U.S. Embassy Essay Contest – 175 Years of U.S.-Austrian Diplomatic Relations

(music playing) WILLIAM C. EACHO,
It’s my pleasure to host this award ceremony to honor you,
our winners of our Essay Contest, in connection
with the 175th Anniversary that we are
commemorating this year of diplomatic relations
between the United States and Austria. KATHARINA STÖBICH, 3RD PRIZE:
I was one of the, probably, youngest people to participate, so I’m really grateful
that it worked out for me. “If you’d ask me to – somehow –
contact anyone in the U.S., the first association crossing my mind
would be social media.” BIANCA UNGERSBÖCK, 2ND PRIZE:
I spent a year in America and I made a lot of
great experiences there and I just had to
write them down, I guess. “I spent the most exciting
and challenging year of my life “as an exchange student. It was great fun to truly get involved
in a different culture.” MADELEINE W., 1ST PRIZE:
I read on this information sheet that creativity was very important, and always…
if I have to write something creative, I just take some object
and give it a voice. “I’m a laptop,
new, shiny and U.S.-made. “I crossed the Atlantic Ocean
and after only a few weeks “I landed in my new home:
destiny (or actually Hewlett-Packard) chose to send me
to Vienna, Austria.” (music playing)

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