1. A "perplexed CNN reporter"?
    they're all perplexed at CNN……they cant figure out why they cant even beat The Food Network in the ratings.
    does anyone here know why?

  2. I dont know Why does people support Trump even though he lies, disrespects the Presidency, and puts our country in danger. Trump does not like being President at all. Americans basically wasted votes on a con man.

  3. CNN has no fact checker. Fake news. The most unprofessional liberal liars and despicable human beings that is allowed to be on tv. Anyone that listens to CNN is just as bad. Absolute idiots.

  4. Damn Brooke . Doesn’t seem very hard to confuse you. I specifically remember when trump was running and you guys were baffled that he was winning the debates . You were analyzing what made him so popular and now you say it’s all lies . You have to stop lying . This is what got trump elected in the first place

  5. In his interview with Tucker (who in their right mind names their child Tucker!) you can see Trump is fawning to Carlson because he's lying -it's the sniff that gives it away.
    These guys are amongst the most corrupt, immoral people around.
    PS I forgot Hannity, Dobbs, Ingraham and all the rest of Fox News. I'm sorry to include the real journalists at Fox News but do you have a choice to sell your sell your soul or earn big bucks.

  6. CNN has no credibility. CNN is made up of hundreds of liars. Even if you believe Trump is lying, how can you trust CNN to fact check for you?

    You guys do know that Twitter censors and blocks conservative accounts from being accessed, don't you? It's not a fake acct issue. It's real.

    CNN determined that he lost every debate so that is supposed to make it 100% bulletproof true. Come on, this isn't a fact check it's a biased gossip whine fest.

    So Trump is right about people fleeing NY but since it's not the worst ever (so far) it's not true? Oh please. He's not lying.

    Newsflash, the homeless problem in San Fran and other major cities run by liberals has gotten to a crisis level. NY has lost what it gained under Guiliani. Of course, there are always homeless. The fact is that the problem is very very bad right now and the mayors aren't doing shit to help. How is Trump wrong here?

    You guys have a twisted view of what fact checking is. WAKE UP. CNN is a propaganda tool. All major outlets are propaganda tools. This isn't news, it's op ed gossip at best.

  7. This was a clip not his full statement. Again let’s make this into something it’s not. For the love of god please get off this thing about
    Completely disliking the President who was elected by the People

  8. Looking back to the Reagan era, he opened the mental institutions into the streets increasing the homeless living in Reagan towns, city tent communities

  9. I have a built-in trump lie defector . I can totally tell when hes lieing because my body locks up in cringe mode..

  10. How on Earth can anyone respect or support tRump who is a rapist, a pervert, a tax cheat, a serial cheater, a hush money paying buffoon, an idiot with the vocabulary of a third grader, a con-man, a homophobe, a racist, a dictator loving traitor, an obstruction of justice/Russia colluding pornstar banger, a draft dodging unpatriotic coward, a pathological liar, AND a sick fuck who is sexually attracted to his own dumb daughter Ivanka! And he is on his third marriage with 5 kids by 3 baby mommas and a lovechild because he can't keep his tiny mushroom pecker in his pants 😂😂😂 (Stormy spilled the beans) AND he made past mistresses have abortions along with other hush money payments. Obama is NONE OF THAT! And that's who you support? Grab am by the pussy trump? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 If you still support trump…SEEK MENTAL HELP IMMEDIATELY!

  11. No no no, I hate Trump, but I watched the debates and he definitely won at least one against Hillary. “Because you’d be in jail” was the killer line in all the debates. Hate to call it out, but tis the truth dear readers.

  12. Isn't it funny how leftists are doxing and harassing a little girl. You guys have so much class.

  13. fake news flummoxed ? the unhinged cannot think… let alone lisp out an idea or thought..what a bunch of cunts

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