Trying Snacks from the Dominican Republic!! (Vlog #8)

Good morning so I am out on my deck right now we have like a little deck connected to our hotel I guess. Due to my lack of vlogging so far today. I’ll give you a little update We went and we got breakfast and then I went to the gym about 10 o’clock We have like a little fridge that comes in the hotel and a beer fell out of it when I opened it because I Was going to get the snacks that came in the hotel room because it’s like all-inclusive They give you a bunch of snacks and stuff so I’m going to be trying some of the Dominican Republic snacks. To make up for the fact that I didn’t vlog earlier today. Okay, so the first snack, oh my god I’m like sweating so much right now So the first snack I’m going to be trying are these Hatuey I’m not gonna pronounce any of this right. Soda? So I don’t know what that means, I guess these are just soda crackers… whatever that means. So let’s try it. Oh, shoot, okay, so they’re big, I guess you, oh! Oh my god, they’re so dry, but they’re actually pretty good. They’re a little bit dry oh my god I’m like coughing and dying. Okay. They’re pretty good They’re a little dry. But basically they’re just like an American saltine. I give these a thumbs up. Next we have Lays except for that, They’re not the same as American ones, so we’ll see what the difference is. I don’t normally eat stuff like this, so I don’t even know, like I don’t even eat Lays, so we’ll see how they taste I don’t even know what regular Lays taste like but, tastes like a damn good potato chip to me. That’s all. So these are like ruffles, but they’re also look different like, oh my god. Oh, it says that they’re $15, okay? Well, that’s interesting. Okay, these like look different. Way smaller I feel like. Uh-huh, maybe I just don’t like ruffles, but these taste a little bit different? Eh. They’re fine, but I don’t really like Ruffles anyway. Okay, now to the more like cultural stuff. I guess these are plantain chips. We’ll see how it goes. Ooh, they’re super thin. Ooh, these are really good. These are good. I think these are my favorite thing so far. Ooh! Fuente de fibra. So maybe there’s a lot of fiber in them. Those are good. Last but not least I’m gonna be trying a Dominican Republic orange juice. I bet it’s really different from the kind at home. Cause you know, that would like, make sense, right? I’m just not realizing that all this is like basically American stuff, but just like with Spanish, um, writing on it, and I just like assumed that it was like different, but it’s like basically the same. But I mean, hey I hope you enjoyed anyways. Ooh, this is actually really good orange juice. Oh my God. Does this have like…? Oh, this has like added stuff. I was gonna say, I was like that tastes like an orange creamsicle, but it makes sense because its actually like has like a bunch of added sugar and stuff. So it is kind of different! I just realized that that was kind of pointless and dumb because like literally the Dominican Republic food and snacks is kind of like the same as it is in America But I mean hey, it looked a little bit different. So I was like why not, but um, hope you enjoyed this segment of the vlog anyways, to make up for the lack of the vlogging of the breakfast and the gym. Tomorrow I will include that, do not stress. Let’s go to the beach. So we bouta go get ourselves some coconuts right now, because supposedly they have fresh coconuts at this time of the day And I want one so bad. I actually like coconut milk. I’m not a po- or not coconut milk. I actually like coconut water, I’m not a poser. Perfect. Thank you, so much. We got our freaking coconuts, the beach. Ok, so my plan is, update We moved to one of these little bungalow things. This little bungalowey thing is, there’s my coconut right there just chillin frickin being beautiful, I mean like look at that, so beautiful! And the good thing about this hotel is, these coconuts, these coconuts are frickin included so you can just get as many as you want all day long which is really great. My plan is to tan for the first 10 minutes with no sunscreen. Yes everybody, you heard it here first I’m not gonna use sunscreen for 10 minutes then I’m gonna put sunscreen on, because I want to get a little tan, like you know, cause I’m putting on a sh- crap ton of sunscreen and It’ll just be boring So I’m moving this chair into the sun I’m about to die right now. It’s frickin hot, so like, I’m just gonna try not to die So that’s my view right now, not complaining. Coconut is still on its way, I cannot finish that son of a, anyway, so I changed into my bathing suit and Then I’m still wearing my shorts I just put them back on because I had to film a little clip of me wearing my outfit for a like little travel outfits idea video that I’m making, um, yeah, which basically an outfit of the week, like all the outfits I’m wearing on this trip, um, but yeah So I just finished filming that. I tanned for like ten minutes and it actually felt really good Hope I didn’t get a burn or anything I tried to like tan for a very short amount of time just so that I’d get some Vitamin D before I put a shit ton of sunscreen all over myself. Um, I’m living for this bandana. It’s so comfortable like ten out of ten, would recommend. Bandanas, just to like tie around your head. It’s just like so comfortable, and it like kind of like, I don’t know, it’s just great. Okay, so bun is up now because I’m frickin lazy. We’re going to the pool now because… I don’t know we haven’t been there yet, there’s like a swim-up bar you can like swim up and get drinks and to me that sounds pretty frickin dope, so I’m gonna do that and yeah! Ow! Okay, so of course we had to feed our iced coffee addiction They gave us iced coffee in one of these which is really funny cause it’s just like not meant for iced coffee but they did, so that was weird, but now we have them in this cup But it’s just black and we don’t have straws so I don’t think they do iced coffee around here very often But I mean I’m not really mad, coffee is coffee. Back on the beach, got my coffee. I actually think I’m getting tan It’s happening! If anybody watches The Office, you know what I’m talking about. My God! Okay! It’s happening! I am feeling bronzed, and happy. Just got our third or fourth coffee of the day, honestly no regrets, um and then setup Mani-Pedi for tomorrow because you know, gotta treat yourse- yoself, also my nails are in horrible condition, um, but yeah, so Mani-Pedis tomorrow, pretty pumped about it. We thought, we have like resort credit But I guess like they like tell you what you can spend it on and that, I don’t want to spend it on the things they gave it to me, to spend on. Like we have like Casino credit, like I’m 16 I don’t want to go to the casino. I don’t even think I’m allowed to go to the casino, can I? I don’t want to anyway. I would lose money. Hold on I’m filming. Basically how this hotel works is that you get to like choose a few restaurants that you like and then they’ll like tell you when you can go to them, if that makes sense, it’s super confusing. Anyway, not really important. So right now I’m opening up the paper to find out where we’re going to dinner tonight. Tonight we’re going to Fuego, but that’s where we’re going to dinner, and it’s, I think it’s like, wait is this one I think this we have to wear like nice clothes, so I have to dress up. Alright, so we have dinner in like a few hours, but I was like you know what? I’m hungry, so we just came to the buffet for a little bit, got some fruit. She got some weird random, little weird, weird things that are weird, no I’m just kidding, um but yeah, so we’re about to eat this right now and um, I’m excited for dinner. What happened in between this was we went to the beach and sat on the beach for like a solid… hour, just chill, literally did nothing, but now we’re at dinner and it’s like a, like Latin fusion place But I literally got potatoes, veggies, and like some like, I don’t know, like wrap things, so I mean we’ll see how it is, we’re probably gonna have to go to the buffet later to get more food But yeah, we’re here. It’s pretty classy, they give us a nice bread, and there’s like a nice candle and it’s like all these vibes going on here. Vibes. Okay. Okay, so we finished dinner. It was extremely classy, um I forgot to show it though, but it wasn’t really interesting Um, yeah, very classy, but now we’re kind of still hungry. So we’re going to, back to the buffet now So my mom just got some dessert But then I was like I want another club soda because I’m weird, so I got another club soda, my like 18th one today, and it’s at this cool like light-up bar thing and like the beach, that’s, I don’t know if you can tell but that’s like the beach out there There’s like a bunch of light up chairs and stuff, it’s pretty cool So I think I’m gonna end the vlog here. That’s basically all I did today, about to go to bed after I finish this and yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow.

  1. binge watching all of your videos, 1:03 am. update: i am LOVING these vacation vlogs. very entertaining!! 🥰🤩 k bye

  2. It’s pesos sis! 😂 not dollars! But my fam use to live there! And I went to the same hotel! I love the rica orange juice

  3. I can afford all that! Because it's not actually 15 whole bucks it's just coins 😂 I like that lollipop that shitrr is good but I don't know the name ;-;

  4. I steal pesos from my mom's room and go to the store near my house and be buying those cream cookies damn! I forgot but they were good

  5. this is too weird to watch since i live in the dominican republic and all this shit she finds amazing its literally completely normal to me.

  6. We love this healthy, does care about what she wears, cute emma. But we also love the new lazy doesn’t care about anything emma cause both are mood

  7. The heck I like her better now she looks better is that me cause I’m dumb tho or does everybody’s think that.

  8. i loved it when she said "15 dollars ok well that interesting". Its 15 cents basically, because dominican money is different from american money~

  9. You know that if you wear sunscreen it doesn’t prevent you from getting tan it just prevents you from getting burnt

  10. She’s so serious ☠️😭 wow. Like not having the slurping sound when she takes a drink is soooo weird

  11. I went to punta cana this past December and I swear we were at the same hotel. Princess bravara or some shit like that! Loved watching this!

  12. LMFAOOOO she said dollars, girl no it’s pesos, ppl gon think that DR is expensive but noo. pesos basically means cents

  13. Wow wtf I didn’t know you had done videos in the DR, I’m from the DR and I watch you a lot so it surprised me so muchhh

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