Trump Says Democrats Have Become ‘Anti-Israel’ And ‘Anti-Jewish’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. dems want to destroy our nation, plain and simple remove all our rights while giving them to the illegals

  2. Stand for inclusion? I must agree that you do include and protect every person on the face of the Earth EXCEPT AMERICAN CITIZENS!

  3. The Trump Cult has no answers when asked why Trump gets so much support from the KKK and neo Nazi groups nationwide.

  4. Democrats have really gotten unhinged, sorry, people, but you're looking quite bad. Americans will always have Israel's back, fully support Israel.
    I am very tired of the hatred of the Jews. It's high-time we identify collectively in this new century, and while remembering the past, honor those whose who went before us.

  5. No trump, Dems are not anti-Semitic, they are anti all your biases in life and the fact that you seem to think that you have the right to condemn anything or anyone that you personally don’t like. As the president of this nation…formerly known to be The Land of the Free, and the Home of the brave, that is not the case, especially when you publicize
    your opinions on any source of communication possible. We are all allowed to have our own beliefs and favourites, but as President, you are required to promote truth and equality. If you are incapable of doing that, give the job to someone with Honour-PERIOD!

  6. Sources? The trump creates his lies without credible “sources”. It gets him lots of attention. And, of course, lots of money for himself.

  7. I support Imhan and he attempt to show Americans what we have done to the Palestinian people. She is absolutely right. tRump has taken away humanitarian aid to Palestine. It is an out rageI

  8. Well, I guess when it comes to Jews in America, it's OK to march and chant "Jews will not replace us" and still be counted as very fine people.
    But when it's Jews in Israel, then suddenly Trump goes full Schindler's List. So long as Israel is our #5 arms buyer, that is. Or he's not talking to MBS and the Saudi Royals.
    Just ask Omar straight up to answer truthfully if she thinks Israel has a right to exist. Yes or no. Odds are, what you would get is just pure Taqiyyah

  9. correction: The Democrats have been usurped by foreign interests like the ChiComs and the Cartels.. or.. they've just gone completely insane. Either way, they no longer support this country, it's citizens, or American interests.

  10. It is NEVER anti-Semitic to point out the cruelty and bastardry of the far-right, extremist Israeli Government. Trump is a disgrace and an existential threat to peace in the United States.

  11. Dems make racist and anti semetic comments …so yeah they hate the Jews . Don't try to cover it up . What do you think "draining the swamp" means ? . It means all the criminals are coming out to play finally . Exposure sure is fun .

  12. That's just not right, no one is anti Israel we are seeking justice for humanity. Israel and many must abide by the international laws, in line with the rest of the world and behave accordingly.

  13. Omar talked about the influence of lobbyists for other country on US politics and the fact that it is almost mandatory to be pro-Israel in certain position if we don't want to be consider anti-semitics. She even target the NRA and Saudi Arabia that she attack on their politics and the murder of a journalist. Is sh,e because of that, anti-muslim? I'm tired to ear the media targetting her when she said nothing anti-jews. She react to an other country and his leader. Can't we do that without been target as anti-semitics? How many people in the word, do you think, talk negatively about Trump? Are they anti-american and anti-Christian because of it?

  14. So Trump and his father associations and his followers with the KKK gives him the credibility to make up these bogus statements. Another lie. I have worked for Jewish companies..most of them some if the nicest people you will ever meet.if Netanyahu is under investigation, so be it. Trump us playing to his church base. But he doesn't know what the Bible says. Trump is trying to start another attack and cause division. And misinforming the uneducated in this matter.

  15. September 9, 2018 and again on Saturday March 2, 2019 the US military dropped BANNED White phosphorus munitions in East Syria..

  16. Israel’s ideology, actions, and policies in any other context would be rightly condemned as racism, apartheid, and colonialism. But they consistently get a pass because of their role in maintaining Western hegemony.

  17. Pot calling the kettle black. But will agree Omar is again speaking her mind. But Ehhhh,,,,, speak your truth but sometimes expect the backlash especially if you say they took it out of context and it wasn't.

  18. There's a huge difference between being against Jews, wich is racism and being against the current Israeli gouvernment, wich is about politics. We must be able to separate those two.
    I very much dislike the ultra right wing apartheid regim Israel have now, but I'll begin to like Israel the day they get a regime more focused on human rights. Jew, arab, persian whatever; we're all human.

  19. We see Israel’s power over POTUS. Isn’t Omar a Semite herself? She at least tells the truth something the Swamp knows little about.

  20. MSNBC needs to check their facts, correct the record on what Ilhan Omar actually said, and then offer a wholehearted apology to her which they should publish at the start of every video for at least a week!

  21. Yeah, here goes the Jewish vote. BTW: Omar is now attacking Obama as a "pretty face" getting away "with murder": Here goes the black vote. Moreover, AOC is under investigation for campaign fraud, while her CO2-consuming lifestyle is exposed: Here goes the progressive vote… Wake up, MSNBC: The Dmocrats are falling to bits…

  22. Rep.Omar was elected to get the voices of her culture heard. Instead of everyone jumping on her for what she "said" ; how about listening to what she means. How about trying to hear her narrative, her point of view. Trump is a traitor, and no one is treating him, like they treat her? Why is that humm? She just wants people to be held accountable and to quit making excuses for what Israel has done. I guess focusing on a villian is easier than listening to someone and finding solutions.

  23. american politicians have a dual loyalty & their loyalty should be to america…she's not saying american jewish people as a whole…this guy's surreptitiously changing the narrative worse than the president does.

  24. Does Trump realize he is attacking his own country and his own people? His talk is past acceptable. Listen to him!

  25. Like all hot topics that are used to splinter voters, Don scooped this one up. Abortion, God, Gays, Guns, etc. Now this. I hope his base some day gets to second base. You see the game a lot differently out there than from the dugout.

  26. Israel made a big strategic blunder decades ago when it was being attacked. People only remember the last move. Even in conversation, someone may set you up publicly to get them back for some subtle slur only you heard. Israel should learn the lesson of martyrdom, a true art form in the middle east. I know, it's too late now. Maybe what I'd really like to say is that Israel needs a leader who puts life for all people first. Hamas uses martyrdom and victims as it's propaganda. Israel's tough responses are always seen as brutal. It doesn't work. Pick a leader who chooses life first, above everything else.

  27. Congress is controlled thru AIPAC funding schemes. Both parties have allegiance to a foreign govt. This would not be tolerated were it any other govt. This should be challenged since 3.8 billion of taxpayer money goes to Israel’s APARTHEID state. Ilhan Omar is a hero for speaking truth to power.

  28. Lord it would be better for you to shut trump up about his inclusion of all democrats but not repukkkesl are antiusrealites. Shut his lies or we will. I am a demicrat and i know many democrats and we love Isrealites, jewish. There are more republicans that are nazi like trumps grandfather and father from Germany that believe Nazis "are fine people". Trump the beast is a deceiver and has deceived israel. He will turn on them when they least expect it.

  29. Israel has used the politicians to do their bidding. Of course trump loves Israel,they paid for his campaign commercials to get him elected. The scourge of the world. The right wing Jews are the problem, not all Jews.

  30. The way Trump describes us decent holy God fearing dedicated honaest Christians democrats by example and good patriots is not acceptable. Tell Trump God will avenge us and punish him and his upline, He better watch his mouth. God u never fail to amaze me w your power. Let Trump know that he is in deep trouble w the Almighty- Trump is no match for God. Stop his lies about us much more decent humans democrats that respect and honor God behind closed doors. Now Jesus. That is why i (we) hate sin and have served you all the days of our lives!.

  31. Trump does not represent me cuz i have never committed so many wrongdoings attacks incest, adultery, fornication, and so much more. He is not fit to even address some one that fears and truly reprresents Jesus, not a fake cheater POTUS. Shhort of hating him butvi hate his sinning example and trying to pass as a Christian. Example not only words Trump the devil

  32. Will MSNBC ever be honest about what Ilhan Omar ACTUALLY said? Or will they just keep lying and pushing this false equivalence narrative with a not so subtle hint of Islamophobia?

  33. Democrats are NOT anti Jewish or anti Israel. Sure, they didn’t name Omar specifically in the bill only 23 republicans refused to support, but if Omar had not said what she did there would be no resolution. If they had specifically mentioned Omar, those same trumpublicans would’ve still whined about something to justify not supporting what was a great anti-hate bill. Bless all those legislators who voted for it. Again, democrats are not anti-Jew or anti-Israel. This is just the orange blowhard, seeing the writing on the wall and knowing a vast majority of Jewish people vote democrat, trying to sow division and get Jewish votes. Watch him play the same head games with hispanics and african americans ahead of 2020.

  34. So sick and hard to take from the man who says fine people march with Nazis and himself has disseminated antisemitic propaganda

  35. Orange Sphincter Why people, like in Holland, still want to hate and devide? ‼️Patriots dont have colorskin. Lets love ❤️ in truth and honesty each other, in Jesus Mighty Name. YOU Choose!
    If You Are Young (Kamala Harris, AOC) and Not Communist, You Have No Heart.
    If You Are Old (Sanders) and Still Communist, You Have No Brain.

  36. Trump is lying and twisting the words around of someone else's to suit his demonic purpose.  He's one of the most dangerous people to ever occupy the oval office.  Impeach this war monger NOW!!!!  Thanks a lot Adolph for another stupid, dangerous controversy.

  37. Of course, a big difference with that bunch of nice people chanting "Jews will not replace us…" while a lunatic hit with his car to people from the other side of the protests; what a nice people, remember?

  38. No the Democratic Party is not about inclusion, it is about selling the idea of inclusion.. people always wanted Obama to use the Democratic parties power and over representation in his first term, but now they want trump to use bi-party inclusion in his I have always said.. the Democrats are about preaching one thing and doing another.. they were the slavery party.. Democratic Party caused the civil war.. they protected slavery and wanted it to move west with new states (all), they supported Jim Crow. They ran most committees in congress because of seniority and would stop any civil rights bills. No the Democrats have pretty much had the same attitude throughout it founding. The President is King, until it’s your President. And that is historically accurate. But they want you to forget get that. Socialist (communism) has always been their approach and always will be. The Republicans got their name from Thomas Jefferson, he founded a group that shows support for our system a Democratic Republic.. we are not a full democratic country because they don’t work and never will.. people want things but they don’t know how to go about getting them. People want free healthcare but don’t want higher taxes to pay for them. That’s how stupid people are. They want the good but not the hard work or sacrifice to get them. Thomas Jefferson and the Republicans, what they called themselves to represent their belief in the type of government we have, a Republic. Where you elect people to represent what you want, but in the framework of our government system, AOC’s New Green Deal is not American and does not work in our system and framework. If you don’t like it.. then move to a country with a system that supports what you believe..

  39. Thread carefully Usa the reason this country has been successful is because its support for Gods people. The day the US turns on Israel this country will go down


  41. DemocRats and RepubliCunts both serve Jewish interests. Ilhan the coward apologised for hurting the feelings of the Zionist lobby.
    2020 campaign will be about who can shill harder for Israel

  42. The fact is that Jews are among the most self-destructive minority group in existence. So, supporting the enemies of Jews is actually quite easy for the Jews who support the Democratic Party. Moreover, the Jews who support the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic Democratic Party do so because they are leftists-first, and Jews and Americans last. The Jews supporting the Democratic Party are largely secular and, at best, only follow "bagels-and-lox" rituals so that they can pretend to be Jews. In short, the Jews supporting the Democrats are JINOS (Jew in name only) who could care less about Judaism. Bernie Sanders is a classic example. There's nothing Jewish about him, other than his name and his heritage. Apart from those things, he is as far away from Judaism as a person could be. And he'd be the first person to admit it, if asked.

  43. Omar has committed tax fraud. Married her brother haha. Used campaign funds to take vacation's. And made anti sematic in conversation's. And support's c.a.r.e need more.

  44. Either you are all in supporting Israel are you a totally against. You can't be in between. Palestinians need to be somewhere else. The land belongs to Israel.

  45. Isreal is the problem. . They fake everything they have been kicked out of 109 countries. .. they are not even Semitic. . Fake news and fake jews

  46. Trump is 100% correct. The Democratic party may stand for inclusion of some people, but the Jewish people are not among them.

    Ilhan Omar and the rest of "the Jew-hating squad" merely say out loud what a lot of other Democrats don't dare to say.

    "Criticizing Israeli policies" somehow is always done from a near-Nazi point of view and employs a Nazi language of extermination ("From the river to the sea…", "Khaibar Khaibar ya Yahood…", etc.) They "criticize Israel" like a child rips little animal into pieces.

    Just look at all the Jew hatred here in the comments. Here is the true face of the Democratic party.

  47. Omar spends 99% of her time complaining about Israel . Why doesn’t she focus on Somalia and other Muslim majority country and their human rights violations ?
    That is why she is anti Jewish

  48. Disloyal to Israel??? Jews would be disloyal to humanity if they voted Democrat! It's time to kick the Democrat racists, fascists and communists who hate America, their constituents, our Freedom, and the Constitution out of government in 2020. That includes the news media Reich Ministers of Propaganda.  They would totally destroy and tear this country apart in their quest for fascist power — they will lie, manipulate and steal every freedom that we have left. How do I know this? I used to be a Democrat.

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