Trump rips Democrats as public impeachment hearings loom

  1. “I barely know him” appoints said person to a high government position. Dude is a walking contradiction 😂😂😂

  2. Just look at the choking joker Joe's face, he looks like he just soiled himself! Biden's Busted Bowels!
    That explains the stench! Beeuylck!

    Jack ~'()'~

  3. Both Obama and Clinton committed actual treason and other miscellaneous crimes. President Trump isn't guilty of either. All of this is made up. No one should be prosecuted for trumped up crimes. Kamala, Muller, people on Mullers team all covered up evidence to assure a guilty plea against innocent people. Are you approving that kind of behavior? That's exactly what it sounds like.

  4. Democrats who are pushing for this impeachment crap are giant failures at providing facts and failures at life. Since the day Trump was sworn into office, the democrats have been planning on impeaching him. The entire left is corrupt and need serious correction one way or another. I just read the transcript btw, and after reading it, I can conclude that Trump hasn't committed any form bribery towards the Ukrainian president, nor has pressured him towards looking into Biden and his son. Zelenskyy has said that it's his duty to investigate anything serious that goes on in his country. With that said, he was willing to look into Biden regardless if Trump asked him a favor or not. Joe was bragging about stopping the prosecution of his son and his ties with the company he was working for, so in other words, he brought this upon himself, and can't handle the pressure of being investigated because he knows he's guilty. Not only that, even if you could impeach Trump, the house of representatives would have to have the majority vote to remove him, and that's likely to happen since both parties are in disagreement on this impeachment, therefore it will fail and the democrats will remain the losers they've been since 2016. So unless Zelenskyy himself says otherwise on the matter of this impeachment, you leftists have no chance in willing this, and if you do, it's because you played dirty, and you will regret it if you do so.

  5. Not rip them take their hearts and stomp them Democrats to the ground. Impeachment for just cause is a option but they are liars and treasonous bastards.

  6. David Holmes set to testify behind closed doors on Friday….this should clear things up for those of you who live in denial.

  7. Juan Williams you have successfully made yourself look like an idiot especially for the last 3 years since Trump has been elected.

  8. Trump has been making and building and baking and cooking shite sandwiches for the last 20 years of his existence..
    And now since he's told he has to taste his shite sandwiches.
    He lies and says I never cook that in the first place.
    Yeah but you know how many people saw him in the kitchen He's got shite all over his hands
    And you want a president with shite all over his hands in the White House?????
    If you do you need a role model.
    And if you do you don't care about right or wrong.
    And you should be ashamed of the fact that you'll do anything for anything.

  9. It's NOT an inquiry it's a Democratic Socialist Impeachment Inquisition. A travesty and it is an  abhorrent and terrible thing.

  10. I agree: If the Dems actually thought this impeachment was going anywhere Schiff wouldn't run the hearings. When this all blows up in their face they will let Schiff go down in flames. He is being set up as the fall guy, and he is too dumb to see it coming.

  11. They don't care because they know they're constitutes are complete morons and won't watch all of the impeachment hearings. As long as they put on a good show the morons will believe them.

  12. Alright Juan, where are the documents proving any wrong doing by POTUS. You keep running your mouth about this but never, never have you brought the proof to the table.

  13. Stupid question RT news-Fox News is President Obama the present president ? NO so why was the russian puppet GOP cap saying what President Obama didn't do ? we when through this when he was the president he told Ukraine you have to fire their corrupt people in your government ? I know it stupid for President Obama to be looking out for tax payer money.

  14. Juan needs to wake up and smell the internet. When John Dean betrayed Nixon the media controlled the flow of information. Today, we have better and more reliable sources for the news of the day and the democrats won’t get away with
    this. The days of the democrats lying and spinning the news are over. That’s why their party is failing.


  16. Hey Biden. This is classic Biden when caught in blatant lies
    1. I did a dumb thing I will dumb things again
    2. I had a lapse in memory.
    Hey Joe. You are lame. Period. Trump is way smarter and more interesting.

  17. No Juan! but, if all the crimes done by the Clintons and the impersonation done by Obama have somehow been done by President Trump, yes! he should be hunged up in the tallest tree, but that is not the case. Juan, say and prove what President Trump is guilty of.

  18. Juan Obama is guilty of treason but nothing has been done. He and clinton has gotten away with it so far. Let's look into that with a mountain of evidence. You know it's coming, nothing can stop.

  19. Juan is so stupid and opposite reality it actually is entertaining. Sometime I burst out laughing at what a moron he is. Now I understand why they keep him.

  20. In 3 years of investigating they have found no evidence that the president did anything wrong. When is this going to be enough?

  21. I can see it now …. I pledge allegiance to the Flag …. one broken district under Queen Nancy……. with free stuff for all … I can't wait

  22. Love my President Trump. Good Man/Great President. Reporters get on the Trump Train of Truth & Justice. Our President is the most transparent & honest keeping our Country Great and Safe. There is so much evil but good will prevail.

  23. 1/2 million Americans are homeless & freezing outside in Democratic run states. But their main focus is impeaching Trump over phone calls

  24. 1/2 million Americans are homeless & freezing outside in Democratic run states. But their main focus is impeaching Trump over phone calls

  25. Jeff zucker has a personal vendetta against trump and his employee says that on tape. Yet never trumpers trust the folks who constantly lie to them. america is doomed

  26. You did not do anything wrong President Trump. The only thing you did wrong is you didn't become one of them. Demon-rats = china communist = fake news=dirty money = disgusting = deep state. Move these deep state to the north pole

  27. Release all the Obama phone calls vs. President Trump phone calls and let America make the decision. How much money they paid you nancy and adam?

  28. President Trump offered help to investigate corruption, he was familiar with in an illegal act by Joe Biden in 2016 and interference in our 2016 elections by deceitful actions; and it is his responsibility to be sure anyone our nation supports by military, money or a White House visit to give them credibility be willing to fight the massive corruption in their nation.  It is also his responsibility as president to bring attention to illegal acts of a fellow candidate for president if they manipulate other nations for their personal gain, such as dropping an investigation of Joe Biden's son and the energy company he worked for, if it is done by withholding or paying another nation.

    During the Impeachment testimony on 11/13/19, both Mr. Kent and Mr. Taylor answered the Democrat question inferring there was no evidence against the Bidens, in agreement no evidence, even though Joe Biden admitted it. 

    Democrats push the idea that President Trump did something wrong FOR HIS OWN BENEFIT, to help the 2020 election.  The new president of Ukraine wants to end the corruption his country has had; President Trump knows that much evidence is in the case of the energy company that hired Joe Biden's son; and the investigation against them was dropped, according to a "quid pro quo" threat ADMITTED by Joe Biden on television.   Democrats wanted to impeach President Trump from the time he was elected in 2016.,FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT.

  29. I can only watch the 5 until Juan the liar liberal schill opens his lie hole. The rest are actually ballanced and informative

  30. YES "impeachment appears as staged, managed production (as in the: movies)!

    In last decades ONE president Donald John Trump: triad to restore our nation and peace on the world, and for this reason He was constantly attacked, because He wasn't as previous one for: fame, money or gossips, but He truly worked hard to benefit American people. Well this wasn't in interest of previous money hungry deceptive leaders, so they use their deceptions to "impeached him based on their own dishonest statements". They (where they came from, who raised them?) are confused and also very envious of LOVE, which Trump receives from people

    People got use to trust AIR MEDIA and worship Talk Shows Hosts of Celebrities (Hollywood), YET MOST PEOPLE are WISER and MORE TALENTED, as you can see on: accomplishments of honest president Trump, his honorable kids, their trustworthy supporters, and look in the mirror: you are one of them (most likely).

  31. This is not a divide between left and right. It's not a divide between Democrat and Republican. This country is divided into Trump Supporters and people who have a physical revulsion to telling and hearing lies.

  32. Bill Barr to Lindsey Graham….  
    "Hey Lindsey" 
    "Hey Bill" 
    "You remember your Buddy McCain?" 
    "Sure do Bill" 
    "Your'e next" …..
    ” Guess I won’t be watching the impeachment then” …

    The Democrat congress is like a cesspit of blind rodents and the sooner the infestation is eradicated the better

  33. I watched the entire thing yesterday…seems to me, the two kick off witnesses did more to dissuade the idea of a crime, but pushed the problem as more one of a problem with process….not illegal..

  34. O ya, they have something in their sleeve something stinky and that is a used diaper from a 90 years old and Juan is liking it.

  35. Why do they still have Juan on this panel? I can handle someone who disagrees based on facts. But Juan is so predictable it is not even funny anymore.
    Even when it is so obvious that the Democrats are blowing smoke, Juan still points to some poll. As if polls were right in 2016.

  36. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    This…Ms. Stefanik, who claims to be getting "mocked," because she's a FEMALE…….??????
    Oh NO Honey……its bcus you're an IDIOT just like your collegue Mr. Jordan OK 😒
    There's no reason to hear from the WHISTLEBLOWER…….get over it already its irrelevant!!!
    I hope you guys are ready for NEXT WEEK

  37. Obama and Clinton should be in jail? This country is being controlled by the non news, Biden said he would cut off aid publicly hello? Are people really this stupid.

    nimen brahhed of his crimes. and everyone knows it.

  39. Okay well Biden said made absolutely no sense ridiculousyou know I'm not the smartest sharpest tool in the shed but I know a liar

  40. I was a teenager during the Vietnam war and my brother was drafted but he's excused because of some physical disability but you know there's a lot of unrest at that time yeah I had flat feet anyway post-processing is not new but we need to get real about what's going onyou had decide whose side you're on God of this world that God that created all living things who has your soul in the balance.

  41. Poor Juan, imagine having the defend the indefeasible every day on live TV! Sort of reminds me of the Hannity and Colmes days. He even got fired by PBS!

  42. If Trump is innocent, why did he tell his former counsel Don McGahn to defy a subpoena to testify before Congress about the Russia investigation. Does this sound like Trump is innocent or he was trying to block damaging testimony about his obstruction of justice? I mean, this type of behavior from Trump happens on a daily basis and yet not every American is enraged by this man's corruption. He has no moral compass. Every national security blunder he has made has hurt us as a nation but has helped Putin/Russia. What the hell is wrong with my fellow Americans? Do they no longer care about our great nation and our God believing sisters and brothers? It is sad what this evil man has done to our nation. Stop, think for yourself, and do the right thing! Get behind this impeachment before he does more damage. Americans need to stand together against corruption in the WH and the GOP. They are more guilty than Trump because they have enabled him.

  43. Juan says if this was Obama or Clinton? We already know that Clinton got a fair shake and was not impeached even though he was convicted of felonies, was disbarred and had to pay out millions of dollars of damages. Obama hasn't even had to comment on the corruption that was found within his entire administration. From Joe Biden bringing reprisals again the Ukrainian government to stop them from investigating Hunter Biden's business dealing, using the FBI, DOJ and CIA to spy on Trump which has lead to the firing, referral of charges, and impeding prosecution. And yet not a single word from the congress about bringing Obama in to face charges. Just another round of BS out of Juan.

  44. Enough is enough follow the fair laws rules we americians have to follow .congress doesnt have to follow who are above the laws what not right .

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