1. Why is YouTube promoting videos that violate its S&D guidelines? I don't condone or approve of this but half the top ten sailing vloggers have had 1 million plus view videos (their best videos) with nudity in the title and thumbnail or content. These are channels with 80K subscribers geting 2 million views from violating the search and discovery guidelines. They did not get all those views without search and discovery promoting their video like crazy.

    "Discovery optimization tips" says "Create descriptive and accurate titles and thumbnails" "Videos are less likely to be recommended to new viewers if their titles and thumbnails are:…Indecent: Implies sexually suggestive or lewd conduct." YouTube is encouraging "indecency" and "lewd conduct" among the sailing vlogs by promoting channels who violate community standards.

  2. (I'm Korean, I can't speak english well)
    Good morning. It seems to be almost nine months since I achieved the monetization conditions. (Or more) But I still do not get approval. If you give me something, it will be corrected or supplemented, but it is too absurd to keep it waiting.
    Also, I'm doing live streaming. Youtube makes Super Chat available. But, The problem is that you can not exchange Super Chat for unauthorized channels. It's a cast of viewers to me, it's taken from YouTube. However my channel is unapproved, so I can not pay a dime … Should I get a channel approval or a super chat exchange, should I fix it systematically?
    So long as you run your channel without any feedback, I'm less motivated. I think I have a bad feeling on YouTube. Thank you for your reply !!

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