Trump’s Wild State Of The Union Underscores Capitol Hill’s Deep Divisions | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. Could someone answer this question? I decided to remove the video of Trumps speech. So I went to click “not interested”, but that option was not listed. I couldn’t remove the videos. There were 5 of them from the Federal Government. What does this mean?


  3. Can't wait to vote, President Trump 2020. Sad look at that Dem tearing it up. The media is the demcraps lick dogs.

  4. SHE snubbed HIM first. She is supposed to announce him in the beginning and she did not. She had it coming. Especially after trying to impeach and remove him. I loved seeing her so upset she was chomping her dentures.

  5. The fact that the Democrats refused to stand for the lowest Black, Hispanic, and Female unemployment in HISTORY, was absolutely disgraceful. Nancy's final action showed just how mean, vindictive, and childish the Democratic Party has become.

  6. Vote BLUE to take the Senate!!!! Impeach and convict all the corrupt politicians!!!! Can't wait!! Trumps lies were disgusting!!!
    VOTE BLUE TO SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. When you elect a clown, you get a circus… thanks for nothing, “electoral college”. You give “college” a bad name.

  8. IMPEACH HIM AGAIN!! By making the article 'abuse of power,' maybe they anticipated this, and although I'm not sure if double jeopardy applies to impeachments it would allow new article called Bribery!! If Republicants are sooo afraid of him they won't even censure him let alone remove – EVEN THOUGH EVERYONE KNOWS GUILTY AND HAVE ADMITTED IT!! ONCE AGAIN THERE'S NO PUNISHMENT! I'm beginning to think they are not the real Republicants but instead are Pod People!

  9. So I learned that Democrats don't like minorities having jobs and Nancy has entered her second childhood. She now has the mentality of a 7 year old.

  10. Why has America switched to looking at negatives in everything? Does the news guide us to hate and judge every thing in a negative light instead of looking at the positives? Watching this. I would say we are focusing on negative things

  11. I'm sure the Kremlin is laughing tonight – Putin's BFF is doing exactly what he wants to make the American Democracy look foolish!! Congrats Mr. President – you're a nothing but a puppet president!! When I saw this last night, I thought it probably was not a good idea – but this morning, it's all that anyone is talking about – I think Pelosi won that battle – once again!!!!

  12. Nancy should have hit Trump and Pence both in the head with torn speech.
    Both of them are lairs. Vote blue, thats the only way we can get rid of all of them at the same time.

  13. In the military, a private was ordered to drive through 6+" trees. Rambo does it! However, in measuring damages to brand new vehicles, the private refused orders. The Sargent delivering the order, asked for a full damage report during recovery. The platoon was scared because some of the vehicles were extremely damaged and needed chassis and frame repairs. All went to JAG.

    Sadly, the Sargent was released and charged.

    Did anyone refused orders from Trump?

    Troops are all wearing the same uniform; yet, they were free from charges because they were following orders. Only those who knowingly followed the order were called by JAG and charged.

    Trump has no reason to be dismissed from charges. His REPUBLICAN BUDDIES have no saying on his exonaration. He is already impeached. His REMOVAL IS INEVITABLE.

    Trump may have the greatest playground among the REPUBLICANS but it has no weigh against the United States Goverment.

  14. The Presidential Medal of Freedom is awarded by the president of the United States "for especially meritorious contribution to (1) the security or national interests of the United States, or (2) world peace, or (3) cultural or other significant public or private endeavors". › wiki › List_of_Presidential_Medal_of_Freedom_reci…
    List of Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients – Wikipedia
    Did Rush earn this?

  15. › politics › story › many-of-trumps-state-of-the-uni…
    Many of Trump's State of the Union claims don't hold up – Los …
    8 hours ago – President Trump delivers his State of the Union address to a joint … “Since my election, we have created 7 million new jobs,” Trump said, adding … That compares with nearly 8 million created in the final 35 months of the Obama administration. … The so-called Phase One trade agreement with China did not …

  16. Every time Trump gives the Medal of Freedom to political cronies the sacrifice, blood, sweat, and service before country from past recipients gets diminished.

  17. 2020 began with GOP traitors to our constitution, a mad dictator, as well as betrayal to all Americans and allies, this can only improve from the banana republic we have become.


  19. People people what has happened to our country Donald Trump is president Lord has helped us this far Lord help us we have fallen and can't get up don't leave us in this current state mercy we should repent because Trump is president and he is a type of Antichrist who decieves with telling people what they want to hear and some of them want to believe lies this is truly a circus

  20. For Skeletor to tear up the speech in front of those who were mentioned in the State of the Union address last night, shows she is a corrupt, uncaring, partisan hack. Send them home in 2020. Trump 2020 KAG =======

  21. What speech were these idiots listening to? It was an excellent speech. No hate, no divisiveness…. Pelosi and the Democrats in the chamber WERE divisive and hateful. They dishonored all those that Trump honored that we’re attending…. And why would Trump shake Pelosi’s hand? She started the whole impeachment sham. Shake the hand of the devil? Don’t think so!

  22. Trump has been acquitted people. This round devils and son of Satan the Father of lies and Trump whose name itself means ( DECEIVER) who lied all through the rally address he gave.Has won. As expected by his cult of republiCONS. Now it is our turn to Vote Blue Wave Trump out and RepubliCONS. RepubliCONS turned their backs on us by not allowing witnesses and documents 75% of us wanted to see. Vote them out. They proved it is only about them and tgeir greed and pagan god trump. Let me say this before I am called a Never Trumper. I ( Voted) for ( Trump) out of ignorance. I thought I would give him the benefit of the doubt. I never voted, never believed it counted. I am American my ancestry is African and Indian. I never trusted politicians. Trump proved my suspicions correct. He is not good for America. And the republican primaries were cancelled. Denying other Republicans to run against Trump. I am Independent. So republiCONS screwed republicans. You have no choice, but Trump if you are die hard republicans even though he is no good. I only have democrats now. Trump is dead to me. Why don't you die hard republicans protest on why they blocked the 3 republicans that wanted to debate Trump as nominee for president?

  23. Nancy’s display of unprofessionalism was disgusting when she ripped up a government document like that. We need term limits now for the house and senate

  24. Trump has shredded our Constitution and is degrading our children's future , her just was sad about the corruption lies in front of our American people.

    Sad the reality that people are losing dignity in general apocalypse
    That oppose the proof that badly. And Trump is above the law of the people
    Open your eyes my people, Trump is a shame liar cow.

  25. Trump has shredded our Constitution and is degrading our children's future , her just was sad about the corruption lies in front of our American people.

    Sad the reality that people are losing dignity in general apocalypse
    That oppose the proof that badly. And Trump is above the law of the people
    Open your eyes my people, Trump is a shame liar cow.

  26. 🐽🐷 DJT Sr understands very well what quid pro quo is and what is its utility. For example, vive a lot of cash and senators will grant you a bizarre exoneration. All you need to make people grant to vive to you is cash, cash, alot

  27. Americans have been sold out…
    HOW ABOUT ALL THOSE, Military Generals deliberately got Americans killed, They are part of a plot to instill a 1 world Communist Dictatorship .. They've Embezzled $ 7 trillion dollars from the American people,
    And have failed to uphold their oath
    and sold your Constitutional freedoms out ..
    They have Enemies all over the globe, And now here in America ..
    They're not coming out against it because they are part of it.. The Architect of All, 9/11 and the entire middle east war..
    The Rino/dino Communist Uni party in Washington DC is all the same party

  28. What was wild about it? Sounded like every other one I've heard. Political posturing. One side happy the other bitter. Show us all how to remain in our tribal mindset. Perfect!

  29. Well the disdain goes hand in hand.. On public display when given the chance.. Heck yes.. Camera's rollin: why not..?? Knowing watever is said will be factchecked.. That's a guarantee ✔ ✔ ✔. But Pelosi, why in the world would she do wat she did at the end.?? It's being said at Trump's last state of the union address Pelosi asked for restraint from her constituents. Well wat happened from then to now..?? That move she did was not a way of showing restraint or leadership of a Democratic party. Especially if in the Speaker Of The House seat. I can relate with the flustered, irritated how much longer till it's over looks but ohh man, the wrong move made at the end.. Like a instigator pushin for you to make a move, you have to decide wisely & quickly so it's over just as fast as it was started. It's not that playground, see you after school type dust up.. Two grown people in positions of power acting like schoolkids.. Total embarrassment.💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  30. Another trump lie.
    He said that he was suprising Limbaugh with the medal, and I guess Melania just happen to be sitting next to russ limbaugh, so she can give him the medal.

  31. When are the vain mentally impaired people at MSNBC going to stop crying? Come November 2020 they'll be crying for another four years.

  32. Shameful display of emotion over rational thinking. this is your whole problem dems and it's what's going to out trump in the White House again.

  33. Nancy shamed her party and her possition. She used her power of the house to promote her own political views. Kick her out of the house, fine her, and send her home. I was a demacrat but I do not stand for this. I will vote red in 2020

  34. And again they play as political divide. It is a divide between being normal and absolute moronic in holding your power. This is the same way the dairy industry is now trying to hold ground that their product is soooooo healthy and sustainable.

  35. A lot all Democratic lies. they do not like it when they can't control everybody and everyone. First president I seen do and accomplish what the said. Sorry but If you think the Ukrainians or Russia changed the outcome you smoke too much Democratic Dope. WINGNUT.

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