U.S. President Donald J. Trump proposed a weekend meeting with Kim Jong-un | Scope | Indus News

John given give us the point of view from South collage and the South Koreans would have been happy about a the fact that Trump is about to visit South Korea and be about his offer to North Korea to meet Kim jong-un at the DMZ oh yeah they are you got any any opportunity that trunk has I mean Kim jong-un is a positive development for diplomacy but I think for a lot of analysts and just experts on North Korea behavior they wonder to what end is he meeting Kim jong-un is it simply to examine and cross the border into North Korea for that photo op or is there actual real progress going to be made and I think where it stands the North Koreans is very much one sanction relief and the Trump administration isn't prepared to do that to them so I think you're essentially where you were at the start of the Trump administration – missile tests so I think that's the big unfortunate moment right now we have in relations

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