US mid-terms: Why do so many Americans not vote? – BBC News

it’s almost election day but not all
Americans will be heading to the polls historically only about 4 and 10 voters
turnout for midterm elections here are three reasons why first you might just
not care either you feel your vote won’t matter or you’re not a fan of politics
in general and as a result you stay home I do not plan on voting. I don’t really get into politics this is
Anna Heaton she’s a college student in West Virginia a state that consistently
has one of the lowest voter turnout rates I feel like my one vote isn’t
actually going to make a difference and voting or not voting is something that
tends to be passed on from generation to generation this leads us to reason
number two you don’t care about politics and the politicians in turn don’t care
about you we know that when institutions elect or electoral organizations when
they try to mobilize people turnout as higher and different kinds of people
vote so if you don’t live in a competitive district or you don’t belong
to a group they care about you might just be in a group they’ve given up on
which means they might not even try to reach out and win you over and this
brings us to our third and final reason maybe you do care and maybe politicians
care about you back but your state’s election laws make it really hard to
cast a ballot in the name of preventing voter fraud many states have made it
difficult to register limited pulling times and taking names off the list of
registered voters without telling people they’ve been removed there will be some
who don’t vote because they don’t like the choice on offer but don’t blame low
voter turnout purely on those who can’t be bothered

  1. I live in the UK. We are fed bullsh1t daily by the BBC. They have had known pedophiles in BBC TV for decades and hidden it. BBC is the UK equivalent of CNN when it comes to fake news, only they're controlled by the government, are anti Trump and as far left as ANTIFA. Down vote and UNSUBSCRIBE. Not good for your brain.

  2. Brits havent very good voting figures either, probably because it's percentage based and you brought in a load of immigrants that couldn't give two fucks about your country.

  3. Simple politics – red = economy, jobs, borders. Blue = hate Trump, hate America, hate Trump, hate freedom, hate Trump.

  4. A similar case applies to Mexico's elections. Perhaps excluding the last point. Being apolitical it is among the younger generations.

  5. The thing about voting it's all about personal choice you either vote or don't vote and you can vote for whoever you deemed fit no one can tell you who and who not to vote for.

  6. I swear if they figure out a good way to vote online, 90% of the young will vote. Everything we do we’re used to just having to go online and submit something, but to vote were asked to go wait on a line or fill out a handwritten form and mail it in.

  7. I voted but it felt like a waste of time because I know that Chump and his chimpanzee cronies will just override any decision that they don’t like. They’ll do exactly what they did in 2016 and throw the checkbook around to get the result they want

  8. Vote Democrat – US still at war in the Middle East. Vote Republican – US still at war in the Middle East. Guantanamo Bay is still open. Instead of fixing domestic problems, both parties tell the American people to be afraid of foreign boogeymen, like China and Russia. Putin is right, it doesn't matter who is President, the bureaucracy remains the same.

  9. Americans don't go out and vote because our votes don't count for shit anyways. They will just put whomever they want in offices anyway.

  10. Mayne voting turnout rates are dropping in US and UK because those people have lost faith in a system that is basically theatrical performance and lies and doesn't seem to represent them. I know it's why i no longer vote.

  11. I don't vote to CRIMINAL politicans . You have only one option is vote CROWN CARTEL politics STUPID monkeys economic COMMUNIST RACIST hopeless u.s dollar hatch funding with oil is SLAVERY earth no democracy at all.

  12. Some Americans only bother with the Presidential election, their man Trump won, or they failed to stop him. One vote every four years is enough for some.

  13. Voting is gay, think about it, men touch the voting machines. Men have touched their privates once in their life, and that’s gay.

  14. Voter turnout is low bcuz ppl r waking up to the scam. And it is time for the rest of you too. Your elected officials demolished 3 buildings in broad daylight on national TV, killing thousands. No one was arrested indicted or even questioned and you think THEY are going to let YOU , Joe Nobody US citizen, choose who joins their club. Gimme a break, WAKE UP.

  15. Some people don’t vote cause the president is already chosen I don’t see a point voting they just want to see about how many people live still and they get all your info and that’s how scammers get your information Why you think Donald trump won he don’t care that he’s president he just doing all the dirty work no other president wants to do or willing to do he’s already a billionaire what’s there for him to lose beside his reputation like he cares anyways ain’t no president worth for me voting still high taxes hard working people being denied help veterans can’t approve for benefits nope im good .

  16. Supporting a system that exhibits all the hallmarks of immanent failure is silly. Voting for people nobody trusts is also quite silly too. 😉

  17. People are lazy. Going through the process to register in advance and going to a physical location rather then clicking a button online isn't worth it for a single vote.

  18. voting is important, it's important for your country. we Bangladeshi people are going to stuggle for our right of vote.

  19. Hillary Clinton is close friends with Trump… How can corporate politicians serve the people who vote? Decent politicians are smeared or even completely ignored by the mainstream media.

  20. "Your vote does matter" Yeah that's why all these liar politicians do a 180 after they get elected right? That's why the Russians got Trump elected right? That's why electoral college choses who wins at the end of the day right? Gtfo my face.

  21. They don’t vote because they know that their vote doesn’t count, the world owners are the the one who decides who’s gonna win

  22. I will not vote EVER.
    Let’s say Obama kills 20 million in Syria, while Trump kills 5 million. You want me to pick one? I refuse to contribute to the death of others, no matter the amount. For one death, it is as if you killed all of humanity. I wonder how anyone can find ease with that on their shoulders.

  23. I stopped voting, fuck the lesser of two evils BS. I vote for who I believe is best not who is less worse like you damn sheep.

  24. 1, electoral college makes your vote insufficient 2, money in politics skews the system 3, millions can't call of work to go vote 4, non-electric voting 5, voter ID laws 6, the two-party system because it's nearly impossible to get an independent or a non-corporate candidate elected. That's just some of the reasons we Americans do not have faith in our political system. I envy Europeans greatly.

  25. Those who don't vote are ignorant. You are letting other people decide by staying at home.
    I know all your excuses, keep 'em to yourself. You should get some education and go to the Poll.

  26. 60,856,463 million babies murdered since Roe vs Wade, 1973. That's 3,705 deaths a day of those who will never vote. (Less died on 9-11 than we kill every day – on purpose) Every President since then has said they will do something about it. They're god demands child sacrifice, it's the plan. They all lie, there is no point in any of them. America isn't falling, it already fell….1973.

  27. We need younger people in Senate. People that have faced similar social challenges as the audience political parties are trying to reach.

  28. Actually they just said on the news here in nys that millennials are turning out to vote now more then ever. So a stoned girl from wv is pretty stupid to interview.

  29. That's soooo NOT true!!!! Millions of people in line ahead of me today. Well literally stood in line to vote nearly 2 hours

  30. We must vote so we can vote no on all new taxes and laws. They should just call the election, "Pick Your Poison". Most people are working their arses off and have no time to even look into whats offerred.

  31. I dont vote because i really dont give a fuck who gets what. Doesnt really make an affect on me shits still gonna be the same seriously.

  32. "I don't see any reason to vote"
    Aside from having a say in the political outcome and repercussions for the next few years which WILL directly affect you?

    "I don't like any of the candidates" then pick the least worst and make things easier for yourself.

    "It doesn't make a difference if I vote" this rationale is false when adopted in mass.

    "Democracy is flawed anyway" again, least worst outcome.

    "Politicians don't actually care about us" once again, choose the least worst outcome, elections aren't all-or-nothing.

  33. Because, until the electoral college is abolished, there's really no point for the common citizen to vote. Our elections are bought and decided long before we get our "vote". This is compounded by other countries meddling with it by buying our politicians, or directly hacking into our voting booths. That's why.

  34. I voted because my dad, a US Navy vet, encouraged me to. If he hadn't instilled patriotic value in me (even if it's just a little) I probably wouldnt vote.

  35. Democracy crumbles when the people stops to care. It is insanity how someone can justify to not exercise their right and still expect the change/policies that they want to see/continue.

  36. why voting is better even if you don't care coz when you vote its like you have taken part in the selection of the leader's which always reminds that we are aware of the surroundings and our future which we have placed in their hands (every decision they make effects our future and well being ) so it is better to vote than not to … so that we can assert our right on them …and remind them that they are there coz of us..

  37. Because voting DOES NOT matter, the system is designed for only voting on issues that are trivial at best. Not fixing REAL for example, the creation of money? Hrmmm

  38. Zionist theater for the fat stupid Americans. Republicrats are always the winner and the Zionist NWO agenda always continues….

  39. I do not vote. I served my country, I did my duty as an able bodied American. I should not have to worry about the stresses and frustrations of politics that come tandem with the voting process.

  40. 4 in 10 voters turn up? Thats not too bad if those numbers were true. But they arent. Also millions of people arent allowed to vote, wont get time off work to vote and are in other ways disenfranchised from the entire process. The entire US electoral system is a joke.

  41. Same reason Brits don't vote- you can't vote against the whole corrupt system, just different versions of the same thing! Guy Fawkes was the only man to enter Parliament with honest intentions…

  42. That’s sad it’s not only your duty as an American to vote but also your privileged one that people all over the world would risk their life and even kill for!

  43. This video should add "People just don't understand how the government works and how 1 vote can make a difference". So many public schools have pulled away from teaching about the government or don't do a good enough job at teaching about it. I was talking with my adult children about voting and they said they just don't know anything about how it all works. They also said they know nothing about the issue and people to vote for.

  44. People who doesn't vote is an irresponsible, lazy, careless even to their own kid's future. They don't realise that they have responsibility to study or analyse to make a best decision even 1 vote can make huge impact.They are waste of space. I would only expect this kind of behavior from druggie or simple minded person. I wish who ever doesn't vote should leave the country and never come back.

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