UN programs and funds  || United nations for UPSC civil services preparation

hello Liz much hope you guys are doing well today will know about programs and tons of un in original to the independence the slides agencies there are various United Nations programs and fonts devoted to achieving economic and social protest in the developing countries today we'll look at some octos United Nations International Children's emergency fund with this you mr. established in 1946 the headquarters is a unit the purpose is to provide assistance on development activities aimed at improving the quality of life for children and mothers in the developing countries it focuses on popularity authorizing for primary health care techniques which are over very hydration therapy expanded emanation change was monitoring and promotion of rest feeding the second one is united nations high commissioner for refugees which is called as UN heads are established in 1951 headquarters is a Geneva the purpose is to promote and take guard the right and interest of refugees it both a humanitarian and non put non-political X primary function is international protection it encourages the compulsion of intergovernmental legal instruments instruments in favor of refugees and supervisors safe implementation third one in United Nations conference on Trade and Development which is un tted established in 1964 headquarters is at Geneva its purpose is to promote international stage we take you to exaggerate the economic growth of underdeveloped countries and bring them into line 50 our country's first one United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees in the near East so change given rwa established in 1949 headquarters is a union to provide relief to be nearly 70 like 50,000 people who became refugees as a result of the disturbances during the during and after the creation of TV's royal in the former Swedish mandate mandate tertiary of Palestine Palestine own head towards United Nations fund for populations activities unfpa established in 1969 headquarters is a non purpose is to build up capacity to respond to needs in population in family planning to promote awareness of oscillation problems and strategy to deal with them and to assist developing countries in dealing with the population problem 61 United Nations Development Programme UNDP established in 1965 at portos visit me on purpose is to promote multilateral technical and three investment cooperation its activities are funded in any way by voluntary contribution outside the regular UN purchase it is the funding post for most of the technical assistance provided by the UN system seventh one United Nations England program Union ET established in 1972 headquarter is at Nairobi in Kenya the purpose is to protect and conserve the natural environment and to prevent a pollution soil degradation deep desertification etc it is also developing a global environment monitoring system h1 human settlements for better living habitat established in 1988 my robe headquarters is at nairobi kenya purpose is to provide technical and financial assistance for strengthening National Iranian program relating to human settlements especially in the developing countries thank you listeners today we have seen programs and punts of your attack relations we will come up with more such interesting knowledge videos please keep watching please keep following our channel if you like our channel do not forget to subscribe like income it thank you again

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