Ultra Bullish Case - Crucial Litecoin Info - Banking Regs For Exchanges - 19k BTC Moved to Coinbase

I want to thank everybody for watching crypto revolution where I'll talk about everything crypto daily jumping right into the market today in crypto green day overall market cap and crypto currency two hundred and sixty 1 billion dollars Bitcoin on point market cap is just above 80 100 this is a Bitcoin four-hour chart so finally Bitcoin broke above this which was resistance now it becomes support so we broke above this blue resistance level now it becomes support so Bitcoin it's important Bitcoin holds this level above the support you've got a bit of a bull flag right now potentially the key here is number one we broke out of this descending channel so immediately something changes something's different we broke out to the upside bail has to go off now it's very important definitely eighty seven hundred eighty six hundred s in the cards but bitcoin has to hold this eight thousand dollar level you know potentially it retraces back down into this descending channel again obviously all bets are off but with the data that we have right now we've got a bull flag we're moving higher we broke out of this descending channel and again it's important this high right here we need to really put in a high above this high otherwise potentially we've got this giant mess of a head and shoulders that we're working with so also if we put a high in around eighty seven hundred not quite the ninety one hundred that we need it would be a lower high so you'd have your high your low lower high potentially you're starting a downtrend again so you just have to keep in mind there's a lot of variables that we deal with in this market on a day to day basis but we're gathering data every single minute of every single day and you have to be able to acknowledge these changes immediately this is a CME Bitcoin futures chart so this is pretty interesting so I posted this early today in my group and you can see that we've got talk about these gaps a lot so gaps in pricing and you can see you get these giant gaps where there's no data right the sámi features closed on the weekends here's a small gap we have at 600 now these gaps always get filled in the history of seme features basically what I'm saying is the price action is going to revisit this level at some point which happened over here now there's a tiny little gap at eighty six hundred so potentially that puts a scenario will run up to eighty six hundred to fill that gap we also have this gap down here around seventy that goes down from about seventy four hundred is seventy two hundred okay so a lot of this hasn't been filled either so there's potential based on this chart that we move to the upside and then we'll need to pull back and fill this gap on the downside I've got a crypto currency trading group I post profitable trading setups every single day I've got five chat groups I've got thirty four videos in a playlist that will take you from knowing nothing about Trading cryptocurrency to making profitable trades if you want to join the group there's a link in the description to patreon where you can pay with the card or obviously I really encourage you to pay with cryptocurrency and support crypto if you pay in cryptocurrency you get a 10% discount if you pay for six months you get a 20% discount if you pay for the year email me crypto Bitcoin Chris at gmail.com and I'll handle your crypto payments so people come into the group it's amazing to me to see that the real success that people have watch people grow and watch obviously their portfolios increase as well so this is a gentleman who came into the group and he had he was real top-heavy he had $100,000 in one altcoin you know so he reached out to me you know I talked him on the phone every month and he said he said I need to do something i hummed down and getting killed in this market what can I do you know Sen said you know he and I've talked about him in the past and he came out a few weeks ago and he said I've made about $50,000 in your group Chris you know I appreciate you now he's progressing obviously these setups are pretty much primarily directed at you know trading all coins but what this gentleman is done is he's opened up a bit next account and kind of taken a lot of these ideas two-bit mix so in this message he states my like coin on bit max is up two hundred and forty six percent right now he said I've solved my futures position just recently and I'm about half a Bitcoin off this last trade in a week or two I'm gonna be happy with it I'm taking profits you know stories like this happen every single day in the group I get positive comments and I see that if you follow for sure this works we have hundreds and hundreds of hundreds of eyes working together watching this market there is no way that I or any one person can keep up with everything going on in this market now this is the light coin set up that I posted you can see over here it got posted on the six that I was talking about this is you're bullish pennant we have a double bottom so it we need volume to confirm the breakout so if you bought in here with light point obviously litecoin took off you know I've got a hundred and fifty-three dollars target you made if you bought in on this setup in the group you know potentially you're up thirty five thirty seven percent on your light coin trade so you got the having coming up and it's gonna reduce the supply it's gonna reduce the coin supply by fifty percent so if demand stays the same the supply decreases price goes up obviously there's a lot of hype around the hattingh and I was reading an article I'll go over than that in just a second about a possible sell-off we'll see prior to the halving so let's talk about that in a second now a my trading group I post a ton of these midterm hold ideas these are easy but they're everywhere you guys can find these you're gonna see your price I should come down and hit a support level okay then you'll get a bounce higher and then your next pullback or your next move to the downside you'll get a higher low so you're looking for this is a really good entry point for these bottoming patterns midterm holes there's more risk but the rewards are up there and it's low maintenance you can set it and forget it so I post it's one of these my trading group however again they're out there they're everywhere a lot of these all points on all they're like 12-hour and daily charts they're everywhere so you guys can find these again you want to put your stop-loss down here under some major supports you've got a momentum shift here you've got this downtrend and then all of a sudden you're changing to an uptrend so a big shift in momentum wael alert man I saw this and I was like what 18900 Bitcoin transferred from an unknown wallet to coin base well I'm just curious why why do you want not nearly 19-thousand Bitcoin on coinbase are you selling probably so now here's another here's a flipside somebody says hey you know what the whales transferred this to make a bunch of panic in our space and the whales are just sitting back laughing and you know they do this or like hey you know what let's just get on well alert real quick and somebody about to take profits and start a move to the downside if you guys haven't picked up a ledger nano acts yet the factory link is in the description it supports a channel these hold a hundred different cryptocurrencies they're Wireless you connect your phone your tablet your laptop all through bluetooth and then if you want to use a wire you can use the wire too so definitely check out pick up one of these ledger nano X's of the g20 reaffirms its gonna apply expected tough new rules on cryptocurrency oh man here we go the standards are expected to set tough operating procedures for crypto currency exchanges going beyond the basic know your customer or kyc rules most major exchanges now abide by in addition to verifying and keeping records of their users identities exchanges and other service providers would have to pass customer information to each other when transferring funds just as banks are required to do so a procedure known in the United States as the travel rule nothing about this article excites me I'm just gonna be real honest like this is gosh I could just see them coming in and just tracking everything and they want more information totally absurd new rules are gonna turn Bitcoin exchanges into banks so experts are already warning that any one business or private investor who exchanges more than a thousand dollars worth of crypto will have to provide personal information by June they stated previously we're gonna issue additional instructions on the standards and how we expect them to be enforced so here we come more regulations bitcoin is not a bank someone stated it is not Swift it is not money it's just a database when you accept this the above image looks totally absurd so they want you know basically these are these Iban numbers that you for tracking with bank codes and account numbers and they said hey this is a Bitcoin in a dress fashion this is what it is like it's randomly generated you're not gonna get what you want to out of this in a single year the top three banks made 1.1 billion in ATM fees 2.3 billion in maintenance fees 5.4 billion in overdraft fees banks make millions of dollars off of people who really don't have the money to begin with that's who's paying these overdraft fees and that icx I got a couple free setups for you guys bottoming pattern so we were talking about earlier the best time to buy you get your your low and then this is your higher low so your midterm hold is better here however you can pick it up at the bottom of this triangle perfect so I see X bottoming pattern you could buy the breakout the short-term targets 5820 okay but if you want to buy it and hold it for a month or two until this cycle as far as this all coin season's going is over then definitely midterm hold idea this is OMG so another freebie for you guys so you got a bottoming pattern midterm hold idea so again best place to buy you see you got your low and you got your higher low why is this the higher low because it's higher than this low right so higher low that would be your best intrigue more concerned about this giant triangle by the breakout the target is thirty two thousand nine hundred and eighty four Satoshi so again this is another midterm hold idea for OMG Matic partners with chain-link math this came out today Matic got a little pump and boom I sold it quick so Matic partners with chain-link big news but man is buy the rumor sell the news that news came out and it's just like sold off really quick so I didn't nail the top but I got you know pretty close to that here's what I was talking about earlier with like coins so like coin price near 600 percent returns but beware of the potential 73 percent pre having plummet I read this title I said the pre having plummet like I've never even heard of that you know obviously this doesn't happen very often but apparently there's a pre having plummet so keep this in mind other people just like buy the rumor sell the news seems like people are taking profits on the having this person stated I think we have about 10 more days of light coin pumping I've started to move some out of light coin into Bitcoin if you look at 2015 45 days before they're having the price peaked and then it dropped 73 percent so be aware 45 days will be June 22nd protect some of your profits especially if you're new amen if you're new you got to take profits in this market if you don't take your profits somebody else is gonna take them from you somebody else gonna take your money take your profits you got to where does some cherry-picking and they hired a new ex-google director as the first member of their new crypto team the gram token so I talked a little bit about this yesterday had something to reach out to me and they said hey Chris is a little bit there's more to this so the token delivery is going to occur and you're gonna get four equal sized tranches over an 18-month period so you're not gonna get all your gram tokens upfront so this is starting on July the 10th and it's gonna be on liquid exchange and potentially I've heard about it being on another exchange but I just haven't had time to research it so I'll bring it to your attention when I find this out Napster creators blockchain firm helium releases IOT hotspots so this is a cool idea so Shawn Fanning's new company he created Napster it's called helium it released an internet of things wireless hotspot device with blockchain base incentive programs so these these little helium hotspots they provide wireless connectivity to the Internet one node on its own is going to cover between one 50th and one 150th of a city so it covers quite a bit and then it says there's blockchain based incentive programs so pretty cool to hear about that card on Oh Shelly self node test net could officially start on the June the 17th so everybody's excited to see what's going on with Shelly Craig right order to personally appear at Bitcoin theft mediation I think he robbed Satoshi I think he did listen Craig right he's been ordered to appear personally at mediation to address allegations he stole 1.1 million Bitcoin money from Dave Klieman who passed away and I believe that was satoshi nakamoto court documents on that were filed on June the 10th shows all this talk being talked about Craig Wright he requested to appear in court by videoconference but he said it's gonna cause unjustifiable hardship for him if he has to go to court I think he robbed Satoshi Nakamoto Oh telling you where to get 1 point 1 million Bitcoin who and why hasn't he moved it listen BitFenix announces support for okx exchange token first law here is why is bid phoenix supporting another exchange token when they have an initial each exchange offering of their only Oh token and now they're supporting another exchange token so I just wondered how this kind of makes me wonder you know there's so much behind-the-scenes stuff going on with the whole tether scandal and bid fin acts and like what was okay that okay exhale what listen we're gonna bail you we're gonna give you some money we need you to support our token or you know how was that deal worked out it's the ultra bull case for Bitcoin driven by central bank's this is by Anthony Pompey on Oh so he stated over the next 12 to 18 months we're gonna get a perfect storm for Bitcoin there are a number of events that are gonna happen at the same time central banks will be forced into cutting some interest rates these events will ultimately drive Bitcoin into an ultra bull case definitely the global economy as a whole is faltering and Bitcoin is ready and waiting to jump right in and take over power move before Power Lunch Tron CEO switches venues for Buffett meeting so this is the first time since the annual Power Lunch tradition started in 2000 that the meal is gonna take place in San Francisco so Justin Sun and his team of crypto enthusiasts is going to have lunch with Warren Buffett we talked about this so I'm just curious they've definitely been all the hype everybody's talking about it all these news outlets are talking about it there's a computer scientists and a Bitcoin advocate Andreas Antonopoulos he maps out how Facebook's upcoming stable coins gonna be used send money across borders and it's going to disrupt banking potentially global coins gonna rely on miners like Bitcoin however unlike Bitcoin global coins gonna operate in a closed system that's gonna have to comply with the law of land in various jurisdictions so again there's a lot of things about this stable coin that is coming out global coin we've got the white paper coming soon on this we can really dive right in and figure out what's going on with it the important thing to see here is that we are really going to be able to judge how much the public is going to start to accept cryptocurrency and in a way but more so the advantages that we have and we know of cryptocurrency we're going to see how they apply when a major corporation basically grasped on to these ideas and uses them and implements them in a big venue you know unfortunately cryptocurrency hasn't been able to kind of skip that divide or that gap into that mainstream adoption hasn't happened where Facebook comes in they've already been adopted they already have millions of users like how is that going to play out so if you like the content that I provide on a daily basis be sure and subscribe to the channel like the video comment below if the bell for notifications thanks so much I'll see you guys tomorrow

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  2. I personally think Global Coin is connected to ripple and XRP. I think the name is a diversion to keep the mainstream away from XRP.

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  4. Chris you should create a udemy course, you can charge for it and also market your trading group through it.

  5. As much as I would like to be a team person, I'm not and never have been or will.. well besides my gf who brought me to crypto any how. I'm not going to change my ways now and I have done well on my own ish… I mean.. I retired at the age of 29 two years ago and not because of crypto, but it is an icing on the already sweetened cake and that I believe it's for everyone's future for yourself or for your family… Patreon group may not be for me, but I highly advice it as Chris has been nothing more than just a genuine individual who spreads his knowledge and potentially make you profits by just joining and learning. Best of luck everyone 🙂

  6. CME gaps always being filled – that means that either the CME totally controls the market, or the regular ups and downs of BTC fill them as a matter of course

  7. It's impossible to anticipate every move in the market. The best thing you can do is do whatever is consistent and manage your risk.

  8. $eql just announced swap to binance chain and dex. EXPECT 10x from here. Only a 3m cap right now. Fomo is taking place as we speak.

  9. Im waiting for the next bullish for bitcoin through the halving time and i believe that will give a huge impact not only for bitcoin but another altcoin like veil too

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  11. Why would you need to get more money for learning people to make money, when you can make it your self? i call this bullshit [vip]

  12. the guy got the 73% drop from the July 10, 2015 LTC pre halving run up high of 8.73 to the July 11, 2015 low of 3.71. The journalist who wrote that piece needs to refresh his math skills, because he figured out the percentage decrease wrong. In the case of a decrease, you take the high number 8.73 minus 3.71 to get the price change of 5.02. But then it looks like he took the high price 8.73/the change 5.02 =1.739 multiplied by 100 is actually 173.9% loss which is way off, so he just discarded the `1. The correct way is to take the change of price, divided by the original price of the high 5.02/8.73=.575 multiply 100 is a 57.5 decrease..The halving pre pump works like a pump the news type of thing, but when the event actually happens the price has dropped.

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  14. Justin Sun is symbol of fraud in the crypto-revolution, starting by copying white papers from other projects and duplicating ideas.
    He will fit very well with types of people like Warren Buffer and his puppet in technology Bill Gates.
    Justin will become his Chinese puppet to deviate people from Bitcoin and real crypto currencies, like what he did with Bill Gates to deviate people and addict them with Windows instead of real open source technologies and Unix/Linux derivatives.

  15. If they can pull the lid off what happened with CW and Kleiman there will be a hit movie in it, the story and drama will be that deep. It may include a Dread Pirate, a bunny, a murder, the deep state and a heap of Bitcoins….. Antonopolous's latest video regarding Libra was refreshingly great. Thanks again for your work.

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