Van breaks down the GOP “so what?” defense | 11/4/2019

say. Obviously, the problem is, the founders did leave that open to interpretation.>>Well, a number of things are happening here. First of all, you know, if you just are a normal person who is watching this, you’ve got decorated war veterans coming forward. These are not partisan people. These are not hacks. These are people who serve the country saying, what I saw disturbed me so badly that I spoke out about it and I’m here risking my career to talk about it. That should — that should be a moment that everybody takes a breath and says, hold on a second. What did you see, sir? What’s wrong with that? The idea that you rush past that to the so what defense. Like, so what. That’s our defense. So what? That lets me know that we’re in a real crisis, and not just a constitutional one. A moral one, a spiritual one.

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