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Hey! did you see this? those who don’t care about village are doing works for people they are uploading photos in facebook and what’s app also its election time right..! that’s why all these things are happening in village if elections come.. Reservation Ruckus hey all are saying that in two months there will be elections who will get the reservation? reservation.? what reservation bro? this time definitely OC will come if not may be lady that’s all if lady comes there will be less competition but if OC comes so many members will give nominations and will fight like anything.. hey chandu! it may be ladies or general competition is competition and kacha kacha is kacha kacha if lady reservation comes they will nominate their wives if open comes they themselves give nomination that’s the only change all other things are same to same competition is competition that’s it! they don’t know anything and talking.. (murmuring) hey.. just stop it! neither BC nor OC this time definitely our’s will be the reservation why because entire village consists of us only.. wherever we go, we go like a battalion.. this time OC will come.. Ur’s will not come.. it will come.. it will not.. it will..(arguing) Hey just stop it..! we know the attender who works at MDO he said that this time it is general..! so many people will take part in nominations so many parties for drunkards.. and festivals for everyone in village..! zindabad..! zindabad..!! let’s do something good to village Hello bro..! why did you sit here.. when did you come? ha chandu.. whatever work i do outside i’m always thinking and remembering the village so hereafter i want to stay in village itself and i will work here only.. while staying in village we are only roaming here and there what will you do here? we are living here without any work and you..(laughing) what’s this? if we want to work in village there will be so many works nearby there are sarpanch elections i want to take part in it if you want to support u can say let’s create good jobs and do good things developing village..(laughing) he is saying to develop village..(laughing) computers in village..(laughing) hey madhu! what is this? village will never develop it will be how it is its all our greediness! it is illusion what bro.. it is not greediness let’s develop our village let’s start an education center, computer center and startups let’s develop the total village let’s create jobs what will happen if we compete once? if you people support we will change the entire village develop.. whatever.. let’s do it srikanth bro! let’s see chandu i have work bye! see you..!! i’ll meet you let’s see! is he out of his mind.. behaving like a fool I’m sarpanch – You are upa sarpanch chandu! how is elections’ environment in village? who do you think are going to give nomination? i don’t know mama what’s going on i think this time many people are going to give nominations don’t know what happens whatever may happen we have to elect a good sarpanch for our village young and dynamic young.. dynamic.. means who is there in our village? no one it’s difficult am i not capable? what.. you??! why to collide in the pursuit this time i want to give nomination for sarpanch i want your support will you give or not? why all these things.. is it necessary all these things? it is better to do business chandu! how can we do a business without capacity? who have the guts to speak to sir directly in M.R.O office? i have recently, this man.. went to jail i brought him from jail without any small scratch on him you say who have that guts.. to speak in our village we need a man to speak you are right mama! who is better than you in this village? but people doesn’t understand… no matter how much money may be lost chandu! this time i should be the sarpanch first did you see this old sarpanch he should be blamed we should be highlighted one thing chandu! i’m sarpanch i will make you upa sarpanch Remember!! You are the sarpanch!! you are sarpanch and i’m upa sarpanch that’s all creating hype – making fool Hello Sarpanch sir!! mama! are you that busy even to meet us no, not like that i’m doing some work Anji mama! atleast this time.. are you becoming sarpanch or not? how is our life.. and what are you talking..? does your words make any sense? my father became sarpanch… and turned 100 acres land into 5 acres then is it needed for me to come into politics by becoming sarpanch? our lives are worse than your life mama! for all the people anji mama means lots of courage don’t you want to become “Sarpanch Anji mam”? sarpanch..!! it gives extra life mama! you should become sarpanch after returning from iraq i’m living my life why are you disturbing again? leave..! anji mama!! you don’t know your strength mama.. once come outside.. come mama! come.. why? once come outside.. who are these people? what are you thinking mama? do you think these people came here because they love you.. otherwise for fitting or repairing their bulbs for free? you will take part in sarpanch elections they came here with confidence that you will provide alcohol mama! once see the dark circles under their eyes elections are near.. who will give them drink.. who will give them food.. they are worrying a lot besides shiva bro is giving nomination we don’t know to whom he will provide drink(alcohol).. we don’t know to whom he will give dinner.. they are becoming mad mama! Srikanth bro! he will kill us if we ask alcohol.. who is left? You! only you! in village after seeing you.. everyone is thinking to become repairer, electrician, plumber.. mama! do you think anyone is trying to become sarpanch? no one is thinking why? all people fixed that you are the sarpanch! all have fixed mama! since 5 years.. everyone is eagerly watching.. women for sarees.. men for money.. youth for parties.. old people for money.. are waiting mama. let’s distribute mama. beer.. quarter.. alcohol.. distribute everything become sarpanch! leave me. why this man came here? move.. all move. move aside. come here. why did you come? since 2 years.. we are dying for having alcohol and dinner mama.. you have to give nomination for sarpanch.. and give us alcohol and dinner mama.. you have to.. provide alcohol.. dinner.. you have to top mama! inch plus inch.. anji mama sarpanch..! inch plus inch.. anji mama is sarpanch! inch plus inch.. anji mama is sarpanch! anji mama.. zindabad..! anji mama.. zindabad.! anji mama.. zindabad.! anji mama.. zindabad! inch.. plus.. inch.. anji mama.. zindabad! anji mama.. zindabad! hey! will i win? what will i..mama..? you will win! who is sarpanch this time? anji mama..! it’s our duty to make you win our’s.. anji mama.. zindabad! hey, did you see yesterday.. garland of beer bottles around anji mama’s neck! if anji mama gives nomination then there will be beer festival in village who you think are participating? srikanth brother.. shiva brother.. and.. pavan i think so. why pavan is participating? i don’t know.. all are cunning minded.. nowadays good persons are not taking part in elections.. all cunning fellows are taking part.. everyone is money minded.. but we should not give support to anyone yes, we shouldn’t. that’s all! dear vikas! come here. vikas! doesn’t that wound cured? not yet brother! is it true that our mama is dead? yes brother! he would have vote us only chandu! don’t cry brother.. don’t cry.. if you cry i will get tears.. don’t cry! what’s all this? hey vikas! bring one thums up.. go! go and come.. come early.. ok bro! go! okay friends thanks for watching this video! this video.. for instagram and also facebook.. we have created different versions of this video.. so go and watch this video on those platforms also.. you will have different experience. so for now.. like “MY VILLAGE SHOW”.. share and subscribe “MY VILLAGE SHOW”! another thing is that.. share it.. next part.. wait.. wait a minute! next part 2 video we haven’t shoot yet we will try to shoot it fastly.. edit fastly and upload as early as possible.. it may probably become late also.. we cannot say! so.. like always.. facebook, instagram and.. follow “MY VILLAGE SHOW” on every social platforms!

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