Understand Criminal Law in 18 Minutes (Part I)

even though criminal law interests
everyone and it’s something everybody will deal with at least once a lot of
people don’t know very much about it here are a few basic concepts that might
help but beware though this isn’t legal advice just a general explanation let’s start with the two most basic
elements of a crime: 1st “mens rea” now mens rea is not, as it sounds, some sort of mainly death ray “mens rea” is Latin for “guilty mind.” to
commit a crime you have to have a particular state of mind when you act. obvious right? let’s use an example if you commit a criminal act like bank robbery but you’re sleepwalking then you didn’t act with a guilty mind and so you didn’t
commit a crime you have to act with a guilty mind at the exact time of the
criminal act so if you decided to murder someone but on your way there you’re not
paying attention and you hit them with your car that’s not murder because even though
you had a bad act and a guilty mind you didn’t have the guilty mind when you did
the bad act you were thinking about something else “actus reus” is just a fancy word for a
“criminal act.” you can’t commit a crime without action but even if you want to
commit a crime you may not actually be successful this is called an attempt. an attempt
is a special crime that requires two things be present 1st the guilty mind or the intent to
commit a crime, 2nd an act something significant enough that the attempter is showing they really want to commit the crime but is not actually committing the entire crime the world is full of criminals who
didn’t quite pull it off for all kinds of reasons the difference in the
criminal act is the important part if you committed the whole act it wouldn’t
be attempted robbery it would just be robbery for example grabbing a purse but
not actually taking it would be a big enough act to be an attempt but touching
a purse in passing while you think about possibly grabbing it would not be enough even though you were thinking about it so it’s important not to jump the gun on stopping an attempt
having the intent is still important you can’t commit an attempt because you’re
being reckless or not paying attention even if you could commit the underlying
crime that way so while you can recklessly commit
manslaughter you can’t recklessly attempt manslaughter you can’t recklessly attempt to commit
any crime for that matter it might be another crime but not
attempt because you have to intend to commit a crime for an attempt to take
place and there you have it

  1. Selecting an appropriate kind of Criminal Defence lawyer for your case is not an easy task. Firstly you have to know about his working and practicing experience. Thanks for such a informative video from a Lehman point of view it is quite clear by this video.

  2. your bank robbery example for mens rea is more appropriate when related to actus reus. The act would be involuntary, bc someone could still have the proper mens rea when sleep walking if they knew of the disorder and knew the danger/frequency occurred and they didn't take preventive measures. The mens rea would be Reckless or Negligent at the very least.

  3. mens rea: say you were in court for murder, and you had insanity issues, and you murdered with your insanity or mental issues, in your case or court day, you need to mention what issues you have and say " I need to let you know that i have mental issues and insanity. My insanity was very high and accidently murdered someone." that is not a crime because you didnt know you were going to do it. Actus reus on the other hand is like gor e.g im gonna kill that man today. Basically you know you were going to do it so therefore its Planned murder/robery and many other crimes

    BTW IM 11.

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  5. I really request you to answer my question …a friend of mine is stuck in a case where he is beaten because a friend of him murdered someone and because they both were friends also they are past friends they used to be friends a year ago and the murder took place 3 months ago , my friend was beaten by police badly because they were friends even he was not at all included in murder , even he didn't really knew about that murder anything, Is this correct ?? If not tell me the remedy he can take

  6. You could use as a defense with man's rea that you wet temporally insane because you were mad for instance you acted out of blind rage so you didnt have a clear conscious mind

  7. Alright so I am at the hitting someone with your car then this is called manslaughter and I think the minimum sentence for that is 15-20 YRS

  8. who to contact if the husband leaves for his country if he leaves india without paying the interim maintaince

  9. So its not a crime if u were thinking about or didnt success on robbing if u were doing a crime but if u thinking about murdering and succeed then it is a crime ? I think I kinda understand

  10. Focus needs to Shift from giving publicity to criminals and punishment to Helping Victims of crime & giving an attentive ear to Victims instead. the System should be more Proactive in seeking to prevent at-risk folks from committing crime and rehabilitating convicts rather than just punishment which often leads to future victimization from recidivism and is a burden to society. & Amends should be made mainly to the Victim of crime rather than the government.

  11. Crimes whether intentional or not are punishable by law the. The act is done and resutitutionor compensation is expected. The video helps in providing information to both plaintiff and defendant as to why the verdict iis made as such.

  12. why is it that some beginner lawyer when working as a public defender want to get you to plead guilty like i had an experience the atforney was insisting me to plead guilty for community hours i told her it was a misunderstanding i am not guilty when she saw that the plaintiff didnt come obviusly because i was not guilty she was giving me an attitude how rude

  13. American criminal law is very complicated and confusing. In most civil law countries it is simple. If the act is made with intent it's an intentional crime like murder or homicide when it was not planned or premeditated but resulted to intentional killing. And if there is no intent but negligence is the cause it is called Reckless Imprudence or negligence thus it could be Reckless imprudence resulting to homicide or resulting to physical injuries. In USA there are too many elements and definition to become first degree, second degree murder or manslaughter etc.

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  15. Hi everyone.
    I decided to start studying criminal justice to get my Bachelor because I want to help the people to live in a safe environment ., I love to live in a country with zero criminal percentage if I am the one to be the that type of guys I will make my city safe and clean from criminal this is my great ambition, god bless America that gave me this opportunity to achieve my purpose. Sorry if there is any grammatical issue in my comment because I am new in this country.

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