‘Unhinged’ Trump ‘Needs To Shut Up’: GOP Chaos Amid Impeachment Fury | MSNBC

  1. Sorry but Trump supporters are too stupid and delusional to panic they’re just huddled in a corner mumbling “trump 2020” “hillary for prison” over and over again

  2. MSNBC you are FAILING. The EAGLE has LANDED and will commence HIS Final investigation into your LIES. Russian probe-FAILED. Mueller Report-FAILED. Hidden Witness one. Failed. Hidden Witness two. Failed. Secret Meetings. Failed. President Trump thanks those BRAVE US MILITARY People who have laid claim to the ISIS Leader in Syria. The President will bring those BRAVE US Military Fighting Force Home to rebuild THE WALL.

  3. Ari … great reporting seriously – could you shave please … you’re not out in the field you’re behind a desk ..

  4. Why not invite Obama on show to ask him: How much longer do we have to endure this Strok insurance policy/operation? "POTUS wants to know everything we're doing" Lisa Paige to Agent Strok. Thank you.

  5. Republicans have really been showing who they are. Only in the business for themselves, for the money. They don't care about the country, let alone your stupid non-educated emptyheads who voted for this loonatic.

  6. Lol Republicans are not sleeping trump is a mad man Graham need medical attention and mitch McConnell in a state of shock when you play with fire you get burn barr going to get his law licenses taken trump you all going to jail and many more people

  7. He's clearly of the 40% (& rising) be afraid be very afraid, with 40% being super schizo we should all be worried

  8. I think this is a exciting boxing day. No one know what is inside the box. Hopefully, I hope it is not pandora box for all people.

  9. If God has a plan, he sure works in mysterious ways. Maybe, just maybe if we all pray. Kinda like how the Pope does it with his special phone. Hello, hello God is that you good buddy? Sorry, i got Evis instead.

  10. Trump doesn't operate on everyone is equal, Trump's DNA makes him a cut shove us and we should adore him and give our unfounded loyalty to him and his family! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA 😜

  11. In the worst case if it would happen .. Pence would step up to be President & then Trump wouldn’t have to worry about nothing. Rudy on the other hand might not have that same privilege.

  12. 3 yrs of listening to cnn and msnbc so far heres a bombshell!! wrong everytime and nothing proved but more speculation from biased demmy sheep media

  13. There used to be a great comic strip called The Far Side. In one cartoon, a caveman was trying to capture a huge tiger with a box propped up on a stick with a string attached to the stick that he would pull once the tiger was in the box. The problem was, the caveman was inside the box holding the string! That's the Orange Sphincter, which is great!

  14. Go Trump go, you are clearing the swamp of the corrupt media, the boring snowflakes, and evil demonrats!!  Love you Mr. President Trump and Melania!!

  15. Adam Schiff won't even take a vote, and the Federal Prosecutor's investigation just turned into a criminal investigation. This phoney impeachment is about to run into some real indictments.

  16. Source: The Hill ….. ? WTF. If you ran a company where half of it never do their actual jobs – You'd be unhinged too. Trump's the boss like it or not – forget your "feelings" and get back to work. The inquiry is a publicity stunt to influence you toward Democratic stances. If you don't SEE that – you need to re-evaluate the "news" you subject yourself to. Howabout try any AM Radio Station anywhere across the nation. It's the only truth out there.

  17. Trump narrative now must focus on delays and obstruction of legal processes ……the substantive manifestation of Truth in the court of public opinion is only fueled by such empty lifeless effort

  18. My problem is this is the amount of effort it takes to impeach a so wildly unqualified republican. If it was a democratic president he would have been impeached the moment he tried several times to pass an unconstitutional ban on a ethnic group nearly 3 years ago now. Anybody remember the Muslim ban?

  19. People don't get it! This man wants to be impeached, HE DOESN'T WANT TO BE THERE – he is miserable. And in his mind a victim. He is a whiner and always blaming everyone for his ignorance. That way he can go whining to his goonies and say " I told you so; they were hurting me. This Entity is sooo weak, not a leader." Everything tRump touches, DIES" That's his curse.

  20. There is overwhelming evedence how much more do you need. Do what needs to do. The world is in danger with that man as President…you got Rebupican's & Democrats in the close hearing. Not only Dems..as Republican's state. It's a fact the world know the truth already…

  21. That orange clown need to continue… his words become more and more unhinged. Everything in his eyes is beautiful, they shot a beautiful hole in the door ? And than shot that beautiful ISIS leader in his beautiful round head?

  22. The comments of the uniformed idiots below my comments show that they have ZERO understanding of what's REALLY going on! Shame on you MSNBC! No wonder your ratings are in the tank! I look forward to the day when you get charged for misleading and inaccurate "reporting." LYING to the American people and using DANGEROUS tactics of biasness!

  23. Trump KEEPS digging HIS OWN HOLE!! . Keep letting him dig it ..the deeper he goes ..then he will never get out . Trump is loser and WON'T WIN .

  24. I am so sick of this DO NOTHING GOVERMENT ! very day an all together DIFFERENT waste of my tax dollars ! Was a reg. Dem. That will VOTE ALL REPUBLICAN TICKET !!!

  25. Please Donny boy, dont shut up! Keep babbling your crap. You will continue to show who you are which is a traitorous, lying, draft dodging, adulterous, bankrupt, tax evading SOB.

  26. From Granada Spain and once a American citizen here we make fun of Trumpkov and his uneducated racist supporters.Comics here tell great jokes about them.The WORLD is laughing at you !

  27. What do you expect from an immature overgrown adolescent. Hes childish! He never reached puperty mentally. Sure hes physically a man, but his mind was limited in growth because of how he was raised. Spoiled just to shut him up. Now hes babbling in the same form to get his way like he did as a child. He thinks if he keeps going he'll eventually get what he wants just to shut him up. Mentally unstable to the max.

  28. How can the Republican senator only realise now that Trump says the dumbest things?? Where has he been the past 4 years???

  29. Too much laughing and yucking it up on these shows over Trump betraying our country. It's not funny. It's a crisis that's destroying our country.

  30. To save Repulican party, is part ways with President Trump. He doesn't realize how many King makers are against him, in the dark.

  31. #Trump is the only person in the world you can think of who could get away w/this level of megalomania, ranting & hate-mongering 🌵 💩 💀 being drug down to a corrupted #Putin-sponsored oligarchy ♞♘ #Trump-ocalyp$e Exposed! ☠ #ClusterTrumped https://youtu.be/L3Y_-mMGLB8?list=PLfRHLmFaPjT0lB_X5cF4ij5icpywb6qvg 💀 #AgentOrange ♞♘ Feature Documentary:
    https://www.activemeasures.com/ 💀

  32. Why is the White House worried???  This whole process is a moot point.  The senate will not convict.  So, let the house fulfill its constitutional obligation.  Let the senate brush it all aside and let the white house get on with whatever they want.  The 2020 election will determine Trump's removal or not.  So, why is the White House even worried?  Note: This is not a rhetorical question.  Please feel free to answer it.

  33. Trump will be convicted in the senate. Mitch knows there won't be anymore after tax cuts and Kavanaugh, so why not throw him under the bus and start repairing the damage to their reputation.

  34. Clearly all you commentators would rather see America in endless wars and a depression instead of thanking our President for saving America from the dark state spies and traitors!

  35. USA you ppl are as stupid as the trump card prez. trump is a fat MOBSTER MONSTER I hope he runs america into the ground or russia which ever comes first?

  36. Hypocritical Republicans, we love our constitution but my clown President called it phony because he didn't like what he heard from it, not what he read because he's obviously too dumb to read,consequently didn't support his criminal act

  37. "If one man can be allowed to determine for himself what is law, every man can. That means first chaos then tyranny." Cheif justice Felix Frankfurter



  40. the Pres is innocent , and joe Biden said that he witheld money from ukraine to stop an investigation into his son's corruption

  41. What's the name of the GOP Senator that said that ? You would think the media would be blasting the name of this so called senator . I'm not a Republican but even I can see through this BS.

  42. All i see them stupid ugly women cheering trump on. Putas pendehas. He payed them to. How sick he should give them koolade like jones did. Less stupid women in this world they make this woman look bad ruine it for us good descent women.

  43. Trump will indeed serve 2 terms, One state and one federal. Once he's out of office the NYSD prosecutors will swoop on the foundation's cabal group!!!

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