Ukraine ambassador fired by Trump testifies in impeachment probe


  2. Wallace is a liberal idiot. He is a Trump hater and has only bias comments. I will never know why he has a job on Fox.

  3. The Dems will wish they had never tried to stick their daggers into Trump's back. Their strategy has failed and is now exposing what will be the the largest political scandal to ever plague American politics. What a sleazy pack of DC swamp monsters and Fake News cronies….


  5. Crooked mouth Chris Wallace he anti President Trump, I wonder when Fox News will let him go like Shepard Smith that will be a good news


  7. Don't all countries have the option to reject a diplomatic representative? The better to send the more blatant spies packing? Thought it was SOP.

  8. I have little faith in her so called testimony it is behind closed doors so who knows what she really said it is to easy to change her lies you know lets make a lie and constantinopel should be nuked

  9. This lady spied on reporters for the Democrats and refused to grant visas for Ukrainian anti-corruption officials to bring their information to the Congress.

  10. What reality are you living in, blonde person? You're wincing is as obvious as what's his name's! They must pay you well!

  11. Impeachment is absolutely constitutional and senior GOP perfectly know that since they’re the ones who pushed the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

    Calling it unconstitutional is sheer dishonesty.

  12. This is a big waste of money for all I can not stand the corruption! The USA 🇺🇸 can not afford this . This will cost millions of dollars 💵 . Drain the money dems . But it is my taxes that pays for your lies .

  13. Chris Wallace is a human shield for the corruption in back of this illicit impeachment probe.  He should follow Shepard Smith in departing from the Fox News Channel.  Wallace would be a better for the Trump bashing stations, CNN and MSNBC.

  14. Before opening his mouth, Wallace should make his homework on Yovanovitch!
    Besides plenty of other bad things, she gave the Ukrainians a list with names not to be investigated.
    Wait and see what Lady Justice brings forward when AG Barr brings Law and order back!

  15. Lol I love the thumbs downs. People upset with the reality being reported on. The president is corrupt. Even if he is the leader of your "team". He's still corrupt.

  16. Feather the Politicians! They have all been lining their own pockets and making us pay while we go hungry and they go rich.

  17. They won't let you lie on TV about them Chris!! You need to go to jail with the rest of the Communist main stream media, your not even news anymore, just a commie!!!

  18. The president has a choice to remove any ambassador he wants in order to promote his agenda. Too bad, so sad sore loser.

  19. Another bias statement. They dont need to dig up dirt on creepy Joe. He provided that for him self because he thinks he is beyond the law.

  20. Its not the impeachment its the way the democrat rats are doing it thats unconstitutional. Fox news get rid of specky four eyes.

  21. I guess being president you apparantly cant ask any questions of your citizens involved in foriegn companies overseas. How stupid is that! But, the DNC and Hillary Clinton can pay for spies to collect information from Russia to try to bring down a President before he takes office because they dont like him and want to give the American people the middle finger.

  22. If you have enabling issues please confine to your own family, your not ready for the real world yet because you don't know the difference between right and wrong. Suggest more bible training.

  23. LMAO! One sided hearings are like assholes! Everybody has one! Funny how Democrats seem to be the obstructors! Funny how they are always afraid of an open investigation!

  24. Wrong sir! It's absolutely an attempt to overthrow the results of a lawful election and this woman 'Yovanovitch' is dirty as hell.

  25. lol…Wallace doesn't look happy now that his buttboy, Shemp Smith, got shitcanned. Maybe Donna can help Wallace out…lol….Fox is a punchbowl with a few turds still floating around!!

  26. ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the president……for our thick democRATS, this means they work for Trump. Trump's their boss…..Trump can fire them for farting in his office! We starting to get this employee/employer relationship, now??……lol

  27. Ambassador yovonivich if you see this, you are a hero. Thank you for taking a stand. As a US Marine, thank you for showing integrity and honesty. I hope you remain safe, watch your six.

  28. 'Impeachment is left to congress'

    Pelosi, Schiff and the DNC are not Congress. The only way to decide what Congress/the House wants is to vote on it.

  29. yea this stupid news reporter thunks that any removal proceeding should be without established rules he only says that because he has little chance himself of ever having to be sanctioned in a tribunal without rules. He knows little about why we had a revolutionary war, it was in part because the crown abused its power through writs of assistance. And trials without due process.

  30. He better hope he has several thousands of dollars to hire security that he will need to have in the event a civil war breaks out due in part of his involvement of this coup attempt.

  31. I always find it laughable when journalists try to act as if their experts in anything they report on. Their job is to report known facts, not give opinions or conjecture, that goes for you too Chris.

  32. Chris Wallace is a liberal thug, a cretin. Just view his interviews with liberals in contrast with republicans. Any republican should refuse the interview invitation with this slime.

  33. Time to bounce wallace too, to keep sam company.
    She was "respected"/ by whom? she publicly referred to both the US president and the Ukrainian on as illegitimate.Yeah, for a "diplomat" that pretty clearly shows a lack of the basic skill – diplomacy

  34. Impeachment for what? A fake Whistleblower? Where's the Whistleblower? No transparency on the ground of the Democratic Socialist party agenda.

  35. Chris… There was evidence in the Clinton case. Presented and voted on.. She has nothing and not even the votes.
    A third of the democrats know it is a coup effort and nothing more…

  36. I don't know what to make of Chris as he runs his mouth. How can he compare the Bill Clinton's impeachment hear with the drama we are witnessing today? Democrats want to make history in an unforgiving way, but it won't succeed neither will the attempt be forgotten.

  37. I would love for Barr to be able to tie communist like Wallace to a treason charge, I would pay to see him executed.

  38. Democrats are not honest nor have any shame. They need witnesses with a bias against the president while not allowing those with something different to say to come forward. Is this what power in their hands look like? Unbelievable.

  39. Well if you protected pay for play for high level politicians like Obama, Bidens, Kerry, Romney and who knows who else you can't be expected to answer questions until briefed by handlers on what to say. That's conspiracy pay for play 101.

  40. Now that She Only one true journalist who believes in facts, unlike Carlson, Hannity and Ingraham who spout their vile and obnoxious views.

  41. Old Chris is a turncoat, how could any type of congressional meeting hearing or investigation it doesn't allow bipartisan involvement constitutional Chris you dumb XXX I think we're finally starting to see the true colors of Chris, he's not telling the truth even though it's not an impeachment hearing its political theater it's fake news it's like masturbation it might make the Democrats feel good but it doesn't produce life all of America gets to see that the Democrat Party hasn't done anything to help the American people going on three years not one thing President Trump is had to do it all American people see it for what it is

  42. They have to give the other side due process rights and do have to vote for the inquiry then the senate You cant draw up articles impeachment without a house vote and bothe sides have to have rights due process and its not supposed to br behind closed doors you should worried about the future of this country

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