Two top Fall River political leaders now consider themselves mayor

department heads know who the
mayor is. It’s me. and I’m going to
continue doing my job The
power struggle escalated Friday
evening? as fall river’s
embattled mayor hopped into his city-issue
tahoe? snubbing the city council
that demanded he step down. 51:26 the city pres wants to
take away the
power of the people. Take
away the power of the people. TWO federal indictments citing
of fraud, tax evasion, and
extortion prompted the council
to vote the mayor out while he
fights the charges. 51:44 show me the
precedent that council can
remove a mayor because of
accusation But Jasiel Corriea
budging?as the council president steps up to claim the role of
acting mayor and threaten legal
action. 7:12 he has forced council to
take action seeking an order
in court 52:08 you can’t prove
incapable of doing the job
because I’m doing it every single day. 36:07 lady two times, being
arrested, for
the same type of deal? I think
he needs to pay the price Some
voters say the cloud has grown
too dark for the 27-year-old mayor. He says
he’ll only step down if he loses
next Tuesday’s primary? or if a
jury finds the evidence against
him convincing. 53:47 Q: say you’re convicted,
will you leave? A: I’ll have
to, that’s the law. But I’m
not going to because I’m
innocent of these charges. There are charges tonight in
connection with the discovery of
a burning body in Worcester. Rafael Guzman in court today… He was arrested in connection to
the discovery of 30-year-old
Benjamin Pacheo’s body


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