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well many YouTube videos are simply pure entertainment and new genre is proving to be just the opposite people are now using YouTube as a tool to tackle procrastination and develop practical real-life study habits we invited earnest Eddie from the YouTube culture and trends team to give us some insight on this exciting new trend in late 2015 study with me videos first hit YouTube and then viewers are invited to watch and join in with people who film themselves studying think of them as a video version of a study buddy at the height of final season last December study with me videos collected over four hundred twenty seven thousand minutes and watch time on YouTube that most they'd ever received in a month representing an eight-time growth in the past year alone studies show that across the nation is often the biggest mental hurdle to overcome and these videos help their viewers accomplish the act of getting started by seeing healthy productive study habits reflected on the screen viewers may feel more inspired to do the same and it seems to be working this trend continues to grow with entire productivity channels being built around the concept of studying and developing better study habits these channels often feature a range of videos along with study live streams and vlogs about how to stay disciplined and focused so what does this mean for brands in a world full of distractions a video on YouTube can be anything but people are looking to YouTube for all sorts of practical help and life skills many brands are already helping viewers with how-to videos and tutorials but there's an opportunity to take this even further a study with me videos demonstrate people aren't just watching they are actively participating representing a completely new viewing experience that couldn't exist on TV for more insight into YouTube trends and what it means for brands please watch our view into playlist link is in the description box below thank you for watching and see you next time

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