Trump Rallies His Base & Florida Faces Big Midterm Election Decisions | The Daily Show

This is our final night
here in Miami, and this whole week
has been amazing. We’ve loved every single moment. Like, my body is now
60% Cuban sandwiches, and the other 40% is red algae,
and I’ve never felt better. (laughter, cheering) And I will say, I will say,
a part of me thought that this week would be
a bit more of a vacation. You know? I thought
we’d come to Florida, we’d only talk
about Florida issues, and then we’d go back home
and continue following the Halloween show happening
in the White House. But instead, instead, all
of the news followed us here. Everything. The mail bombs that
were sent around the country allegedly came from Florida. The woman involved
in the attempted fake #MeToo against Robert Mueller
is from Florida, right? And last night… the presidential
jack-o’-lantern himself came to Florida… to hold a campaign rally for local candidates
Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott. -(audience jeering)
-Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. -They don’t like you, either.
-(laughter) But yes, President Trump
held a rally yesterday, on Halloween,
and from the looks of it, he decided to go as racism. Andrew Gillum wants
to throw open your borders to drug dealers,
human traffickers, gang members and criminal aliens. Oh, that’s great.
That’s what we want. Let those people
pour right in, folks. Let ’em come enjoy you
on your front lawn. (audience jeering) Did he just…
did he just say, “Let them come enjoy you
on your front lawn”? What does that even mean? No, because now, now
I’m just picturing an immigrant who’s come all the way
to the United States just to watch Americans
like they’re in the zoo. He’s just standing there
outside someone’s house like, (Latin accent):
“Wow, look at that, little Jose. “That’s a gringo
in his natural habitat, man. “Hey, man. Can my…
can my kid pet you, man? “Can my kid pet you?
What do you mean no? “Come on, he’s got peanuts, man. “We’re just trying to enjoy you
on your front lawn, man. Why you acting like you never
heard that phrase before?” And here’s the thing,
here’s the thing. Of all the 36 governors and the races
that are going on right now, Chump… -Trump chose…
-(laughter) -to come to Florida.
-(cheering) He chose to come to Florida
for a reason. Right? The governor’s race here has one of the most
progressive Democrats versus one of the most Trumpian
Republicans of all time. (cheers and applause) And what’s major,
what’s major… what’s major about this election
is that the winner will get to approve
new election districts which will impact the balance of
power in Congress for a decade, and, also, Donald Trump lives in
Mar-a-Lago, don’t forget that, so this is personal to him.
Yeah. Because if this happens,
if Andrew Gillum wins, then he gets a black governor. You realize Andrew Gillum
is his governor. Yeah. (cheers and applause) So, basically, Trump came to
Florida before the election for the same reason
we came here, right, to spread hate
and divisiveness. No, no. I’m joking.
No wait. I mean, because of all the
important issues it represents. And with the midterms
just five days away, you can feel something in the
air; you can feel it, right? Yeah. It’s either democracy
or humility. Either way, it is causing
my thighs to chafe. And if you are planning to go
out and vote on Tuesday– which I hope you all are– (cheers and applause) get ready for a rough ride, because whoever is in charge
of your voting system is clearly trying to (bleep)
with you. TV REPORTER: As if having
12 amendments on the ballot wasn’t confusing enough,
voters will also have to deal with a trend called bundling, which is essentially
grouping two or more different issues
under one amendment. And bundling confused everybody ’cause some of the subjects
aren’t even related. TV REPORTER: Like a ban
on offshore drilling with a ban on indoor vaping. Okay, now, Florida,
why would you do that? Why would you combine two
unrelated issues under one vote? Huh? Because now,
because now when Floridians go to vote
on Tuesday, you realize when you vote
on Amendment 9, if you vote no
to offshore drilling, you’ve also automatically
voted no to indoor vaping. That makes absolutely no sense,
none at all. It’s like when they have
those weird DVD combos in the bargain bin at Walmart,
you know? And it’ll be like Air Bud
combined with Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s like, “What?” Those movies make no sense
together. So what, now I’m gonna go home
and jack off and then watch
Fifty Shades of Grey? That makes no sense. (cheers and applause) And here’s the thing, Florida can’t afford to be
stressing its voters out with weird multiple choice exams
on the ballot, right, because you guys have some
major decisions to make. There’s a big governor race,
there’s a big senate race, and maybe even bigger than both
is Amendment Number 4. Voters will soon decide whether
felons should automatically have their voting rights
restored in Florida. It is Amendment 4;
it’s on the November ballot. Now that is huge because if this
amendment passes, over 1.4 million ex-felons
who have served their time will regain
their right to vote. (cheers and applause) That is huge. And you know, I’ll be honest,
what’s really great to see is that this is an issue
that has bipartisan support. Democrats like that it’s
criminal justice reform. Republicans like it
because it would let a lot of former Trump officials
vote again, and… and the truth is the system
needs to be changed because the way it works now
is absolutely crazy, right. If you’re an ex-felon in Florida
who wants to vote, you have to wait seven years
after your sentence is done, and then you have to apply
to have your rights restored, and then you have to wait
another ten years because of the backlog. And then after all of that, the governor gets to decide
if you get to vote again. And with Florida’s current
governor, the computer says no. There’s absolutely no standards so we can make any decisions
we want. Damn. This guy’s denied so many people
their rights so fast. Like, you can tell
how often he says it and how often
he doesn’t care about it that he doesn’t even pronounce
all of the words anymore. Like, it’s just
a bunch of sounds to him. He’s like… (mumbling) You know what he sounds like?
He sounds like those roller coaster operators
who just phone in the safety speech.
They’re just like… (mumbling): “Ladies
and gentlemen, arms and legs inside the car at all times.
Enjoy the ride.” You’re like, “What…
Did he say something about…” (screams) (cheering and applause) And, now, look,
I’ll be honest with you. I think if a person
has served their time, they’ve served their time. They should immediately have
the right to vote. They’ve served their time. (cheering and applause) You shouldn’t
keep getting punished after you’ve been punished. Imagine you wrote
on the wall in crayon when you were three years old, and then when you were 30, your mom is still showing up
to your office randomly to whup your ass. You’re just, like, standing
there in the office like, “So, if you look at
the revenue streams over here, “what you’re going to see
in the third… “Mommy, wait, no! “No, Mommy! No, Mommy, please! “Mommy, please! No, Mommy! There’s gonna be four…
No, Mommy, wait, please, no!” Doesn’t make sense. And by the way, please, I know
that some of these arguments where people are gonna be like,
“Oh, you know, “the reason you need
to strip people of their vote is to deter them
from committing crimes.” That’s just some bullshit,
right? Let’s be honest. Right, this is not a deterrent
in any way. If someone’s
gonna commit a crime, taking their vote away
is not gonna stop them. It’s not like anyone’s ever been
about to rob a liquor store, and then there’s a little voice
in their head that’s like, “Don’t do it, man.
Think about the midterms.”

  1. Trevor is pointing out some Floridians absolute stupidity itโ€™s no wonder some of the Trump supporters feel right at home!

  2. Lol.

    What oh what are people going to do once the Senate and House go over 60% red. Oh yeah, that's right they'll just bitch even more. Including this clown.

  3. hey guys, the world is watching you right now. no more excuses, if you reelect trump you are a hate and fearmongering bigot land and you lose the "free and brave" tag for good

  4. I don't think Trevor got the lawn comment. Trump was implying theyre going to be mowing lawns. Lawn work is a stereotypical job attributed to Hispanics. Think Indians and convenience stores.

  5. The compensation offered to the trailer-trash morons at these hate-fests is a $5 KFC box, a roll of dimes, & a 10% discount on those stupid-assed hats. And, Orange Boy farts….a LOT, so those behind him also get a canned soda.

  6. If Trump doesnยดt take the climate threat seriously, heยดll loose Mar-a-Lago in a couple of years. Tell him, please!

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  8. God, Guts, and Guns is what made America great! And now we finally have a
    president who is on the side of real Americans! Those who demand
    opportunity not hand outs, those who demand to be free in a country that
    they call their own, those who believe that protecting ourselves our
    families and our communities is our God given right!

    because together we stand divided we fall, where we go one we go all.
    Thank you Mr. Trump you have risked it all for us and we are beholding
    to you, may God bless you and keep you always! Let us never cease in
    praying for our great country, and our great leader, as well as for our
    families, our neighbors, and our fellow Americans, so that God will
    never be unable to hear us again!

  9. Listen, Florida, I'm begging you to let ex-felons vote. Because here in Iowa we can't vote on amendments like that, so please make your vote count so that others may too

  10. Ya they bundle the votes because they win no matter if you vote yes or no typical Republican tricks dirty basterds !!

  11. I am willing to bet that there are more fraudsters, rapists, pedophiles, gangsters and other criminals within Trump's administration and inner circle than there are in the entire Caravan fleeing for their lives from Central America.

  12. Why do you lock your door at night? Why donโ€™t you let people come to you home without asking who they are? Why people need to apply for immigration? Why boarders? Why countries??

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  14. Trevor Noah is such a bitch, he said false rape accusations dont happen. Now the woman that said kavanaugh raped her admitted she made it all up. Fuck treavor noah.

  15. Your vote counts! Now vote yes on additional funding for handicap children which will incidentally deregulate the meat industry. Just remember that your ancestors died so you can't complain about putting officials feet to the fire that gives us all change in the direction of being better off now than you were for THE CHILDREN! Feel guilty yet? Kids are starving in Africa! They would eat those hanging chads! Booo! Civic duty!

  16. "you shouldn't keep getting punished after you are punished'
    Oh Trevor, so naive to American society. Next you'll be up there claiming that healthcare is a birthright. Tsk tsk.

  17. Trevor Noah, I am ashamed to be South African like you, your attack's on Trump are a disgrace. Your a total sell out!!!!! I suppose you supported Zuma the most corrupt man ever. Shame on you

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  19. He can't read that's why ! Vote Blue Vote Gillum for Governor on Tuesday Nov.6th!
    I have to agree with amendment #4 if they Served Their Time Than They Have Earned Their Right to Work at a Great Job,To Be Treated with Respect and Most of all To VOTE!

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  26. As a native Floridian it disappoints me to know that despite having the fourth highest population and gdp of all states, our per capita gdp is 40th. we need some new ideas in this state

  27. I'm a registered Florida Democrat and I voted straight Republican. Trevor Noah knows nothing about Florida, its people or its values. He knows nothing about America or its values, he just talks a big game. But we're not buying all the talk, Trevor. Ron DeSantis is governor and Florida is a red state now!

  28. Wait what, in the US you lose the right to vote if you're charged with a felony? That seems crazy to me and is probably unthinkable here in Germany, as it's a convenient bonus when a rather authoritarian government is trying to mute its political enemies by imprisoning them (I guess we're more sensible to this issue). Now they also can't vote against the opressors! More subtly, if laws are especially disadvantageous for a certain group of people, this group quickly loses the power to change the law, starting a vicious cycle…. this doesn't even have to be a conscious political agenda by someone, its just bad incentives running their course

  29. Bundling DVDs helps them get rid of crappy movies they couldn't move, and bundling laws helps kill the ones they don't want to succeed.

  30. Trevor is funny af. But Im kinda scared for americans I fear this anti trump thing will make america communist once they get rid of him lol

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