1. This is the same thing as 1942 and Pearl Harbor; a sneak attack on our country by Russia but in 2016 but as it stands, the USA is losing. Declared war by congress is as dead as Calvary charges on horseback against fortified machinegun placements.
    Not all wars are fought the same, not all wars have the same objective. If Trump is not stopped it is not treason. If Trump is exposed for all that he has done and all he has planned it is treason because the GOP is well aware of the parameters and all that is going on making them accomplices. We, I am talking about a few CEOs that see the world motivated purely by tax free profit of un-imaginable wealth and global power. A game that never changes, never slows down, and always becomes more powerful because there are no rules and with this single objective.

  2. Van Jones is delusional. Republicans are getting behind President Trump because he's a winner. Jones can only wish the Democrats were in the same boat as the Republicans.

  3. I have say….they are way a front of left side…they have over 1200 armed militia,many trained on our tax money ready to attack on all who oppose white supremacy politic of Trump party. They already have killed people from our side without much of push back from Trump and his party. Tea party and they representative's are like SA troopers…sent to prepare and defend who ever(in this case, Herr. Trump) came as president( by purpose small letter) of USA.Now , thanks to long term manipulation in judiciary branch; we will have: One Nation ( white,christian's in our case )One Party( Trump party= by-by old GOP you are taken) and One Leader(Herr. Trump can not have any kind of mustaches) . But crazier than any of them from Hitler to Stalin.

  4. Democrats are going full socialism, open borders, multiculturalism" to hell with the native's communities". They are going to try and force a radical change on all of America. Any moderate, centrist, blue-dog democrat who still likes capitalism and safe controlled borders is going to have to choose between that or the right. Hold on right America, this is not going to be fun. I do think the socialist, open borders left is going to kill the democratic party. I still have hope America will prevail though this insanity.

  5. You guys just don't get ,do you? "We the People" Are Fed up with the Old Establishment And Their Corruption!
    That is why we Voted for Trump! He Was Not a "Politician" but a Business man who Happens to be A Patriot!
    The Idiot Hillary Divided the country by Calling us " A Basket of Deplorable's " That is more than Half the nation
    and she Doesn't understand how she lost? That is one Arrogant CUNT!

  6. they act like being left of obama is some sort of fringe. Obama was a centrist, neoliberal, and he even stated that if we were in the 80s, he would be labeled a conservative, that's from his own mouth! The dems have given lip service and gaslighted the voters for far too long. They serve the rich, and everyone knows it. They've lost 10% of millenials, and almost 8% of registered voters. Just having a D by your name means nothing anymore. Superdelegates, DNC rigging, Clinton Media bias, none of that is going to help them next time. They are completely frightened, but won't admit it publicly, or on television. Just like when the RNC did their famous "autopsy", they found out why they lost, the dems, blamed everyone and failed to look in the mirror. Well, we're standing behind them when they look, and they won't like what they see.

  7. Have you ever heard of a classical liberal / feminist? You have gone so crazy that I actually became to my link..Otis was great..u are fucked…u r not winning unless u go back to basics..Right now you are stupid. You cant force anything. Society makes culture. Culture was fine …till you

  8. “America must move towards democratic socialism.” ~ MLK. (1966) We're long, long overdue America. The more Trumplickers shout "but..but..its SOCIALISM" the more idiotic and out of touch they sound. The GOP is just scared that democratic socialism will bring about the end of their train wreck of corruption and bigotry.

  9. Covering Trump's every tweet, putting him on tv for ratings when he is contradicting himself from moment to moment is not helping the American focus on what is news. "Fake News" is Trump's way of throwing you under the bus and to a certain extent he is correct because in fact he was spouting gibberish and statistics that are completely made up on his whim. You are covering his propoganda. CNN, you gave him too much air time. You also failed to bring us the facts, among many other news sources, which cleared the way for us to go to war with Iraq. PLEASE FOCUS. Our nation needs you to bring us the truth and covet the Democrats. Frankly, watching this Trump Train Wreck every damn day doesn't help. You are only encouraging him.

    **TOO LATE**

    Democrat Politicians said that they would fight once Hillary (Snipers on the tarmac) Clinton LOST to Trump. And the FEP owned news medias have been backing these sick tyrannical Democrat Politicians for years now, and

    Kamala Harris (America Disarming Democrat) has been bribed, and is laying low (Not commenting about any of these Democrat political tyranny, like forcing an FBI investigation on Hillary's false accusation that Trump was supporting Russia…….It was the Clinton that sold uranium to the Russians, and then received bribe money from Russia.

    It was you tax payers who are still paying for this (now years of investigation costing millions of tax dollars) to investigate Trump collusion with Russian.

    And don't forget the millions spend on "PRESS-GATE" …… again, started by a false lie from the Democrat Mouth of Hillary (Snipers on the tarmac) Clinton.

    Democrat are all bribed by the FEP (Financial Elite Psychopaths)… who want to Democrats to continue to give them your hard earned tax dollars.

    It's the same ole story…..Follow the Money.

    Voters are ignorant. They are supporting Democrats, who are:

    1) Forcing our borders open, removing
    2) Routing our tax dollars to illegal migrants
    3) Giving migrants Sanctuary Cities….which will become Muslim No-go Zones.
    4) Disarming good citizens, taking their capable rifles.
    5) Routing our tax dollars to their friends and family !!!!

  12. The 2 Parties are nothing more than legal bribe corporations which is why the vast majority of Americans never vote. Trump won because he wasn't a "Career" politician. The media acts like everybody votes and everybody believes in the propaganda that passes for news but most people don't care what Washington does so long as they stay out of their lives! 53% turnout for a major election says it all. When a hundred million protest it's News anything less it's just a tiny fraction of a percent screaming I want, I want, I want.

  13. Establishment politicians haven't been paying attention for twenty years. They don't live in their districts. They get money from the corporations who poison our environment, cut jobs to increase profits, don't raise wages to keep up with inflation, find ways to charge employees fees for working for them, want to privatize everything including roads and bridges so we have to pay endless tolls, they allow the banks to take advantage of us, they send our kids off to war to die and protect their own, their policies enrich themselves and their donors while more of us live in poverty every day. They are out of touch and didn't see this coming because of it. They don't care about the big issues Americans agree on: 90% of us want corporate and special interest money OUT of politics. 90% of us want background checks for every gun purchase. 60% want to ban certain types of guns or raise the age limit for owning them. 80% want DACA to pass and be the law of the land. 70% want immigration reform with a path to citizenship. 80% are pro-choice when it comes to rape, incest and life of the mother and 60% are pro-choice when it comes to quality of life of the child on top of the other three. Other than G.W. Bush's second term, NO conservative president has won the popular vote since his father. Americans are tired of the crap these corporate shills throw down at us and we're fighting back. 28% have gone far right, but the majority of us are center-left or more left than that and we're not having it anymore. Our country was stolen because generations before us were complacent and some of us learned to be complacent as well because how bad America was getting in terms of corruption didn't affect us yet. It's sad that it's taken this long for us to wake up to how unjust our country was, but now that we know, we're going to take on the powerful and put America back on track to working for all of us.

  14. Notice how CNN or any mainstream corporate news doesn't mention the huge elephant in the room? and thats the corporate money that corrupts our democracy.

  15. I wish there was a rejection of the Democratic Republican Dictatorship Party and we kicked The Party out of office. Make no mistake they always win and nothing fundimentally changes.

  16. Socialism always ends in mass starvation and genocide while capitalism ends in a hard day’s work and cold beer.  That "free stuff" comes out of our taxes. In other words, we're paying for our own "free stuff"…. public services such as universal healthcare, tuition-free higher education, unemployment insurance, etc. We WANT ICE, America FIRST, America SAFE!!! Calif, Hispanic Women Support AMERICA FIRST!!!!

  17. It's all the same problem, people who've sold out for big donors. Republican, Democrat, corporate media… we are sick of you all playing us.

  18. this Hitler n his pets puppets!!!!!!out!!!! but this incompetent republican it's a mayor party!!!!!!! are a disgrace for support this Hitler because

  19. Democrats add a young socialist who can make a mean Mai Tai, to their roster of floundering All Stars.
    Sadly, the mold of the JFK/Bill Clinton Democrat is non existent as your party has moved too far to the left.
    Your call for violence and resistance as opposed to respect and co-operation will keep you out of power for
    many years to come. You have ZERO chances of defeating Trump in 2020. ZERO. Bet on it.

  20. Democrats who are saying they don't care if the party survive are partly the reason we have Trump. Both sides have lost their minds and America is fucked. Democrats can rebell but be prepared to have a second term of trump. When that happen they should STFU and do some self reflection.

  21. I entered CNN crap in you tube and this is one of a few sites that came up. As I watch Channel 12 news on Long Island, NY I cannot help but see the difference between a local news station and the propaganda garbage that is on CNN. On Channel 12 we get the weather, local and international news with no anger, no preaching, no cursing, and no bias. No millionaire actors posing as reporters is a nice change. Channel 12 will cover the Trump scandals but not make a 30 minute movie about it claiming undisclosed sources. Channel 12 does not want to bring down our president and it is not obsessed with a socialist/ communist agenda. I am grateful for my local news station. And that God for the internet. The future of news is the citizen journalist. As CNN covers sex scandals the internet is covering the Kim Jung Un/ Trump potential peace talks. Again, than God that CNN is on a one way trip to the flush toilet.

  22. Oh yeah bring in the world's biggest Commie to comment on the direction of the Democratic party. How appropriate.

  23. It is in fact true, according to Newsweek and other sources, that Bernie Sanders is currently the most popular politician in America. As for who the least popular politician in America is… well, whattya know — it's Donald Trump, of course. If any of you are in doubt (or in denial), then simpy Google "most popular American politician" for yourselves. America is finally swinging back to the left. So… the Trumpanzees can run their ignorant and hateful mouths until they're blue in the face, but they happen to be increasingly outnumbered and they WILL go down in the end.

  24. Rebellion in the Democrat party yes and it will destroy themselves. The rhetoric coming from Democrats is just nuts.van Jones you're kidding yourself haha

  25. Hillary Clinton’s corruption has left the democrat party in shambles. Bernie was the rightful winner of the democrat primary. Alexandria Cortez is what you get when you steal people’s democracy like the DNC did. Donald Trump saved America from a government of mass corruption. Alexandria Cortez is now the people’s F.U. to the democrat party and these corrupt, debate-rigging jackasses on CNN don’t know how to explain it.

  26. Sorry Van Jones, wrong again. The right is transforming into a true fiscally responsible, independent party. The democrat party is transforming into the Nazi Democrat socialist party of AntiFa. Violent jackasses.

  27. It might be a little too early to say, but I think that Americans are finally beginning to wake up. Let's hope so.

  28. I noticed that the main folks who fight for diversity are the folks who dream of going to bed with Massa.

  29. The legacy media actually laying it down for once. They're still spinning it away from a conversation on money in politics (gee I wonder why), but I'll take it. Personally, I don't care who it is, I'd vote for Hitler if he took money out of politics.

  30. The Democratic Party is like a jumbo jet flying in an unknown direction searching for a place to land. The flight attendant walks into coach and asks, "Is there anyone here who can fly a plane?"

  31. We are tired of weak representatives, that are only interested in working for their big corporation donors.
    We want the big money out of politics, we want politicians that work for us the people and only payed by us.
    If you are taking big Corp money, you have no chance.

  32. You wanna fix the Country here is how we do it. 1. Establish Real Voter ID that only American Citizens can get with RFID that cannot be counterfeited. 2. Arrest all Illegals and stop giving amnesty to people that disrespect our laws. 3. Enforce Immigration laws to include charge ten thousand dollar a day fine to any business employing illegal immigrants per each illegal immigrant hired.. 4. Eliminate Welfare if applicants do not try to get employment for a period longer than six months as well as accept a drug test. Only allow Immigrants if they can take care of themselves without any Government assistance for a five year period. 5. Put all prisoners on a trade school reform prison program where they learn a viable trade like mechanic , construction worker, carpenter, plumber or masonry workman. To ensure they have the ability to have a good chance at gaining employment. 6. Allow all murderers, rapists, and child molesters to have a trial to reexamine their case and if found guilty the guilty parties are to be executed immediately. Steps like these will reform criminals eliminate prison space that is wasting tax payer money on people who should not be there in the first place(Minor infractions) by learning a viable skills inmates will have a better chance at rehabilitation. 7 Begin immediate execution of Gang removal from all major cities creating safer environment for children in urban environments. Rewarding those cities who turn in information for apprehension of gangs to receive larger amount of assistance.

  33. No.

    The right is rebelling against extremist establishment politicians.

    The extreme left is rebelling against the citizens for the establishment extremist.

  34. If you first and second generation immigrants hate this country so much by hating our Constitution, hating our Declaration of Independence, hating our capitalist Democratic Republic structure and values, everything that makes the United States what we are, then why dont you just go away and move to one of your socialist utopian countries? Nodody's forcing you to stay here. It's now time to DEPORT ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS because they dont love America, they are invading America. Any politician who is antithetical to our Constitutional Democratic Republic should be declared an enemy of, and a threat to, the U.S., should be prosecuted and imprisoned immediately. #WalkAway #Gays4Trump #SocialismKills

  35. Wow I didn’t expect to be mostly right. He must be up to something maybe he trying to jump ship. I shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

    THE SIMPLE ANSWER: DEMOCRATS! SHAME!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  37. In the old days members of congress listened to voters, now they only listen to big donations. I wrote an actual letter to my congressman who didn’t even bother to have a staff member acknowledge with a reply.

  38. Socialism is like the hot girl who's also highly intelligent. Its sounds good, but it doesn't exist

  39. When the Democrats have their ass handed to them in the midterms all of these corrupt talking heads will be on the employment lines..

  40. Now we have socialism and communism we will take care of the minorities you are all communist blacks are leaving you people and your shadow government we are Americans we will win msm is our enemy you hurt the black race I see it everyday in flint mi we are not communist

  41. Nothing to do with BernieBots who helped Putin's Traitor Trump … Joe just ignored his Constituents the last 10 years … Did not need them he thought … /-:

  42. The elites have been ignoring the people and listening to the big money. Anybody that is not controlled by the big money interests looks very appealing.

  43. Another one of the issues with Dems is that they want to play things "safe", they talk alot, but that's all that they do. Is talk. No one likes to be wrong, NO ONE, but at some point you have to realize that you may not be the best thing or the best option. Pelosi has been in the game for a long time, but she is not as effective as she once was….

  44. oh shut up van jones admit bernie got screwed he cant do it, is this a white lash also you idiot the truth is people are sick of politicians i would vote for anyone who seemed smart enough to hold office color means nothing WE WANT CHANGE

  45. I'll try not to snicker when Cortez (who acts like she already won) loses to the same man in the general election, that she already beat in the primary……¯_(ツ)_/¯ Are the establishment Democrats secretly trying to get people to vote for Trump, because it kind of feels like it. I was on board with Bernie initially, until I actually looked at the tax plans he raves of in the Scandinavian countries. As of 2012 the top marginal tax rate in Denmark was 60% on 54k or more a year. Thats not "democratic socialism", its just socialism.

  46. America, will never get better if socialism is allowed to bend Liberty’s ass over, for a good old socialist gang-bang into equalized slavery! Dumbocratic socialism is equalized slavery that epitomizes stupidity on every level!
    The sodomizing cock of socialism only shows its diseased scrotum when mass stupidity reigns supreme within society, and like a never ending cycle, this mass of stupidiot socialist sodomites, immediately start sucking the cock of socialism, trying to buttfuck the rest of that society into equalized slavery!
    We the stupid.
    By the stupid.
    For the stupid.
    Stupidity, and equalized slavery, for all. This is the foundation blocks of dumbocratic socialism, nothing, but a rotten diseased political turd of weaponized stupidity, equalized slavery, and freedom genocide that belongs in the sewer to drown like the shit that it is!

  47. i am 74 years old and voted straight democrat for 53 years but when Hillary Clinton Debbie Wassermann Schultz and Donna Brazil kneecapped Bernie sanders i voted for trump. the demoocrat elite think that i would never vote for that asshole but it was like throwing a piss filled Molotov cocktail through the plate glass window of the dnc. the democrats have been running on that same old mantra 'we are not as bad as the republicans' for far too long. this might be the time to take our party back and the first thing they should do is kick out that little wimpy, punk, rat bastard tom Perez, Barack Obama's friend. once we get some real democrats in, maybe then we can take on the republicans.

  48. I do not like CNN ( I think they're basically Fox news left, but worse), Van Jones is one of the only commentators on the channel that I have any appreciation for. However the Republicans are NOT moving farther to the right, that is insane. Both parties are moving farther left, which is one of the major factors they won in 2016. Moderates and Libertarians usually decide who wins in the general. I think a fairly good debate could be made that the establishment Democrats are actually a little further right than the populist right wing :). CNN bases the populist movement being further right solely on Trump's rhetoric, instead of his actions

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