Versailles’ dirty secrets – Toute L’Histoire

The Palace of Versailles, with all its gilded majesty still attracts thousands of tourists people from Germany, Britain, France and Japan flock to the palace to savour the intimacy of the royals but also to keenly discover the filth that lies behind the scenes they’ve all heard of a stinky Versailles of members of the court relieving themselves in the corners of stairwells of a king holding audiences on his throne a chair with a hole in the seat pre-conception they didn’t have the same means for cleaning the palace cleanliness was defined by having good breath and feet that didn’t smell perfumes came in to mask the lack of cleanliness so where did this bad reputation come from were the royals really as dirty as their stinky palace? one very important point to make is each area is convinced it’s clean where is the line between fantasy and truth between dirty and clean at the palace of the Sun King legend has it that Louis XIV only took one bath in his long life is that just another preconception or was Louis XIV really not a fan of bathing? There were no bathrooms at the time of Louis XIV, no specific places for washing, people bathed in the river They could also bathe in their chamber in which case a couple of bathtub would be brought in and filled but one has to admit, it was rare for the king to take a bath. In his youth, the king used to go to what we now call spas. Male member of the aristocracy would gather there to talk of this and that and notably of their mistresses. So Louis XIV did bathe more than once in this lifetime. However, cleanliness is still a sensitive issue. and while the Sun King did enjoy the palace`s ponds, it was to cool down, not to wash. What is more back then the term hygiene was rarely used These days we might see it as a filthy place a relatively stinky place a place very far from our present day understanding of hygiene but back then they didn`t see it like that. Louis XIV was convinced he was remarkably hygienic. There were no bathrooms at the time of Louis XIV

  1. This was in my recommended for so long and I kept avoiding it.. Finally started watching it had to stop and take a shower lol

  2. I work at a medical facility. We have received people who come from neglectful places such as homes of family members who dont really take care of them. LET ME TELL YOU, we got a male who had not been given a proper shower OR bath in 5 years. You could smell him before you walked in the room. It was a distinct smell/odor. He never wanted to change his undergarments and clothes. We had to reprogram him and educate him on sanitation for his well being. He still has a strong body odor but SO MUCH BETTER than before. Even people who go to the hospital especially women, one patient who had a hospital stay for two weeks. She came back and smelled just like rotting fish and sour-like vomit. I have no clue how they could live like that back then.

  3. Don't blame it on France. I highly doubt there were soaps and clear water in every other countries at that time. It was the same for everyone.

  4. The civilization of Mohenjodaro and harappa had a great bath where people could bathe everyday and that was 3rd millennium BCE. These people were Dirty and snobs.

  5. The more intimate parts were not cleaned!!!???? So basically nobody was washing they damn ass crack

  6. I've been sick with the flu before and couldn't get out of bed for 4 days. Definitely didn't have the energy to bathe lol and I felt absolutely disgusting 😷 I couldn't imagine never bathing! 🤮🤮🤮

  7. There's so much skin cancer these days because we weren't meant to scrub away the protective oil from our skin

  8. This is all false propaganda that was written about Versailles by the people who ended up throwing these people on the guillotine.

  9. It´s incredible, the romans took baths 5 times a day and the lived 2000 years ago, is like the human being went backwards those days, i read that europeans in the midle age only took baths on their weeding night and that's all

  10. Damn they were some nasty, funky people. TV make historical drama movies or tv show look pretty but it wasn’t. These people didn’t believe in taking baths but sprayed themselves down with perfumes, oils lotions, powders etc to cover up the funk. They should thank the Moors for civilizing Europe teaching them hygiene. Just imagine the smell back then. I bet it smell like the ZOO. Just DOODOO and Urine smell, bad breath,musty stanky people and Royals LMAO!!!🤣🤣

  11. whats weird tho is that: if romans had cooling systeems and bathouses nd the rich french empire which came ages after, don't,then they must have been uhhh a bit on the dirty side. all those bloody medieval batlles and not take shower ewwwww.

  12. Acting like everyone is stink free in modern times is absolutely ridiculous. Even people who bathe and shower regularly – sweat and have body oder. Plus they still over use parfums and other things. As well as over use of makeup… plus in modern times people still are drawing water from contaminated supplies because people are still no better enlightened of how to avoid mixing waste water with drinking water. For example the great lakes between USA and Canada are fresh water sources that some of the drinking water is drawn from. However, ships sail through them daily and people swim around in them as well. These types of things are hypocrisy if you think modern times equal cleanliness.

    Perhaps some of you are cleaner than those that didn't have access to luxury items in the 17th century such as indoor plumbing.

    Some people even talk about how amazing the Aztecs were at cleaning themselves. Yet, their immune systems weren't strong enough and could not handle the invasion of Europeans. Point being sometimes being too clean means you still will die because your body hasn't built up immunity against a variety of things.

    One common problem that still needs to be addressed that exists all throughout history and in present time as well is – ignorance. This is because people automatically assume they are superior just because of what era they live in, or how much education they think they have.

    However, I doubt that anyone would have walked 30 miles 2-ways (60 miles total) to clean themselves every single time they got dirty. Especially not during bad weather. Not everyone had direct access to a water source. Consider that many of us today have it easy, and are lucky to have running water nearby.

    if you lived the same way as people did before you all wouldn't have washed yourselves as much as you do in modern times. However, over cleaning means eventually no more drinking water, but modern people don't actually think any deeper about serious issues. Than people from the past. Oddly, though modern times gives us more access to information and superior technology. However, embracing ignorance stands in the way of course, not to mention greed and laziness do as well. Nobody else can lift a finger to help someone else. However, they are quick to pass judgment. As if anyone posting comments here is superior to anyone else. They are not. No matter how well you wash your body. The real question is how well do you help others to be healthy? Probably none of you do a damn thing on that front – other saying rude things. Especially when it comes to paying higher taxes to fund healthcare that benefits everyone, most people are not interested in that. Plus, how many times have you all went swimming in a lake or river… where someone's water supply probably comes from. However there's only 1% of all bacteria that's harmful or deadly, much of it comes from the body's orifices and fluids, and waste. Humans contribute lots of money to soaps, and research… so, why is anyone still dying from curable diseases or infections?? Ignorance, greed, and laziness come to mind as answers.

  13. One of the most revealing historical documentaries ever made. We usually hear about the art, the wars, and love stories.

  14. I always been obsessed with this era and Versailles wanting to be apart of it so bad… but when I think about the lack of hygiene and medicine.. I kind of think otherwise.

  15. A majority of the comments are hilarious….
    Comparing hygiene practices from 300 years ago to today is ridiculous.
    Europe may have been dirty then but visit the countries where people said their ancestors were so clean.
    The Middle East , Africa, India, Asia….
    Filthy even in this day and age.
    Modern Europe is pristine compared to them!

  16. FRENCH – 15TH-19TH CENTURY :couldnt create public wash rooms but has one of the most amazing palaces int the world – ..
    ROMANS – 312BC :
    ……… HOLD MY TOGA !
    Oh thats a pretty palace what a marvel of modern architecture
    …. Hold my helmet – off to the gladiator games at you know

  17. FRENCH – 15TH-19TH CENTURY :couldnt create public wash rooms but has one of the most amazing palaces int the world – ..



    ROMANS – 312BC :

    ……… HOLD MY TOGA !




    Oh thats a pretty palace what a marvel of modern architecture




    …. Hold my helmet – off to the gladiator games at you know




  18. 29:18 "the little white porcellane leg" – the French Lady and the Interpreteur as well, are both telling shit, like "it could be used for perfumes or little love letters…" these things were used to catch flees, and were filled with a kind of natural pheromone liquid, which attracted the little crawlers and made them to find inside, but no more out. Sit down, be quiet, zero point.

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  20. In 1786, the Bavarian gov't published an article stating that the French Revolution
    was started by the Illuminati/ Jewish backed Blue Masons, they found evidence on a dead courier.
    During the French Revolution, Catholic Churches were transformed into atheist Temples of Reason.
    At the insistence of the French people, Napoleon restored the Catholic churches,
    as per Ted Gunderson's article..


    Adolph von Knigge is more important as founder of the Illuminati.
    He was a Lutheran, a Lutheran freemason.
    The elders of Weishaupt were Jews who falsely converted to Catholicism for political freedom.

    Illuminati ideas dominated the Grand Orient Loge of Paris
    which was financed by Mayer Amshel Rothschild,
    who set the stage for the private Federal Reserve Bank..

    This lodge played an important role during the French revolution
    and maintained close contacts with their American brothers.
    The Jewish historian, Bernard Lazare, writes in Antisemitism, Its History and Causes, 1894:
    “It is true, of course, that there were Jews connected with Free Masonry from its birth,
    students of the Kabbala, as is shown by certain rites which survive.

    It is very probable, too, that in the years preceding the outbreak of the French Revolution,
    they entered in greater numbers than ever, into the councils of the secret societies,
    becoming, indeed, themselves the founders of secret associations.

    There were Jews in the circle around Weishaupt, and a Jew of Portuguese origin,
    Martinez de Pasquales, established numerous groups of illuminati in France and
    gathered a large number of disciples, whom he instructed in the doctrines of reintegration.

    It is beyond a doubt that the Jews, through their wealth, their energy and their talents,
    supported and furthered the progress of the European revolution.
    During this period Jewish bankers, Jewish manufacturers, Jewish poets, journalists,
    and orators, stirred perhaps by quite different motives, were, nevertheless,
    all striving towards the same goal.”

    (Masonic International Congress held in Brussels 1904, page 132 of the report.)

  21. Take cave animals out the caves but they still live like nasty animals ugh all the money in the world couldnt change these nasty Europeans…so disgusting…IT WAS US ..THE BLACK MOORS WHO HAD TO TEACH THESE CREATURES HOW TO WASH THEIR NASTY ASS EVERYDAY

  22. In Versailles, Louis XIV was concerned that the Royals and nobles living at Versailles had too much time on their hands.
    – As such, they might begin plotting against Louis.
    Brilliant idea 💡
    – Louis mandated that his royal choreographer come up with an elaborate new dance each week.
    – At the big weekly banquet, members of the court had to perform the dance
    – In the event that they didn’t perform well;
    …. their luxurious suite, near the King’s chamber, might suddenly move
    …. at one point a noble was relocated to a recently cleared closet. .. no window

    The tradition of keeping the people busy learning the new dance never went away.
    – Taxes: The process is intentionally confusing …
    – Recycling: No incentives for those who mass produce single-use plastics,
    But you better separate things correctly ..or you’ll be .. on “a list”
    – Medical / Dental forms/ Prescription Plans: 🔥🔥🔥
    – Peer pressure to over-schedule ourselves, our children, our pets
    – Parking signs that take 30 minutes for humans of above-average to decipher …
    …. or pay $550 to retrieve your car … 🔥🔥🔥 scam
    – Plus Every nuisance law on the books
    Etc, etc, etc

  23. Perfume can cause headaches. I'm sure everyone knows at least one coworker or family member whom you could smell before they arrived and for 10 minutes after they left. People who 'bathe' in colognes and perfumes are avoided because they "smell" so strong that they cause headaches.

  24. It’s almost as if society went backwards. The Romans were incredibly advanced with their hygiene. They had the Roman baths the flush toilets, drainage hot water systems aqua ducts etc. Then what happened with the French …. don’t know 😂

  25. Himmel, was ist hier teilweise ein infantiles Volk unterwegs. Manche koennten 24/7 unter der Dusche stehen und haetten immer noch den Mief der Dummheit an sich haften.

  26. True is gross imagen the ladies in their periods at least the people in the jungles their have leaves and the rivers.

  27. We are so connected to nature in this era, compared to then. It’s not like we’re destroying the planet or anything

  28. Fun fact they dont mind the odor bc they're used to it🤣.. but still🤢🤢🤮
    I pity the visitors though.. smh

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