He knew he was being investigated and was
on the ropes. This is not normal behavior. These are dangerous followers who don’t know
that they’re being duped. They don’t even know who is duping them. And that’s the craziest part of all of this
is woman did this video to explain who Q is and all she did was tell us that Q is really
just the friends we made along the way. Now Q is a group of people who are completely
disconnected from reality and should not under any circumstances be taken seriously.

  1. This is why we need universal healthcare. If everyone had access to free mental healthcare it could help so many people.

  2. Soooo, Q is like the Cult of Scientology but instead of Lord Xenu they worship Donny the Con?

  3. Djtrump is consistent with Holy Scriptures description of the physical and spiritual traits of the anti-Christ and his terrible deceptive deeds. . One only has to see who benefits from stupid Q to know an orange clown lies behind those masks.

  4. Qanon is also the ones talking about two different alien races living on earth and the evil ones were the ones that started the cailfornia wildfires. So anyone beliving Qanon has thier crirical thinking skills damaged.

    Also Q is one of the greatest beings in star trek.

  5. Never get involved with a crazy women!!! Believe me, she will turn you off from even wanting to touch her! Crazy will get you crazy!!🐒😳😰🔤

  6. Wrong you are the conspiracy theorist. Q movement asks nothing but questions and would be the first cult that tells you to think for yourself. None of what you say is true. Why is the media so afraid of people who double check them? Q doesn't tell anyone what to think. We are the news now. Q – wwg1wga

  7. Q is fantasizing about everybody you don't like raping children and eating their corpses so you can feel special about playing free-association wordgames in internet chatrooms.

  8. What is wrong with our society that people believe conspiracies and young men feel the need to shoot people? Have we just lost hope? Is it a result of vast income inequality? Were there always this many crazy people but because of the internet we hear about it more?

  9. Time to get ready to ditch these burner accounts soon, right after your democratic psychopathic leaders get charged for crimes that make you puke yourself. Brace your slow and naive assholes, reality is coming to tap that ass.

  10. You are wrong. Q is no dangerous, no once force you to believe Q or shame you if you not. Thank to Q, Project Veritas, Julian Assange, Infowar and all other journalists, who risked their lives to unveil the corruptions. The MSM is the biggest cult of all time to brainwash the mass. People should not worry about the opposite opinions, however, they should worry when all the news outlets give the uniformity of the opinion.

  11. I miss the days when Q was simply known as the arrogant alien who appeared in Star Trek (most notably The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine). At least that Q was entertaining.

  12. The Republican/Democrat party or any other political affiliation are more cult-like than Q-Anon. Q is just a discussion board with people bouncing ideas off each other. You don't even have to register. Anyone can view it and comment. You need to work on your propaganda. Calling things you don't agree with or understand "crazy" or "delusional" is how people with either an agenda or a low intelligence responds. Please do better.

  13. Q is THE EGGMAN!! To be fair, Jonestown is kind of a bad example considering a lot of those people wanted to leave and they were forced to drink that Kool-Aid by armed guards just like they were forced to stay there by armed guards. As a matter of fact there was a congressman that went to investigate and he was outright killed before he could get onto his plane to leave…

  14. Q is a random commenter on 4chan who bases his ‘evidence’ on a mystery story from the 90s and is posting this shit for easily manipulated morons on the internet. I remember seeing posts like that on random message boards back in 2002 and knew it was bullshit from jump.
    We live in the worst timeline.

  15. I disagree: they should be very seriously taken into a padded room where they can't hurt themselves or (more importantly) innocents…

  16. I heard that the Church of Scientology is about to go bust.
    Is Q going to be scientology’s replacement ?
    Send in the clowns 🤡.

  17. I read what Q has put out.Say what you want something is going on.Q seems to forecast what's fixing to happen.I believe Q post more then I trust this bald fuck.

  18. Q is basically a Right Wing Christian Conservative Revenge Fantasy believed only by Idiots and fools. These Morons believe Trump was anointed by their magic sky wizard to be President….these are the same slack jawed, slow witted Inbreds who believe that Obama was really working for the Muslim Brotherhood, that Hilary eats babies, and that there is a secret Cabal bent on destroying America.

    The latest Delusional Lunacy coming from Q Tards is that JFK Jr. is alive and working with Trump…his big Reveal was supposed to be on July 4th but that was aborted last minute because of an attempt to assassinate The Orange Clown.
    The Q Tard unhinged Crazy is Next Level…

  19. Disliked this video

    You hardly Said anything About Q

    i'm not even a follower I was interested in the information Q was sharing a while back but I haven't listened to information from him/them in a very long time

    Now You are Making a video about 1 person making it seem like Q followers are crazy? That's pretty funny that you feel that way

    Q followers are at least aware of the corruption with government and Looking for answers Not like Braindead zombies who don't want to think about the missing children Don't care about wars

    Reminds me of the pedophile on twitter who kept calling pizzagate fake news and was arrested 😛

    I really do question your vague thought process about Q 🙂 worried about something? ? ?

    and like I said i'm not a follower and never will be unless something big happens to prove it all

  20. Another once trusted and respected Gorgeous blue eye blonde sprung this on her subs.I didn't see that coming.

  21. Is this related to Q from Star Trek?? I can believe these space cadet Conservatives will follow anything… Look at who they put in the Whitehouse.

  22. Americans are like toddlers. They don’t need any evidence to believe something. They don’t even question anything. If they like you they’ll trust you blindly.

  23. Q relies on its followers untangling his cryptic messages. Q doesn’t say much at all. Q is a Trump Whitehouse staffer, possibly one of his kids.

  24. What a shame nothing came through the windscreen and took that witches head off while she is looking at the phone and driving…

  25. I got some friends that are into this Q bs. I think the point of it is to instigate an American Civil war. Most of these people are self described Christians who have a pre disposition to believe in things without evidence.
    The first line of the book of Q tells you all you need to know… (paraphrased) either Q is in with the highest of military intelligence or he/she is the greatest Internet troll ever to live.

  26. This is white folks and trump supporters in a nutshell… They are fucking crazy and been on this same path forever in sorry ass white privileged country.. Time to call this crazy shit out for what it is of these folks.. Menaces to Society is a understatement..

  27. Those who think the msm is a news source, can't understand why people don't believe in Santa Claus, Or why they believe in Q. They are mushrooms, they willingly get fed a bunch of sh!t and stay in the dark.

  28. Qanon is the Deep Government, followed by blind and easy manipulated people 👿 The paedophile rings do exist, and so traffick children rings, many of Qanon protect children traffickers 👹 Qanon have Antifa hackers, to control Patriots. "They" also have spreaded many lies, in behalf of Trump, to make him look bad. Be aware with who you follow, there are many wolves wearing sheep clothings 🐺 🐑

  29. You all can't catch a psy-op clue, can you?
    Our only saviors are us, sheep.
    You and me.
    Red, or Blue don't give a fuck about you.
    They are ONE.
    I told you all,… I followed this very same psy-op(the promises of the White Hats/Knights – Fulford, Icke and Wilcock) seven years ago.
    It's been played several times over the years on different platforms.
    You're being taken for a very disappointing and heart-wrenching ride.
    Wake up.
    TOGETHER we can defeat the CABAL.
    NOT divided…BY DESIGN.
    "There's only one true party and you and I ain't invited."
    This PUPPET is the SAME as all the PUPPETS since JFK…the NWO's lesser of two evil choices.
    When you all realize this with real eyes…we can get on with gettin' on and finally evolve OUT OF THESE CRIMINAL SYSTEMS.
    They serve only THE ELITE.
    Not you and me.
    C'mon, Humans….we're running out of time.
    As you can plainly see the CULLING is upon us like tech, AI, geoengineering, flouridation, GMO’s, Eugenics, agenda 2030-UN-mandated land closure, crazy-numerous vaccines, FALSE FLAGS, false natural disasters, false prophecy written by the elite being fulfilled by the elite.
    (BTW – Orange Fuck ain’t the first to disclose all these non-conspiracy theories, people.
    Many good Humans have died for centuries trying to unveil these truths!
    Dump is just using it ALL to pull you into the 2020 Selection-Process!)
    Not much more need for whiney, protesting, disobedient HUMANS anymore. 😉
    Better hurry, people.
    Nobody is going to save us, but us. 😉


  30. Why do idiots who have no idea what they are saying always try to explain things?

    Q is an entity (person or group of persons) who began posting on anonymous chat boards 4ch and 8ch in October 2017 claiming to have q level (presidential level) security access and would share intel in a legal way by posting questions with related news stories and would indicate if those researching his posts were on the right track. So far Q has predicted the arrest of the 50 Saudi princes in nov 2017, the death of Senator John McCain to the moment 30 days prior to his death, the final Senate result of the 2018 mid-terms 8 weeks prior to the election and the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein over a year ago. The identity of Q is unknown, but hundreds of tweets by president Trump and confirming posts by Q at the same time on the same topic have given much validity to the opinion that Q is in the presidential cabinet and is working with the president. The purpose of Q is to share evidence of corruption within the DC government through our economic, educational and social systems and prepare the world for when this evidence becomes publicly known; so those who know the truth can calm down those who are freaking out and explain what is happening, avoiding chaos and panic.

    Anons are people on the chat boards who take the intel posted and research the evidence, networking with folks all over the world trying to figure out what the clues or "bread crumbs" mean. Then they post their findings on the chat boards, YouTube and other social media. They have discussion forums and answer questions based on what they and other anons believe to be the current understanding of Q lore. Many of these people are conspiracy theorist who have their own side-discussions, but the Q post related intel is generally well done.

    The Qanon movement is a group of 60+ million people world-wide who follow the posts of Q and the anons and who offer to share any info they can. They do not push any political agenda. They advocate that people research both sides of the issue and make their own decisions based on the evidence. If it is not for you that is ok. At some point enough evidence will come out that everyone will be looking at Q asking questions. The dissemination of information to the world is called, "The Great Awakening". And the exposure and removal of the corrupt and evil in the world is called the oncoming "Storm".

    The lore of Q is that there are good guys and bad guys in the world. The bad guys, the old money families "The Cabal" are trying to gain power through political, social, judicial and economic manipulation. Through that power they are trying to bring down any bastions of freedom, equality or liberty. The US being the biggest target. Through this influence they have been able to blackmail, buy or promote leaders including several presidents to bring their goal to fruition (The Deep State). If HRC had won the election they would have succeeded in bringing down the US by bankrupting the economy of the US and taking it to a 3rd world country status with no rights by continuing the trade and other policies set in place by Obama and by continuing to fund terrorism and use up our limited military and financial resources. The good guys, knowing Trump's family history, recruited him to run for the presidency. Their backup plan, had they lost would have been to take the military, storm DC, arrest and execute everyone they could prove were a part of it and deal with the fallout. The death toll from the collateral damage would have been devastating. But, with the help of several allies and the American people they were able to un-rig enough state elections to get Trump the 2016 election. Once they got into the White House they used its power to first, clean house. Get rid of all deep state agents in the FBI, DOJ, CIA etc. They are still doing this, but after 9 months they were ready to start phase 2. A 3 stage plan to confirm as many constitutional federal judges as possible, open massive FBI/DOJ and independent investigations into all aspects of corruption and begin a slow social media campaign to turn the tide of public opinion. Thus, the Senate went into full confirmation mode, only slowing down for a few bills, but otherwise going full steam on confirmations (140+ so far with another 40+ in the hopper). Huber and Durham were tapped by Sessions to work with the IG Horowitz using all FBI/DOJ resources outside the DC beltway. And Q was born. As of November of 2018, they went into phase 3 when Sessions resigned, Whittaker was appointed and the Mueller team was told to wrap things up. Once Barr was confirmed he took over the Mueller investigation, saw there was nothing there and made it end. We have since seen the result and the Mueller testimony which devastated the democrat narrative paving the way for a massive declassification of documents. They are slowly coming out, but once Dan Coats is out on Aug 15 they will begin to come out much faster. Now we are waiting for BARR, Horowitz, Huber and Durham to roll out the evidence and for arrests of everyone once the public has a chance to see for themselves and know what they have done. If you would like to know more, go to and check out the intro videos they have or ask anyone who posts with WWG1WGA.

  31. Hey, you know what these cults are, don't you? These are shots of chlorine in the gene pool. This wacko will be dead in a few years along with a bunch of other crackpots

  32. crazy housewife driving: please remember where you were and the circumstance…*creepy music plays and blumhouse logo shows*



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