Trump Won’t Leave Politics At Water’s Edge In London | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Hey 45, Impeachment would never even be considered if you'd try not saying to a foreign leader "Do me a favor . . . " and  try not to tell your underlings to delay or hold off providing funds that have been allocated to a foreign nation by Congress, while you're President of the U. S.  .   Uttering phrases like those while you're President is like saying anything about a "having a bomb" while boarding a commercial air flight.  Most people tend to take those "remarks" serious.

  2. You know, who is he trying to convince?? The European Union who knows he's a jerk, the world which Russia has a hand in his pocket, or himself, to try to justify his guilt? Thou think I protest too much?

  3. I can NOT wait until we have a real President again!! Every day with this clown is just embarrassing.
    God, I miss Obama and his family!!

  4. Wow, why didn't those legal scholars get called for the hearings? Republicans called witnesses to those hearings, you could've had them call those scholars instead of crying about Biden and the whistleblower (funny how outing him got real quiet after the hearings…)
    Oh, right. They don't exist.
    Like the Ukraine meddling campaign. Or your anti-corruption efforts. Or your morals, your dignity, your humility, and your patriotism.

  5. Wow, Trump just debasing himself with demonstrably provable lies. Such a disgrace to the office. Yea, who are these legal scholars? If they existed and it was true he would be naming them and quoting them and tweeting them. Its all BS for Fox news to feed to his low information base.

  6. MAGA… agent governing amerika……more whhinning from Putin Puff…. where's your tax returns you promised to show ?????

  7. America is an embarrassment …. it has become a B country…. China, Europe, Russia and… loud mouthed america…

  8. The public still has not seen the true transcript , all that has been shown is a summary. It is not perfect, unless you think it is a perfect way to get impeached. FYI. Impeachment is exactly intended to be used this way, it should have been done long ago.


  10. That's pretty sad that he keeps referring back to the transcript of the call when it was more than just the phone call it was Rudy Giuliani who he now claimed he had no idea what he was doing over there but he told everybody to work with him, it was the quid pro quo that Mulvaney and Sondland admitted to, and withholding the money without letting Congress know about

  11. Look at Trump melting, he is so terrified of the Senate hearings when Chief Justice John Roberts controls the hearings…

  12. What water's edge? That doesn't exist today. Everyone around the world hears and sees our very public fall from grace.

    Because as a people all we are all left with opinion and rhetoric. We are not doers but talkers and I include citizens, all media and politicians alike.

    Had Trump been disqualified when foreign taps intercepted his campaign's his illegal dealings wouldn't be here now.

  13. Wow he's going to cry again, jesus just impeach the peice of crap as well as the whole current Republicans whom abet him, and lock em up.

  14. What scholars would call those transcripts (that aren't transcripts) "perfect"? Release their names so they can lose all dignity and credibility, just like Trump.

  15. Please make this leader sit down i can't write this on my page, but Americans are in danger if we don't show discipline to this behavior revbo bless

  16. There's no "acted like a clown," Joe, he IS a political Pennyworth, a compilation of any otherwise rational coulrophobe's most exotic nightmares.

  17. The fat pompadour with a trucker hat just can’t shut up. He is an embarrassment to America. He’s got a 30 word vocabulary which he manages to spew incoherently like word salad. We are truly in the age of ignorance.

  18. We need ALL his rotten deeds in the history books..impeachment notes will make sure of will follow him forever..

  19. The legal minds behind Trump's perfect call? Fred Flinstone, "AG Barr", Alfred E Newnam "Stephen Miller" and Kelly Anne Conway…………..oh yeah only the best!

  20. I wouldn't care who asked me. Does President Trump represent you? I would say ( F* CK) no he represents Putin. I don't know him.

  21. Do you actually think there is any Democratic Chairman who ever existed who would be acceptable to the current batch of Republicans? Have you seen any indication the Republicans are at all sincere in any of their wailing, crying, and mud slinging? Jesus himself could oversee the Impeachment hearing and still the cry baby Republican bullies would complain.

  22. The bad thing for our country is called Donald J Trump.
    Too toddler to even respect the most basic forms of diplomacy or even common sense.
    An ape dancing in a suit across the world scene.
    If it weren't out of remaining respect for America and the remaining though quickly degrading power of America, no European would spend more than 5 seconds looking at this bad show.

  23. The guy is a living more on I mean to say that he read the Constitution are that legal Scholars agree that there was nothing wrong you know he's full of crap. And for the Republicans the vote against impeachment because what Donald Trump did was not an impeachable offense is complete crap too. For the main fact that the framers wrote the impeachment in the constitution for the exact reason to Donald Trump is being impeached. Word for freaking word that you're not supposed to go to foreign leaders to ask for support in an election and to hold Aid to coerce another country to do your bedding is it games very laws of the Constitution. Why is it that people around the world know more about the United States Constitution than the people who actually live in the freaking country.

  24. Trump uses every stage to talk about himself. It's all me me me. And his supporters just don't get it. When something is bad for him he always says it's bad for America. And his followers fall for it every time.

  25. If there is a "legal scholar," Trump will be willing to show him or her! This is the kind of lie we hear daily from Don.

  26. you know what i don't hear? that we are progressing as a nation and are working to unify the Earth… sick of people wasting my time.

  27. It's a sad day for America having this con man pretend to represent the American interest. All this so that Republicans can stack the supreme Court, they all need to be voted out!

  28. One thing is fact, NOBODY in Europe takes Trump seriously, we ALL know he is a clown a complete moron.
    sorry for you America!

  29. He keeps saying read the transcripts so the House should subpoena the WH for the actual transcript and not the summary that they purposely gave the public.

  30. Trump is a nut. His lying is pathological. He's a sick man. He can't stop lying. The man is mentally ill. He's also stupid, a bully and a very mean little man but he's mentally ill. It's sad and embarrassing and the Trumpanzees ought to be ashamed of themselves!

  31. I don't have anymore vomit in my system again since that thing took up office in such a beautiful place…🤢 IT " that thing , makes the world sick to it's stomach. Such a disgusting man is he!

  32. Perfect , as like a perfect score, play, example….usually refers to something planned and executed. In other words, Trump's perfect call wasn't really a call, but a rehearsed , planned and executed call and transcript. Only Trump would call it so, and only Trump sees it this way.

  33. trump is failing in everything! Stock market, china trade deal, personal integrity, world respect, defense against impeachment and personal financial losses. PEOPLE REALLY DON'T LIKE YOU!!!

    It is a perfect call for America to impeach and remove this BIG MAGGOTS-INFESTED DIABOLICAL MOUTH president.

  35. I'm 62, I grew up during the Nixon Watergate saga, saw the B$ Republicans tried to pull on Clinton, and still can't believe that the current Traitor to the United States Constitution and our Citizens is still in office.

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