UVM: Michael Ferris, Economics and Political Science Double Major

All the people at UVM have been
much more approachable than I would have thought. As a freshman it’s kind of scary to
go to your professor’s office hours and but
the reality is a lot of people are scared to go to their
professor’s office hours so when you actually
go you usually have a one on one with your
professor and they can help you a lot both with the class
material, deciding what to major in, and this
was really helpful for me meeting with political science
and economics professors just to discuss the class, relevant
material, as well as career paths and where I
wanted to go with my education and after my
education. So learning from this I reached out
on LinkedIn and was able to contact a UVM
alumni who graduated 20 years ago and he
helped me find a job and got my resume to who it needed
to get to and one thing led to another and
now I have a job coming out of school.

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