Ukraine Sought US Diplomats’ Advice On Trump Pressure Tactics: AP | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. Look at how Ukraine is looking at trump Ukraine is thinking I am not going to bite the hand that feeds me I will lie regardless of what truth come out.

  2. Ukraine president said no pressure in himself as he is very safe in his compound but in Ukraine people and soldiers because they are dying from Russian weapons.

  3. You want war???? You want war with no facts??? We know you hate the Constitution. I hope you are well armed. The military wont help you….

  4. I hear there's a growing number calling themselves the 'Never Again' Trumpers. We'll hopefully hear more from them as time winds down for the 4 year Reich.

  5. Not hard to see that President Z was feeling enormous pressure…that was an awkward moment!! It keeps getting deeper and deeper!!

  6. I've been saying this for years, but I swear to God the whole GOP is being bankrolled by Russia. There is no other reasonable explanation why these GOP enablers would defend this piece of garbage & throw away all their long held "values" unless they were trying to save themselves as well.

  7. All American Officials both past and present in and out of the department should step up to plate sort of speak should testify in front of Congress as more witnesses confirming the president of the Ukraine was indeed under pressure .

  8. Ukraine has to be very careful to not offend any sitting president because we are very important to them and he has no idea who might be elected in the future

  9. Watch Trump vilify Hockstein(?), He(Trump) is desperate and an ex-Obama admin is the perfect vehicle for him. The base want another bad guy and Trump needs one. They'll make up stuff before the full story is out.

  10. Poor guy basically briefed Rachel and she delivered all of it at the top leaving him with nothing left to say! She’s very naughty like that sometimes. Naughty Rachel, tut tut.

  11. Before Trump's Asian summit in the Autumn of 2017 there were some Republikkkans, including Lindsey Graham, who were willing to stand up to Trump.
    Then Trump has a unscheduled secret meeting with Putin and all the Republikkkans suddenly became subservient to Trump (and Putin).

    We still do not know what Putin told Trump in all those secret meetings.
    If Russia has the capabilities to hack into the DNC computer systems, then they have the capabilities to hacked into every Republikkkan computer systems.

    What dirty little secrets does Putin have on all the Republikkkans?

  12. Yes, the Ukrainians discussed that matter internally in June or beginning of July 2019 (don't remember exactly but definetly before 25th July call), that was reported somewhere.

  13. Do you guys think Madcow is smart? I think she just fools you by humming and hawing a lot, and twitching her head around, because she knows her viewers are superficial and will think that means she is smart…but what do you think?

  14. So the valiant Zelensky knew about the importance of the Biden investigations before his inauguration. It will be so much fun to watch the GOP tap dance over this stage from here to conviction.

  15. The quid is already impeachable, even without a pro quo. If a hostage says the kidnapper was always nice to them and didn't hurt anybody, kidnapping is still a crime, even if the kidnappers didn't get any money.

  16. The Mob would extort small family businesses for protection money, pay or something may happen to your shop. Ukraine an ALLY of ours needed money/aid to combat Russian forces that actively invaded their Country. Money approved by Congress to receive, yet held up by Trump unless his own personal agenda is met FIRST. SoooO 40% of Americans, how is this not different from "Pay for Protection" tactics the mob uses??..

  17. To all you Beautiful defenders of our President! You should go let that President hating A-HOLE Jimmy kimmel know how you feel. His you tube section is all Trump bashing as well. Go tell them how wrong they are. It is AMAZIN'!

  18. a good strategy for a republican president is to fill his cabinet with democrats and then blame them all for partisanship when they rat out his wrongdoings.

  19. The inquiry is slowing down, time wise, because everywhere you look there's a Republican committing a crime. They are practically tripping over crimes by one administration official after another.

    Now a rational observer would properly conclude that there is a tainted cloud of corruption over every Trump supporter and functionary. Trump set the tone, and the crooks came out in force for a feeding frenzy.

    Long before the 2016 election Trump's penchant for extra legal operations was well known in New York. Naturally crooks flocked to this bastion of corruption in hopes of stealing their own pile of loot.


  20. Zelenskiy ran on a strict anti-corruption platform, and on literally day 1 of his presidency, backed by continuous Trump admin. pressure, Perry dirties his hands with corruption.

    Good job, effers. With allies like you, who needs enemies.

  21. Dont forget 45 peddled the Birther conspiracy with no evidence and now he is calling career foreign officals who were on the call like Vindman and Sondland liars

  22. Imagine if the Democrats never won the House. What would the state of Democracy be with the Republicans controlling all three branches of government? Forgot, we already know.

  23. "Mr. Zelinsky, did Mr. Corleone here threaten to chop you into tiny bits and feed you to his pigs, blow up your wife, sell your kids into slavery, butcher your dog, and roast your goldfish if you were to testify against him?"
    "No your honor, not at all, he is a very honorable and law-abiding person and a great friend, he would never do that, not at all."
    "Very well then. Case dismissed."

  24. The irony is that the rumours about Biden were from the most corrupt men in Ukraine. Giuliani and Manafort must have known this before presenting it to Trump.

  25. amusingly pathetic how the gotcha games of ford flopped leftist disgrace try to run their rigged trial by leaks lies and democrat legislative laughingstock liability, figuring it has forced or pressured their own expectations which they will parade as some guilt or cover up or anything other than more clinton scam pay for play fear. the less than amusing part is the damage and institutional resentment these zero chance of success coup fiascoes cause all based on corrupt democrat demands to again try and move their intern impeached mueller time goalposts while blundering and floundering utter failures to impress and intimidate the nations executive instructions. this democrat spectacle and circus of insecurity is also a clear indication why their sad expired obama era agency influence has so much baggage they cannot project as americas duty to respect. do they honestly believe msnbc can make their image appear more palatable more influential more comey ish ? the ukraine matter was done deal back when the president and secretary pompeo concluded the zelensky content as a conditional concern which has been already bi partisan processed. the parade of criticisms and corroborated complaints is less significant than president nye commanding trade result criteria with china. we have, in its entirety, revoked democrat 'leadership' egos pretending to pressure as they are pressured politically culturally institutionally by their own expectations. expectations which maybe mike the waffler can finally fix, well see. lol.

  26. This "Investigative Reporter" needs to practice reading the teleprompter. 😁
    Try to make the Fake News sound more natural, and less scripted! 😁

  27. Clearly corrupt trump keep beating us…HE's sooooooo immoral and bad…
    We've got to take him down. The bad American's need to learn their place….


  29. YES as if he was going to say that he was pressured when the Orange thing is right beside him and his country would have had even worse consequences .. Common sense would dictate that .. BUT OH WAIT . Brain dead Trump supporters have no common sense and can not think for themselves !

  30. Zelenski is willing to be corrupt? What does that tell you about their problems with corruption.

    Trumps corrupt. Ukraine is corrupt. The gop are super corrupt.

    Vote them out forever. And lets rethink ukraine.

  31. It’s NOT about the facts…
    It’s NOT about fairness…
    It’s NOT about finding the truth for the American people…
    For House Democrats, it is, and always has been, about impeaching President Trump since the day he won the Presidency.

    Democrats are pathetic losers.

  32. Like Zelensky would say yes he felt pressure. This would discret him in his own country. This argument from the GOP is sooooo weak.

  33. Why do we even respect or allow this never elected, never authorized man to continue in this stolen office? The election was proven fraudulent.

  34. Mr. Perry, if both WaPo and Rachel Maddow had their investigative teeth firmly into MY many criminal and corruption deals and schemes, if I had only 1% of yours, I'd start running… On the other hand, the old boys still have their cover up hound Bill Barr to illegally protect them, so let's see if real journalism can save the US justice system from Barr, so that the trumpian criminals may finally taste some justice.

  35. Zelinsky, remember the president you replaced. He was ran out of the country by the citizens. Granted you are in a war right now and that may keep the people in line… for now. Maybe you should talk to NATO.

  36. Another one bites the dust! This time, in reference to republican defenses of this utterly defenseless administration, caught in so many acts.

  37. Virtually anything anyone does to or with those notes to make them unavailable would violate Title 18 USC s 1519, which carries a 20-year maximum.

  38. Rache's explanation and analysis of the administration's crooked Ukrainian dealings have been masterful. And she ALWAYS gives her sources as well as credit to those sources.

  39. Ukrainian soldiers were dying while Trump held back the aid package. If Zelensky didn't feel pressure to get the package, then he's as psychotic as Trump.

  40. This is about our country’s democracy, and about our decency and honor. It is about how far (he and his enablers) are betraying our constitution and all we used to stand for. I did not vote for him, but I was hoping that he would step up to the honor of the presidency, however, he has only brought shame, corruption, and chaos to our country. He, and his disgusting enablers need to be replaced by public servants (Republican or Democrat) that bring back honor and stability to our country and put the sanctity of their country and the people first, not their own selfish, corrupt, and greedy interests first! Accountability is never a waste of time! If nothing else, everyone’s character is on full view. We the people have the power. Good men and women must do the right thing to restore our beautiful country!

  41. What?!?! Someone in the Trump administration made sure a donor benefitted from a corrupt energy deal?? Say it ain't so!!

    Hmmmm….. wasn't it Hunter Biden and allegations of impropriety regarding an ENERGY company, that put Trump into this sticky wicket to begin with??

  42. Let me – being an European citizen – assure you, that the acts of your president have huge implications for the European Union. Regarding the present role the US unfolds at the borders of the European Union, it has become dangerous for us to consider the US – being our NATO-partner (!) – as an ally. The jaw-dropping stupidity of your so-called president is destroying relationships the US should embrace….

  43. Hi Rachel Anne.👋🍻.
    Exceptional reporting, Rachel.👍🍻👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Rachel.👍.
    👉👉Proceed democrats, proceed.👍☺👏.

  44. Zelenskiy saying there was no pressure in front of Trump is like when the police show up and a battered wife says ' i fell down the stairs' in front of her abusing husband.

  45. Time for FULL Investigations into Pence! 🙄Pence knew exactly what was going on and took part in it like’ the easily manipulatable and self serving Republican follower he is.😤 It takes a STRONG man to stand up to Corruption & Evil and a weak man to a be a servant of it. Republicans ARE the Weak and Mike Pence is a disgrace to the honoured position of VP!

    #FarmersAgainstCriminalTrump2020 🇺🇸

  46. Thank you Captain Obvious. A whistleblower report comes out two days before Zelensky is scheduled to do his hostage video – of course State were in contact. They came to the rescue.

  47. So let me get this straight … Republicans vilify hearsay evidence while at the same time using hearsay evidence of Ukrainian President saying there was no pressure (Rule 801 defines a statement not made in court or made under oath is hearsay). Lawyers would also tear that hearsay apart because the Ukrainian President is under duress to say there was no pressure. This is what the Republicans are clinging too? I wish Republicans would return to focusing on the nation instead of protecting Trump.

  48. Dear Evangelicals, really, this corrupt anti-Christ in your white house is who you think will protect you? Do you honestly believe that God sanctions this kind of behaviour? Is that what Jesus did?



  51. No President in American history has had so much CRIMINAL CORRUPTION, INDICTED imprisoned for Russian association and lying about it. AND MANY MORE CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS. REPUBLICANS OR THE WHITEHOUSE MAFIA

  52. Trump is an opportunist preys on the VULNERABLE the biggest. Most corrupt President in American history BULLY DICTATOR PATHOLOGICAL LIAR PRESIDENT PUTIN PUPPET

  53. Been-a-dick Donald further exposed as the bungling want-to-be mobster unsuccessfully attempting to commit bribery.

  54. Leave it to trump to make a complete mess of our democracy and try to run our country like one of his bankrupt businesses 😡🤬 what a freaking mess we're in, we are the laughing stock of the world 😫😣

  55. This is all about oil and gas and the fact that Russia does not want competition. Trump knows this and he and his cronies are doing everything they can to gain access and power to it. Trump must be a Russian asset. Its time for this all to end. Until today, I was not !00% certain he should be removed from office. NOW its clear and any one who cannot see this is simply too far gone down the rabbit hole. Its time to get on with this crap and handcuff him.

  56. How can the State Dept simply not respond to subpoenas? I am not a US Citizen, but I thought these were unavoidable and compulsory?

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