Trump Supporters React to Outrageous Campaign Ads • Triumph’s Summer Election Special 2016

We wanted to see
how far we could push Trump’s loyal supporters. So we decided to
assemble a group of them for an unfiltered view of
how they connect with Trump’s vision for America. We brought these actual Trump
supporters to this actual focus group research center to
watch these actual fake Trump campaign ads. So maybe real quickly, if
everyone could just go around, you could tell me your
name, and if there’s anything you want to
share about your thoughts on the upcoming election, I’d
be happy to hear that too. Yeah, my name is
Brian [INAUDIBLE]. I live here in
Strongsville, Ohio. I’ve liked Trump
personally– not personally, but I just know– I just like– And it’s time that
we have a change, and I think he’s one that
could bring that about. OK. I like everything what he says. I give him a 10. I like everything he says–
everybody what we want to hear, you know? He’s real. He speaks what’s on his mind,
and he’s not a politician. I know sometimes he may
need a filter a little bit, but for the most part,
he’s I think a good guy, and he’s not in politics. That’s what also I like. I like Trump, because I think
he has a plan, and I like that. Sounds good. Thanks for being here. So what we’re going to do
here and spend most of time is I’m going to show you some
concepts for some campaign ads, OK? And what we’re
intending to do is to get your thoughts and
feedback so that we know, is it a good idea? Is it something that
we can make better? Is there a way that we can
have the people that really care tell us what they think. OK? So I’m going to go up and
play the first one here. [VIDEO PLAYBACK] OK, look. I believe the transgenders
deserve to use the bathroom they feel comfortable
in, but sometimes that means men transgenders are
going into women’s bathrooms. Women deserve to
be comfortable too. That’s why, as your
president, I will make guns available in every
ladies’ room in America. And these will be easily
available in dispensers next to the other
dispensers that you see in the ladies’ room. The guns will be
chained to the wall so they can’t be used
outside the bathroom. So the women can do whatever
they do with the knowledge that the playing field is even. Problem solved. It’s disgusting,
but it’s solved. We’re done with this. Let’s move on. [END PLAYBACK] All right. So that was the first one. So tell me what your
initial reaction is. What do you think? I personally think
that if you’re a man, you go to men’s room. Restrooms for women go
to women’s restrooms. And it all started kind of–
we never had this issue before. And I think it started with
Caitlyn Jenner, you know? It’s like, god. It’s like– then
Obama, it’s like, oh. I mean, what happened
to decency anymore? What about you, Donna? Are there places where you
can imagine this making sense? Anywhere. Anywhere? Anywhere nowadays. Would you even have
enough time to get one out of those vending machines too? True. So what about the
details on that? How would that work? How would you imagine
that they could make something like that work? If there’s a, you
know, break the glass. Right. That might be a
little better, but– Or even like the
baseball bat or something. Yeah, the [INAUDIBLE]
baseball bat. Something. Oh, so if it wasn’t a gun,
having a bat or something else. Yeah. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Good comments on
that first one. So we’re going to
do the same thing. [VIDEO PLAYBACK] I’m a big fan of women,
and they’re big fans of me. But some want to vote
for crooked Hillary just because she’s a woman. But is she? She says she’s a woman, and I
want to take her at her word. But have we seen her whatever? I mean, a lot of people look at
her photos and they question. I mean, why doesn’t she
just say I’m not a man? What’s so wrong with
saying I’m not a man? Look, I’m OK with a female
president and blood everywhere and all of that. Let’s be honest, folks. I mean, basically we already
had a female president– Barack Obama. And that’s probably why he won’t
release the birth certificate. And it’s not a big deal
if Obama is a woman and Hillary is a man. But we should know. [END PLAYBACK] So tell me what you
think about that. That’s Trump
counter-punching, right? I like it. Right on. Karen, you’re nodding too. I think the public
would enjoy it. I’d rather hear stuff like that
than your little foo-foo tag lines that don’t make sense. The media hits him,
he’s going to hit back. Yeah, correct. OK, good. Well, let’s look at– let’s
look at another one here. [VIDEO PLAYBACK] Here’s another
great idea you’re going to love– the wall
is going to take a year or so to build. So while we’re
waiting for it, let’s build an invisible electric
fence to keep any illegals out, starting now. They try and cross and zap. Now, I know what
you’re thinking. How will we get all 150 million
Mexicans to wear shock collars? Easy. The collars will have
the only thing they love more than crime– bling. Trump quality, and the
Mexicans will pay for them. That’s right. Before the wall,
we build the fence. It’s going to so gorgeous,
so beautiful, so invisible, it’ll make your head spin. [END PLAYBACK] Tell me about that one. So what’s going on there? I like the fence,
but seriously getting collars on all those people? Well, do you need a
collar with the fence? Yeah. You’d have to have something
on you for the invisible fence to work or you could
just walk across it. To zap, right? If it wasn’t a collar, then
what else could that be? This is perfect, because
we’re looking for these ideas to say how do we– You mean like a
bracelet or a bracelet? You could put a metal
bracelet or an ankle bracelet. Oh, so not a collar
but maybe something goes to your wallet or your
purse or something like that? -Right.
-Yeah. Or a vaccine. Or a vaccine. How would that work? They wouldn’t know. They’d think they were getting
vaccinated for something. OK. [INAUDIBLE] Put like a chip in the arm. Yeah. You guys are doing great. This is great feedback. So I’m going to tee
up the next one here. [VIDEO PLAYBACK] We have to stop
illegal immigration. We have to stop
the massive crime. We’re going to build
a beautiful wall, and it will keep Mexicans
from coming into this country and taking our jobs. But what about all
the illegals Obama already welcomed
in on a red carpet? And here’s my newest plan. We will plant porta potties
near places where Mexicans congregate– Home
Depots, migrant farms– that lock from the outside. And once all porta potties
are filled and locked, they’re lifted by crane
and put on a flatbed truck and driven across
the Mexican border. We’re going to send back so
many illegal Mexicans this way, it’ll make your head spin. [END PLAYBACK] So what about that plan,
the details of that? Is that something that–
could they actually execute that and make that happen? Could work with that. So they kind of lure then in. Yeah. Actually, that’s a
starting point right there, even though it is
comical, it is something that could be worked with. OK. Well, they say Mexicans
congregate outside of there, but what if you’re going
to Home Depot, one of us, with our family and the kid
needs to use the Porta Potty, is it going to
automatically lock? Are we sure they’re getting
enough oxygen in there? Certain neighborhood’s got
more Mexicans than others, so you won’t put
them in Pepper Pike. You may put them somewhere
near Clark neighborhood, mostly where they all live. So what neighborhood? Clark Avenue is our
bad neighborhood. OK. But this is kind of
how Trump works, right? He comes up with these
crazy ideas and then just of throws it out
there and lets people make it– let them figure
it out or something, right? Yeah, he’s surrounding
himself with advisors, intelligent people. So he’s just throwing
these out there, and he’s going to surround
himself with economics advisors and military brains
and intelligent people just like, well, it’s crazy
about inventing the light bulb. It’s crazy about
having an iPhone that you could do
everything in your life that you could
possibly want to do. You’re nuts. It’s never going to happen. All this stuff. It is kind of off the wall.
-Is he a visionary guy? It’s nutty. Is he a visionary
like the guys that made the light bulb or the
iPhone and things like that? It has to start somewhere. OK. This next one, it’s a
variation on that last ad. [VIDEO PLAYBACK] We love Mexican housekeepers. The vast majority of them clean
our homes, comfort our elderly, and raise our children. But the illegals, I’m sorry. They gotta to go. Here’s the plan. We will strategically place
houses that need cleaning in cities Mexicans work in. We hire these
illegal housekeepers, and while they’re busy
cleaning, the house is locked from the outside. That’s where we pick
up the houses by crane and transport them by
trucks back to Mexico. It’s a win-win. We get rid of the illegals,
but we sell them the houses so they have a place to live. We’re even. We’re going to
make so many pesos, you’re going to
get tired of pesos. [END PLAYBACK] All right. That’s an idea. Yeah. Donna, tell me.
You like that. Yeah. What do you like
about that idea? That’s awesome. Put them in a house, board
it up and ship it out. I like it. So tell me about that. How is that going to work? Caging them in and
shipping them out. I think I like the
house one better. Well, so how is that one
different than the porta potties one? Put more people in a house. More people in the house? It’s a house. It’s not a porta potty. They’re still– they’re going
to get something out of it. OK. It’s more of an incentive
to stay there now. So it’s a better deal
for the illegals– -Yeah.
-Yes. Right. –because they get a house
out of it versus just getting a porta potty out of it. If you send them
back that way, what’s going to stop them from climbing
the wall or digging under it? The first way, they
get a house out of it. -So it’s incentive to stay.
-Maybe they’ll stay. -It’s incentive.
-Right. Oh, I never thought of that. I mean, they’re bold, right? They’re like really– Yeah, you get to the point. Take care of it. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Someone’s gotta say
what we’re all thinking. -Right.
-You got that. [VIDEO PLAYBACK] As your president,
I will get the judges to make abortion illegal. I guarantee it. But let’s be honest,
that means women will go to Mexico to get fetuses
removed from their whatevers. We need those jobs. So here’s my compromise, people. We only make abortion available
in economically depressed places like Atlantic City. I will create legal abortion
zones that will transform our urban infested cities into
incredible four-star abortion resorts. You could make a
weekend out of it. It’ll be great for tourism. Every abortion package will come
with 25 chips and a free shake at Johnny Rockets. Wait. It gets better. The more economically
depressed the city is, the further along the
abortion will be allowed. Detroit, third term. Newark, one month old. It’s another win-win, people. I mean, are we going to have
fun when I’m president, or what? [END PLAYBACK] What about the idea of like,
you know, the more depressed it is, the more the term–
how long you can– how late you can get an abortion. So that was– I think the term
should stay the same– Yes, I agree with that. –all about. It should stay the same. What about the
idea of having it be in places that are more
economically depressed? Is that where the problem is?
-That makes sense. Oh, yes. So make it more
available there? Why does that make sense, Karen? What do you like about that? Well, because in the more
economically depressed areas, just the higher
chances of the people that are going to be doing that.
-Right. Yes. So putting it in those places
makes sense to you guys. Yes. Yes. What about the idea though–
this is a serious subject. I can just tell from
talking about it, but making it like a
more fun experience, not making it so
sad and negative and making it more positive. I don’t know. Getting paid to
have an abortion is like incentive, now I’m going
to get pregnant every year. Give me some money, you know? Right. I think there should
be a cap on it. They should only be able to– -So how much is that?
-If they’re going to do it– How much do you think
that cap should be? Well, I think they
should only be able to do it once for the chips. [INAUDIBLE] Supposedly someone’s
calling here. So hang on one second. DONALD TRUMP IMPERSONATOR
(ON PHONE): Hello, everybody. Hello. Hello. DONALD TRUMP
IMPERSONATOR (ON PHONE): You did a tremendous job today. Thank you, sir. MALE SPEAKER (ON
PHONE): I wanted to call and thank you all personally. Just tremendous. I value your opinions,
even the ones that are way, way off base. God bless you all,
and God bless America. Thank you, Donald Trump. We’ll keep going, Donald. You rock, buddy. DONALD TRUMP IMPERSONATOR (ON
PHONE): Even the heavy guy. What’s your name? Brian [INAUDIBLE]. DONALD TRUMP
IMPERSONATOR (ON PHONE): Maybe you should focus a
little less on cheesecake. God bless, Donald. MALE SPEAKER (ON
PHONE): Bye bye. Bye-bye. Thanks for calling, sir.
-Bye. Thank you.
-Thank you. Wow. Good luck. So that was pretty amazing. That’s crazy. Uh-uh, no. No. Oh, my god. [INTERPOSING VOICES] He’s so completely
down to earth. I mean, that’s awesome. Listen up here, guys. This was great. Appreciate it. We’re really sorry that
we ran over and all that. But wanted to give
you one last chance. If anyone is interested in
recording some testimonials, we’re interested in getting
you on camera for doing that. How about you, Donna? Interested? Yeah, why not? All right. Donald Trump’s plan to lock
Mexicans in porta potties sounds like solid
fresh thinking to me. If Hillary Clinton can’t tell
us the truth about Benghazi, why should we expect her to tell
the truth about her genitals? We live in dangerous times. When we spot a potential
terrorist, every second counts. I like Mr. Trump’s idea
for shortening 9-1-1 to 9. With Zika virus on the
march, I like Mr. Trump’s idea of building a wall thick enough
so people can’t break through and tall enough so
mosquitoes can’t fly over. I agree with Donald Trump. The only way to compete
with the Chinese is to lower their
IQ by injecting their water with various
paints and solvents. Watch my summer
election special now streaming only on Hulu.

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