#TRUMPED: The Art of The Tax Return! NXIVM, Pope vs. Populism #BanBackfire

hey everybody and welcome back to you our free TV it is Wednesday gosh may 8th and I'm happy to be back with you here today I will start with my disclaimer which is that this video is for entertainment purposes only it is protected by the United States Constitution protecting free speech as well as the Sullivan Act and reporting it is not intended to bully or harass anyone and never to incite violence or hatred of any kind now I hope the noise won't be too hard here I know there's beeping and there's road noise and doing the best I can hear the lights not perfect but we just keep on okay so I always say thank you to my patrons for keeping the channel going you are the backbone you make it happen so thank you so much and if you ever consider being a patron feel free to jump in there only $1 a month you know get you the 20% discount on c60 purple power that is the amazing carbon 60 product that c60 purple Power com offers discounts to both my subscribers at 10 percent and my view my patrons at 20 percent and thank you so much to see 60 purple Power com for sponsoring the channel so okay we're gonna jump in here with the news now there's so much I am going to start a guess with president Trump's being outed by the New York Times today of course the Trump tax figures show that President Trump has absorbed over a billion dollars in red ink right during his in his tax returns from 1985 to 94 now this is during a bankruptcy period for a president Trump and of course these were linked leaked to the New York Times and I think it's really important to put up there and out there how this was previewed in the media actually in Congress and in in the Atlantic magazine just this week prior to these tax returns showing up in the New York Times now this happens a lot where we get a set up by mainstream media or national media in order to do something that they already know is coming down the pike which is the leaking of these tax returns and of course they don't show anything in fact they show the opposite which was that President Trump does what all wealthy people do that are taught how to get rich in this Ponzi scheme of a fiat currency economy debt economy that we live in which is by leveraging debt and that's what all of the billionaires do it is very common practice and I'm going to get into that here but I want to talk about the leak first and talk about who put up the pre media before this so we had senator horno in Congress calling it – William bar calling President Trump a grifter in a liar right a grifter he's a grifter he steals for a living right and then we have the Atlantic putting up an article that was buy from I think Eric from fr um not Eric from the what famous psychologist I guess but in in the Atlantic they posted an article basically it was titled something let's look at it here I've got it it was titled Trump attacks Facebook in defense of grifters and racists okay that was the original article put up on the Atlantic online and this was of course right after the Facebook bans okay and Trump came out and tweeted in support of the people being banned and the Atlantic puts up in an article by David from Fr um Trump attacks Facebook and defense of grifters and racists and then they changed the title pulled the article and put it back up excuse me no excuse me okay that was the final what they find they titled the the article after having taken it down what they called it before was Facebook knows it can't just ignore Trump now they must have decided back in the editorial room that calling it Facebook knows it can't just ignore Trump might incite further action against Facebook from the president or further media given to combating this banning and so instead they take it down and they renamed it Trump attacks Facebook in defense of grifters and racists I'll link the article below that's the Atlantic and they were able to find out the original title through the wayback machine thank goodness and so when we have senator her know in the in the Congress testimony William bar grilling him to the point where Lindsey Graham had to step in and stop her calling him calling Trump a grifter and a liar and then we have this article calling Trump defending grifters and racists this is this whole social engineering that the public is supposed to believe that Trump is a big thief and it's interesting folks because there's a really great guy out there what is his name he does Rich Dad Poor Dad calm I'll link him below great guy from Hawaii and he writes about how he was taught that his father was a professor but they were poor and struggled their whole lives and he had a close friend whose dad was really wealthy and had learned that leveraging debt is how people get wealthy in this world the way it's set up as a debt economy and of course that's what Trump did and even though he did have some failures in this bankruptcy situation bankruptcy is a tool used consistently and constantly by billionaires and others to get ahead now and to save what they can of their businesses and to move it on into the next business now is that the way it should be no do we wish we had an Ubuntu system or some other better economy that wasn't based on debt designed by the federal banksters to create a serf and king class no we don't wish it was that way but that is the way it's set up and I will link rich poured which Dad Poor Dad calm and you can listen to this guy he's great level-headed really shows you how the economy works and so what these what the New York Times leaked and put out about the Trump tax returns from 1985 to 1994 or this is the period during where Trump ultimately did go into bankruptcy and there was over 1 billion dollars in red ink there okay but the this has to do very much with what is really dealing with depreciation on properties and president Trump is in real estate that's what he does and it's really interesting because when you when you look at you know how this actually works well okay I'll just I'll just tell you okay three years later we have Trump putting out his sequel to the art of the deal which is the art of the comeback okay and in this he talks about coming back from that period of eighty five to ninety four and it is a success story of coming back okay and making your living even better than it was of beforehand and this is actually an American success story it's actually what is put out there as being successful and so when when he wrote the art of the comeback these are the ten rules I think I only have nine of them here but this one has ten rules for success the first was play golf which is probably because he does golf courses everywhere and that's his big claim to fame but focus passion parent be paranoid so be focused be passionate be paranoid okay trust your gut all right work with the people you like be lucky and then get even okay and so there there were others now what's interesting there is number nine of course is this get even situation and I think that's very interesting considering that we have President Trump now actually turning everything around in a system that is that was designed to make it impossible for people to get ahead now there's a lot more to do of course but we see him putting these now another two hundred billion dollars in tariffs on Iran China turning around forty years true grifting of the Congress members Feinstein you know Kerry Biden all these people making billions off of the giving away of the United States to China and we have Trump changing that turning that completely around and taking the United States back from China through this tariff system people constantly talking oh this tariff system it's so bad no tariffs are absolutely the way that the economy used to be done we used to not have income tax or many many other taxes in this country because instead there were tariffs placed on imports from other countries and those were taxed and that is how the government made its money in this country to do all the things that it does that knit we now pay for and so bringing that back it should go back into paying the government for one thing because I think it was President McKinley who got the United States a hundred percent out of debt by by placing tariffs on all foreign imports it is a tried-and-true very stable way of recovering an economy and so that's the mind meld the reversal as president Trump gets a three point six GDP growth in the first quarter of a year which is unheard of you you have people calling him a grifter you haven't calling him horrible you know for not supporting the world's economy all of this stuff when the opposite is true as we are getting our country back from the grifting from the decades index eight decades of grifting so that's the reversal there now I think I'll leave it there I think it's a big fail on the part of the New York Times it actually shows that there was no audit done on these tax returns they they show the the cover page of the 95 tax return and there was no audit done meaning there would have been if there was a problem you can guarantee it and that's why they're auditing now to of course you know continue on with the harassment now but so obviously no law is broken then and again as I said this is about leveraging debt based on depreciation laws in real estate and it's it's they think the people are stupid they think we're all dumb we don't have this elite economic you know economic education we're not taught it in schools as we should be okay just as we're not taught our Constitution or taught even our general basic history anymore and that's what they rely on is that the people only understand what they call now the new money model or new money model I believe which is just basically get into more and more debt figure it out later and let us all just dream about getting free stuff now moving on from there I'm going to go into mentioning the fact that we have now PBS coming out with a show talking about the face book banning and they're literally we have I think it was a Google representative on there talking about or no I think it was a facebook rep talking about how they all of these flagged videos that they have to flag when people flag the videos on Facebook they don't like or the posts there's people that have to review them okay because the AI can't review everything and so they're saying that the people having to review the videos and they're talking about horrible things you know violence you know just disgusting pedophilia all this stuff but in the conspiracy theory realm what they're calling the fake news realm or the realm where people you know the people that are banned for reporting news investigative journalists that people who are reviewing these videos that this is what they reported is that the people that are more and more viewing these banned videos are actually getting red pills in so many words that's not how they put it they put it that they're getting PTSD they're having mental breakdowns but then they said oh in a whole number of them are actually coming to believe in these news that they're reading in these videos being flagged so folks that's another success okay is that we the the banning is read pilling everybody okay and the banning is even read pilling the people at Facebook who are reviewing the videos for you know dangerous content and so I think that's a big win I'm very excited about it and I'm gonna move on from there I want to go back to the crash at you know from Gitmo that was coming up through Jacksonville and meant to head to Norfolk the naval base where jag is centered and that happened of course last Friday now I've got I can't substantiate this but I did have somebody put in on my subscriber a subscriber did note that they had a military relative that said that the pilot went intentionally to a wrong runway that that was intentional and that they were disobeying landing instructions and you know I haven't been able to substantiate that if anybody has links that can help in that direction to be interesting to find out because that would mean that of course they were trying to do an unauthorized landing who knows for what purpose or what was going on there now other other folks have said that Cheryl Borman who is the the the woman who is the lawyer from Chicago who has defended Waleed Bennett ash who is said to be the mastermind of 9/11 she apparently is extreme in the sense that she during his arraignment in 2012 she wore a hijab and asked the other women in the court to wear a hijab I would have respect this is in Gitmo at an arraignment for somebody who supposedly did route as a radical Islamic terrorism on our country this is the mind of Sheryl Borman saying let's all wear hid jobs out of respect to the guy on trial for trying to kill 3,000 people for killing two three thousand people now other people have said they think there's a connection between her and Martin Bormann related to Hitler I'm not related but he was a Hitler's personal secretary who then became head of all domestic operations in Germany in 1943 now he had ten children none of them are you know I don't know if Sheryl is one is a grandchild I have zero proof of that at all but but I when I looked into them I wasn't able to make any connection there but Martin Bormann was said to have committed suicide on the bridge near lehrter station in Berlin that they were never really proven they said they were DNA proof found in 1998 when construction was done in 1919 1972 where they found two bodies that supposedly has glass and their teeth that was supposed to signify that there was cyanide capsules that were chewed on and that therefore you know this must have been Martin Bormann and then in 1998 they claimed to have done DNA tests proving it was Martin Bormann now we don't know we know that Martin Bormann was very he was against the ultimate penalties against Christians Jews and Slavs and supported the whole Holocaust final solution and that he was convicted in the norburg trials and sentenced to death by hanging but of course he wasn't there and you know did he die was he did he escape you know is Sheryl Borman related him I have no proof of that I only reporting on some things some leads some interesting connections and I will also just say that interesting with her choosing to wear the hijab defend Islamic terrorists and wanting other women to wear the hijab as well and then also the the reality that the SS all did convert to Islam we did have the Muslim Brotherhood going into the White House in a 1947 meeting and then of course following in through the 50s and 60s we have the creation of the Islamic state throughout the Middle East very much created by English and US intelligence agencies and so this gets back of course to the three world war plan and that it's been the third world war was of course supposed to bring back the the crusade like situation between the the jihad versus the world and it certainly is playing out and so let's move on from there to nexium and then I'm going to come back to a little bit of this stuff but we did have nexium nexium did have its first day of trial yesterday with Keith Grenier who's now the only I believe the only defendant at this point I think Cathy Russell also got out and so interesting what happened there we had to well there were there was there were different witnesses that came up who had been some of the first people involved in the sex slavery situation with nexium and so the first one they called Sylvie which is just a pseudonym and Sylvie was recruited by Claire Bronfman in nineteen when she was only 18 and she basically gave testimony about having to do all kinds of perverted sex stuff with Keith Ronny and that was her big you know what she was made to do by her participation in nexium over the years she was involved for 13 years she got out when she was 31 I believe or just you know she I think she's only 32 now so she just got out and she basically you know it started with photos having to take photos of you know her private parts and she eventually stopped sending these photos when her father they shared a phone bill you know they had the same phone line and her father ended up seeing some of them on a deleted cloud text account maybe he was wondering what was going on with her and checked it out and that was so horrifying for her that she refused to send any more photos however she then did join Doss in 2015 and she was became the slave of somebody named Merc Monica Duran was her master and that daus which means Dominus obsequious sanur IAM master over the slave and this was called the master slave project by the higher-ups being of course claire Bronfman aliceandmac the rest of them she was meant she was made to leave a nude nude photos of herself they have this system of collateral that they can use against you if you come out against the cult and they also made her do a video and write a letter declaring that she's a prostitute and all this stuff so they also spoke of a fifteen-year-old camilla named Camilla from Mexico who is considered to be Keith's money Ares first sex slave and that she was you know this is child abuse she was said to have been raped by Brenda re and then of course forced to recruit others now when you look at the Epstein case and you look at Lolita Express and you know his pedo Island their little st. John's our little st. Thomas or whatever the heck is called this was the same thing that happened with the girls there the underage girls that he molested Epstein was that they were pushed and encouraged by giving money to recruit more girls there ended up being of course hundreds of them you only hear about about I think there was 42 of them that were in the trial that he had to go through but so it's the same model it's the same method and it's the exact same thing that happens over and over and so we're looking at you know we have the the prosecutor basically saying you know this is rack this is absolute you know cult slavery this is the definition of trafficking and conspiracy to racketeer and then we have the we have the the the lawyer for Ronnie arey mark Agni Leo agna filo trying to compare Ron yari to Churchill tried to first compare him to the wrongly accused black man from Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird basically trying to compare himself to Atticus Finch this is the nut job area of these people and then he so yeah he tried to to say Ronnie area was like the falsely accused Tom Robinson in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird and then he compared he compared Ron Jerry to Churchill and finally the judge had to shut him down he tried to call for a mistrial based on the some of the defendants or the excuse me the witnesses using pseudonyms and the judge was like yeah no the judge is Nicholas Garros and he said I didn't stop you when you compared your client to Winston Churchill but you know enough that's it so there's eight men and four women on the jury and we will see what comes next it said to last for about six weeks so there'll be more on that as it comes out now moving on from there I wanted to mention that there was you know we have okay what do we have we have where will I go I think I'm going to go to vaccines here because we have Robert F Kennedy juniors family throwing him under the bus basically saying we love our uncle and brother this is his sister Caroline and his nieces saying we love our brother but we disagree with him on vaccines now this is a huge political move by the Kennedys and because Robert F Kennedy jr. of course with Adelle big tree they have a FOIA request where they're trying to get information released about the the fact that there has been no real studies to talk about the deign to prove that the MMR and other vaccines aren't dangerous and they have figured they actually did get information there was only one study done okay so they claim they can't do these tests these placebo tests on children that would be unethical to do these tests on children placebo tests okay double-blind using the actual MMR versus vaccine versus a placebo that would be that would be just you know unconscionable okay however they can then just give the vaccines untested untested people need to understand all the vaccines are untested willy-nilly to everybody and that's not unconscionable that's not the crimes against children we don't need to call CPS against the you know the CDC or the National Institute for Health with as I talked about yesterday mr. Collins they're saying believe what President Trump said last week go get your shots at Melania Trump's be best reunion that happened yesterday and so basically there was one study that RFK jr. and del big tree were able to get out through this FOIA request which was only a 442 children and they only tracked the adverse effects for 42 days okay usually it would go on for years these studies they tracked it for 42 days and they found I believe that every child in this study or at least the vast vast majority had respiratory or gas and or gastrointestinal problems now folks this is where we see okay the massive rise in asthma the massive rise and gastrointestinal problems things like allergies okay food allergies massive huge rise and allergies to things like peanuts shellfish wheat dairy massive gastrointestinal problems and what people don't understand is that these vaccines are often grown on moldy wheat cultures a dairy the viruses used in the vaccine are grown in on these substances and then lo and behold they get shot into your body and your body has a huge giant reaction to it and then you come down with things like food allergies okay stomach problems intestinal problems asthma other respiratory ailments okay and it little list goes on from there or just massive reactions to allergies just huge allergies that you wouldn't normally have you know related to seasonal allergies so this is huge and then we have the Kennedys throwing RFK jr. under the bus but meanwhile we do have a really huge issue going on with this so-called measles outbreak which by the way has only killed three people in three years whereas people die from the flu in the thousands every year so are they going to start trying to man make the flu shot mandatory we know they're trying to go there right but now in Europe there's something like 4,000 cases of the measles we have Germany saying you have to get vaccinated we're going to find you up to $2,800 New York we want to find you $1,000 every time we see you if you have unvaccinated kids to the MMR why are they pushing the MMR on all the Western countries why all the Western countries and we know it's to cause autism cause weakness and the immune system to cause all kinds of weakening of the people of the Western countries they've already tried and true it throughout Africa right we had gates vachs the crap out of everybody in all the third world especially in Africa perfecting what they want to accomplish which is this depopulation program they've been talking about for at least 80 years probably a lot longer than that and we seen it on the on the Georgia Guidestones we've seen it heard it from out of Carnegie's mouth out of the Queen's husband's mouth saying that he wants to come back as a virus in his next life this he is the head of the free Masonic Lodge the one that is really scary and dubious out of England he is the leader there he's the guy who said I want to come back as a virus in my next life so that I can obliterate the human race literally the Queen's husband said that so we have Prince Harry and Meighan Megan having their baby boy yesterday said to have been born right at sunrise and amazingly enough they did call it a boy seven pounds three ounces and even though they've said they're going to prior to that they said they're going to raise this baby genderless they did admit that it is a boy but who knows how long we'll even be hearing that it really is a boy but sticking with vaccines here so yeah that letter from the Kennedy family I'll try to see if I can link that below but I want to remind people of the USS McHenry still still quarantined supposedly with mumps where you have all of these naval personnel sequestered on this naval vessel for months and months and months off the coast of Florida we're told it's mumps okay you know it's not really what's going on there we don't know but basically these people have been waxed out the wazoo and then they got a booster vaccination after this mumps out you know outbreak happen I would wager this is a big huge experiment on the soldiers just like they've done you know we have people with Gulf War Syndrome people who have massive vaccination damage for you know that kills them that come out of the military so now what this should prove on the USS McCann is that her immunity doesn't exist when coming from a vaccine okay you have a completely sequestered population getting the shots re getting the shots and it is not taking away the disease and in fact it's still spreading so that debunks the herd immunity claim and that could be one big experimental test they could say well we have this test we just did it on the USS McHenry and interestingly enough that brings me to Europe folks because we have a train station in Brussels that is a the one of the largest train depots in Brussels and there is a now it's becoming a no-go zone even as of one of the largest train stations in the city and that is because the the bus drivers from the unions are refusing to stop there they're saying that they know because they've been told personally by the police that the people there now this is used there there's a huge immigrant camp just outside of the train station in the park nearby but there's also a huge you know they use the train station they live in the train station I've taken over the train station and we have now the personnel that cleans the train station having to get hepatitis vaccinations multiple vaccinations but what the police have told the bus drivers is that there are malaria breaks TB outbreaks escapees outbreaks and the bus drivers are like no way I'm not going to I'm not going to just slept these people around with all these outbreaks now we know that that's why they had Ellis Island in this country that's why in multiple countries you have to get x-rays of your lungs to prove you didn't have TB TB is dangerous folks and TB is spreading in this country absolutely and they've also been experimenting with bringing TB back for a couple decades now we had all but gotten rid of TB but no now it is of course because of the the replacement migration un plan it we now have zero zero safeguards for for bringing disease across borders when it used to be absolutely 100% necessary which is why you had the military getting vaccinated which is why if anybody traveled to two countries that had got really different standards of Hygiene or strains of diseases you always have to get vaccinated if you want to travel to anywhere you know to Africa to South America to the Pacific you have to get vaccinated because otherwise you know you go there and and you get malaria you get various things and so but now no now it's a free-for-all and this is coming at the same time as we are hearing now where they're saying about the notre-dame Cathedral that they now of course want to even though the vast majority of the people in France in a survey said that they want it to be rebuilt exactly the same as it was and of course it was had withstood 850 years there's no way it could have caught fire on its own from a simple construction problem because petrified wood such as it was built of after eight hundred fifty years of petrifying does not burn like that it does not happen and so we have the mysterious bodies found with bullets in them inside no news about that no no you know that's all under the rug but now they're saying oh no let's put an eco-friendly roof on it let's get a modernist take where we can generate energy for this front for the city but we're gonna have a glass spear aspire and specifically the spire is what people said they want to be the same as it was but now no we're going to have glass fire with and they're proposing putting in Islamic minaret on the top okay and we have the Pope going to to Slovakia on Monday telling the people oh no Bulgaria saying that urging the people in Bulgaria that they really really should accept migrants that you know Bulgaria had had it used to be a major point of entry for replacement migration and they shut it down that Balkan route okay and since 2015 they've been shutting it down and the Pope saying open it back up open it back up we want this to happen we want more to come through the Balkan route and he has written over at 485 pages about replacement migration now again then he went to Macedonia the next day said the same thing and that is of course the homeland of Teresa of Calcutta Mother Teresa and so very interesting that this is going on when we have of course the European Parliament elections coming up next month and it's been a huge turnaround where the populism is coming back and the people want their countries back and they don't want a big giant globalist Hunger Games Society and that's why we have the President of Germany saying if we can shut down and regulate social media then we will be able to get rid of the populist movement and that's exactly the point in the plan so will I leave it there I think I will folks you are free thanks for listening sorry about the weird light today I want to let you know that I am doing the giveaway I haven't been very good with bringing all of my things with me to show people I've been kind of on the move the last couple days here but see 60 purple power I do a giveaway for patrons every month on this channel we do we give away three bottles of high quality carbon 60 and patrons also get 20% off of that product I talked yesterday about how it's such a great product for cleaning up your immune system especially in this intense toxic environment and we don't know what's going on with the Candida Oris and c60 in coconut oil is a great like super-powered antifungal protectant to both clean the garbage up out of your body kill the fungus and then carry it out and also I'm giving away three Patriot t-shirts this month that say give me liberty they're really great i'll show them in tomorrow's show and i'm also giving away three bottles of nation iodine which also kills fungus it's another great thing you need to be on iodine we don't get it in our diet our soils are so depleted you know we're not getting it but we are getting the we're getting fluoride and the halogens that replace it in our bodies causing major mayhem the overgrowth of fungus is one thing that that allows to happen but it also really attacks your pineal gland your pituitary gland your endocrine system and that is the one of the also hidden epidemics that is cutting us off from our higher selves from our abilities to navigate life without being entrained to this this digital social engineering matrix so we want to get back to our own no back with our own beliefs our own connection to our higher power and I want to say too that you know one thing that Trump has done that has caused an enormous effect in the world was refusing to be part of the the safe migration the safe the safe what is it the safe and proper I can't remember the exact name but that you end migration pact that they were trying to get all the countries to sign and once the u.s. refused to to join it we had multiple multiple multiple countries follow suit the same goes with the Paris Accords and other the trans-pacific partnership these things are bringing countries back to themselves and we do have president Trump and his team to thank for from stopping some of this globalist lockdown on the planet so you are free folks I'll see you tomorrow

  1. NXIVM / Bronfman’s Connections to John McCain

    The Bronfmans were the “godfathers” behind the career of Arizona Senator John McCain (R), Israel’s most outspoken advocate in Congress. McCain’s $150 million fortune comes from his marriage to Cindy Hensley, who inherited one of the nation’s largest beer distribution companies from her father, Jim Hensley. Hensley made his money as a henchman of Kemper Marley who, for 40 years, was political boss of Arizona and the Lansky syndicate’s front man in The Grand Canyon State. The Bronfmans set Marley up in business and after Hensley took the rap for Marley in a criminal case, Hensley’s reward was the beer business now in McCain family hands.

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    And meanwhile Trumps regime bans free speech criticism of Israel and Zionism by merging Zionism and Jewishness together as if it was the same thing?
    I’m not buying that 4D chess crap anymore…

  22. This is unrelated to today's' thread pretty much, but germane general conversation. Do you follow Dr. Joseph Farrell at all? He just threw out some fascinating links between GMOs, multinationals, Ukraine and Venezuela. Well worth a listen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuXlQTAxPiQ

  23. Leveraged appreciating assets, like real estate, or other strong businesses, is the recipe for wealth. I see nothing immoral in the deeds that supposedly justify his being called a criminal, by those trying to hide from the consequences of their own criminal acts by continuously investigating him, so that any attempt to investigate the real criminals (Hillary, et al) can be called obstruction.

  24. The Comrades using their treasured Saul Alinsky tactics accuse your enemy of what you’re doing!
    11. "If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside.”

  25. Hi Free, Please check this out https://bolenreport.com/trump-turns-big-pharmas-advertising-against-them/?fbclid=IwAR11kqR8_MjnyC1IseFV8xB1BjeU8zpqbe5NYxjg5sDSSNvKvY_n_0u2wIM

  26. Thank you for your reporting Winkie! YAY for outdoor daily reports! What a gorgeous tree! I don't think we have those in the Rockies. I was waiting for something…..a photo bomb….something and then at 38:46 I believe I saw a turkey behind your right ear. I KNOW how serious EVERYTHING you're bringing up is and I am listening……but…..my heart searches for those little things I can giggle at.

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