1. Think about this for a moment. When did you last see an advert aimed at women that featured a sad, anxious middle-aged woman? They are almost always young, slim, glamorous, confident and carefree. As for the second ad – have you ever seen an advert that said you don't need to buy anything apart from razors and beer?

  2. Hilarious. However, there is a reason for it. Men are valued for what they can do and what they have. Having money, being funny, being strong, etc, are what women are attracted to. Men are attracted to beauty and women know this. So women focus more on their looks and advertisers use this to their advantage. Beautiful women will always have more success in finding a high value mate than unattractive women. How exactly do you plan on changing this?

  3. This says more about different genders self esteem/susceptibility to advertising; And its funny XD!

  4. Perhaps this has something to do with why 80% of disposable income is spent by women. Maybe its harder to make men feel insecure and or harder to convince us to buy things we don't need.

  5. Being a man sucks. Men are not even respected. It's politically correct to step all over manhood, and yet feminists claim that it's femininity that is underappreciated and undervalued. Maybe I should just get a sex change so that I feel like I have actual market value.

  6. Sponsored advert before this, slim women gyrating with exposed midriffs eating yoghurt "when your tummy smiles, you smile".
    Five or six such models of mixed ethnicity surround a rather bemused-looking, scruffy man, who must have been using Lynx.
    Nuff said.

  7. Hmm, ads in UK must be hella different from American ads because its the complete opposite in the US. Ads targeting women are always brown-nosing fantasy BS designed to empower women (Lady Gilette, unleash the goddess) and so on. Whereas ads targeted toward men are ALWAYS at the expense of men, taking an emasculating angle where you're apparently some pitiful eunuch if you don't use their product and ALWAYS with the goal of impressing women, without which you might as well be dead. Women want this women like that, so use this you pussy! Whereas women's ads are always without male approval (imagine how sexist that would be according to the League of Feminists!) but usually just for her own self satisfaction and empowerment. Misogyny is ridiculously played out of proportion

  8. Women control most of the income of the country, and spend most of the money, of course ads are targeted more at them.

  9. Don't blame the advertisers for sexism, if they advertise negatively to women and positively to men, it's because that is what sells, that is what we respond to as consumers. Sexism in advertising is just a symptom of inherent sexist beliefs in society

  10. only women are stupid enough to buy shit from TV. Thats why it is targeted at them.
    Usually they do it by showing how stupid fat and lazy men are. They show a sassy intelligent woman coming home from work to find her worthless husband watching TV

  11. I've noticed this as well in advertising. They have every cream and powder available, telling women that they need it to look perfect etc, whereas all the products for men are to maintain their manliness…

  12. Men have to be good looking, tanned, dark haired, ripped, muscular, have a great well paying job, outgoing, social, well hung etc

    Women have to have a nice ass and not be a bitch.

    Women have it easy.

  13. OK, time to cut through all the disinfo.

    Bottom line, men are attracted to hourglass figures as it accentuates the breast and hips which indicate female fertility (breast-feeding, child-bearing hips) the amount of fat is irrelevant, it's all about shape. Women are into broad shoulders and narrow hips as it accentuates physical strength. Women are much more selective and picky as they can only breed once every year and only so many times and want men's resources to help raise the kids.

  14. True, although bloated women tend to only attract the weirdos. It just happens that way. Most men go for healthy women. Not necessarily skinny or busty, just healthy.

  15. I didn't say anything about 'nature' or 'nurture'. The point is that we're more than animals, and there's more to attraction than looks, last time I checked.

  16. You're right. Except in the past, and in even now in other cultures, "healthy" and "skinny" don't go together. Plumper African women were regarded as the model of beauty, as were the models of the rennaisance. Pale skin indicated privilege, now tans are the rage. Now we have body dismorpia, white women wanting brown skin, black (very black) girls feeling unattractive, Indian women lightening their skin…be aware of how much of "fertile/healthy" is dictated by the media.

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