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Narrator: First, let me tell you a story about
stories. We've been telling them forever. They're a part of us, and we love them. Some aspects of storytelling are timeless:
great characters, drama, the ring of truth. But does where we tell them change how we
should tell them? We've gotten really good at telling them here,
when we're sitting on the couch taking in what's in front of us, waiting for the story
to unfold. But how does that change here? The screen is smaller. But more than that, it's in our hands, in
our pockets. It's with us everywhere, all the time, and
we could be watching almost anything. We started experimenting because we realized
we don't know the best ways to tell stories on mobile. So we started asking questions. What are the rules of this new environment? What do people want from it? What thrives here? David: Well, I was six years old. There was the three networks and a few local
stations. If something would be on Channel 2 and then
you didn't like that commercial, and then you go to Channel 4, same commercial. Same commercial, same commercial, same commercial. So you're going to get it, whether you want
it or not. Well, today, you don't have to get anything
you don't want to get, so that means you have to want to look at it. John: Simply taking a TV ad and putting it
into a mobile device…the analogy is like taking a Picasso and trying to stick it into
a dollhouse. You've got to give it a deeper thought. Tim: And it's a no-brainer for brands to just
go, "Throw our ad that was on TV, and just throw it on digital, mobile, TrueView." Narrator: That may be what they want to see. We weren't sure. So we took one video, cut three versions,
and measured to see what people would watch. Tim: We started with an idea that we knew
had all these legs to live in multiple channels. Ad: Hey, pass me a Kickstart. Tim: The choices we made in edit one was basically
taking our 30 and putting it on TrueView. What we were noticing is that a lot of brands
on TrueView were throwing their product in the first five seconds. For them, it was a way of like, "Well, if
they're going to skip out of my ad, at least they'll see my brand." So we wanted to create a long-form, intriguing,
doesn't-feel-like-an-ad, doesn't-look-like-an-ad, and is just pure fun. With mobile, it's always ingrained in your
head that you have to be quick. So my predictions were they were probably
going to drop out sooner. Narrator: But they didn't. The view-through on desktop was pretty much
the same for all three cuts, but something strange happened on mobile. People watched more of the third cut on mobile
than anywhere else. People who chose to watch watched for much
longer. Maybe mobile is not about being quicker, but
simply better. Tim: To come out and say, "Yes, they're willing
to engage longer on mobile." I think that's the big key takeaway. Millennials and Gen Z, they love brands. They just don't like being sold to. Narrator: Viewers of the third cut didn't
recall having seen an ad, but they still remembered the brand. The lift was the same across all three versions. Tim: We noticed that on all three, the brand
awareness was pretty much equal. That's a better way of measuring success. It's less about, "Yes, I saw an ad." It was more about, "Yes, I saw the brand." John: In terms of what we hoped to learn from
the mobile recut, it's just what really resonates, what really engages most effectively through
mobile. David: It's zero-sum every day. There's new things always happening. Consumers are trying a new thing, we didn't
know. I don't even like calling them consumers. That's a terrible word. People. People doing new things, discovering new things,
engaging with brands as they never did. John: So we're already learning a lot, but
there's a lot more we can learn. And that's why this whole thing is so exciting. David: You've always had to tell a great truth
and a great story about a brand. It's not a nice-to-have, it's a must. Man: Awesome. That was great. David: All right. So you can cut around that. You can cut around all my mistakes. Man: [inaudible 00:04:48]


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