Unskippable Labs/Mercedes Video Case Study: Luxury & Price | YouTube Advertisers

and what is interesting about luxury is one of the verticals where we have the most assumptions how it should look like how people will relate to that and God forbid you mention price I think in general there was never a more interesting and challenging time to work in the automotive industry and specifically in automotive marketing I think these are really the years that define the future of a brand moving forward because it's not a one-sided communication anymore now we are in constant dialogue with our customers they share opinions they share share statements so ultimately it's more what matters to them actually them to us question mark that we want a big question mark that we wanted to solve is it correct to attach upon price when you're selling super primo when you're selling luxury and I would people react and I would they react in each and every market will they behave the same way will they behave different mercedes-benz came to us earlier this year and they asked us whether we can help them understand if mentioning price will have any impact on the brand both in terms of purchase intent but also whether it will hurt negatively the brand mentioned the moment there was no specific car we just wanted to test it out with available assets that we have so we decided to test it with the c-class campaign we had available assets and we decided to include the price communication within the assets the current assets that we had so we created three different configurations the first configuration had the normal branded asset no mention of the price very special the second configuration was again a long-form TrueView that was based on the branded asset but we added a frame in the beginning at the end mentioning the offer and the price the third configuration had the same price oriented asset the long-form the TrueView but then we also added a shorter version a cutout of the branded asset that focused solely on the price so we run the campaign and after that we sat with the Google and YouTube team to understand the insights and we were quite surprised would be with the insights we got obviously we can't understood that price is the way forward as a lot of our the competitive landscape is already communicating prices but we wanted to make sure that this is the right approach and our theory or concerns were confirmed through the unskipable lab inside what was surprising was the nuances and the differences between how Saudi people reacted to the experiment and how the population in UAE reacted to the experiment which teaches us that more and more and more we have to push back the notion that one single global asset will work everywhere because it's simply not true this is not the first time we work with the Google and YouTube team we have a very strong relationship with them and we feel like they're an extension to our team and we work with them quite closely especially in the marketing nowadays is no longer about social science it's more like science and who better than Google to give us all the insights and the data points that we need since they are the experts they really allow us to get insights into our target group into our audience and most of all what does our audience think of our campaign

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