Varney: Trump re-election means tax cuts, growth and prosperity

  1. Debt at record highs for 19 years from both parties but the gop is more responsible for this debt because george w bush turn the Clinton surplus into deficits

  2. He will also cut the size of Government and billions of waste. The American taxpayers are paying billions for Required Social Justice programming in our schools!!! No! Tom Fitton with Judicial Watch exposed! Just sickening what the Democrats are doing to us and our children.

  3. 1 trillion dolllar deficit under the gop what a shame i thought the gop hated obama for adding to the debt for years but they dont say anything about trump and george w bush for adding debt

  4. If we can get the fraudulent politicians to stop giving away and wasting and stealing our $ taxes could be cut astronomically!!!

  5. Now, did Trump conspire with Ukraine to Make America Great Again?…I say, thank you Ukraine for the truth.
    Time to rinse out the dem spittoon …
    To help America and President Trump get that nasty taste of liberalism out of our mouths….
    you will need 'Gradma Soap'….

  6. Trump would create a Guiness World Record for national debt. He would also be responsible for increased levels of racism, potential of war with the Middle East, N. Korea & Russia. Go ahead you fool vote him back in and see life as you know it cease.

  7. FED WILL LAUNCH QE4 BEFORE 2020: Credit Suisse. . Ummm… Have they not heard? It's been going on for a few months now already. . Balance sheet expanding faster than QE1, 2, and 3. . Buying garbage U.S. debt. Manipulating interest rates. What Credit Suisse is suggesting is that the Fed is going to buy the same garbage they did during QE3. Either way, it doesn't seem to matter because the stock market just wants them to buy everything. The more the better. Analysts love it.

  8. The democrat candidates agenda of “ TAX TO THE MAX” and get everything for free is just unrealistic and down right insane!! The socialists concept of more government control over our lives isn’t in anyway FREEDOM!! It’s just the exact opposite!! History has proven repeatedly that Socialism is synonymous with communism. We are a free nation, if we take on a socialist concept we will not be Free for long!!

  9. I didn't vote for Trump for tax cuts for corporations. I want the wall. I want Roe v. Wade overturned and planned infanticide defunded. I want an end to affirmative action. If all I get by voting Republican is tax cuts for the rich, the screw them.

  10. Oh look! A bunch of NPC accounts wanting government handouts. I think the Bernie bros have a troll farm! Pathetic little trolls at that but you have to take into account that anyone voting Democrat isn't that smart to begin with much less the dross that filters down to Bernie.

  11. And less freedom. Like the anti 1st amd legislation he sign with an executive order today. Disgusting. You people are selling what made america great for a buck

  12. If you vote for trump again your truly a schmuck the fact that people even voted for him in the first time is mind blowing he has done nothing good not to mention he’s so bad and unprofessional with speeches he’s made the USA a laughing stock are allies hate our guts he doesn’t care about the climate he’s corrupt as hell says he has a good relationship with our enemies Russia China and North Korea which is clearly not the case China and Russia are laughing at the chaos in the White House vote for trump you vote for the downfall of America

  13. Yeh just keep putting it all on the credit card hey Varney, $22 trillion debt, $30 trillion debt…meh debt is prosperity now isn't it you moron.

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