Trump Lets the Truth Come Out Post-Election: The Daily Show

I don’t know…
I don’t know about you guys, but, uh,
I’m ready for 2016 to end. I am so done with this year. -(cheering, applause)
-This was honestly one of the (bleep) years
we can remember. And on top of that
it was a leap year, so there was an extra day
of (bleep)-ness. To be honest, only an asshole
would be thankful for a year like this. NEWSMAN:
President-Elect Donald Trump
kicking off his thank-you tour,visiting the key
battleground states
that helped secure his win
against Hillary Clinton.
Of course– the worst year for
us is the best year for Trump. You know? When we lose, he wins. It’s like he owns
one of those cleaning companies that only cleans up
crime scenes. He’s like, “Oh, boy!
Triple homicide! Cha-ching!” (laughter) And I-I thought the thank-you
tour was a waste of time. Honestly, I did. Until I watched it… and I realized
that the thank-you tour is actually some
of the most important speaking Donald Trump has done all year. Like yesterday. Trump was in Wisconsin, right? And in between
thanking the voters, he also gave us a glimpse
of histruerelationship with the speaker of the house. Speaker Paul Ryan.
Where’s the speaker? -(audience jeering)
-Where is he? He has been… I’ll tell you,
he has been terrific. And, you know, honestly,
he’s like a fine wine. (laughter, jeering) Every day goes by, I get to appreciate his genius
more and more. Now, if he ever goes against me,
I’m not gonna say that, okay? I get the feeling
that when Trump says Paul Ryan is like a fine wine,
what he really means is that he wants to lock Ryan up in
a basement for, like, 40 years. You’ve got to read
between the lines. But… but what stands out
in that clip for me is not the compliment, but
it’s how blatantly Trump admits how empty his words are. Just watch that last part again. I get to appreciate his genius
more and more. Now, if he ever goes against me,
I’m not gonna say that, okay? Yeah, you see that? Straight up. If Paul Ryan
is like a fine wine, then Donald Trump
is like a fine meth. -You know? Yeah.
-(laughter) Just a little, and you’re, like,
“What the (bleep) is going on?!” The guy’s blatantly saying it. “I like him now,
but if he goes against me, I won’t say that,
I won’t say that.” And this is not
actually a new thing. What we’re seeing here
is a character I like to call “Truth Trump.” You’ll notice
if you watch him closely. Right? The Donald voices
some political opinion, and then Truth Trump slips out
and tells you the real deal. You’ve been hearing me say
it’s a rigged system, but now I don’t say it anymore
because I won. -Okay? It’s true.
-(cheering) You know, now I don’t care. I don’t care. (laughter) You see?
It throws everyone off. Because politicians
aren’t supposed to be honest about their lying. Right? You don’t even get mad,
you just get confused. You really do. Imagine
if your boyfriend was like, “Baby, I didn’t go to the club.
I was home! “Unless you were home, too,
when, uh, I was, “uh, somewhere else, uh, then
that, uh, I was somewhere else. “That doesn’t make you mad.
I mean, ha-ha, that’s the thing. But I wasn’t at the club!” And now, with this tour,
Trump is finally admitting that it was all bull (bleep). He’s admitting it blatantly.
Blatantly. Take Hillary for example. Right? Trump spent the entire campaign
saying that Hillary was a dangerous criminal
who had ruined the country, and for that,
he was gonna lock her up. People chanted it.
They held up signs. He even said it to her face
at a debate. It was the one specific piece
of policy he had. But now that he’s got
what he wanted, Truth Trump
tells it like it is. Because I heard my opponent had scheduled Michigan unexpectedly, it was like, all of a sudden, with President Obama
and Michelle, and Bill and Hillary. -And they were going
to Michigan. -(crowd boos) No, it’s okay. No. -Forget it. -CROWD:
Lock her up! Lock her up! -Lock her up!
-That plays great… before the election.
Now we don’t care, right? I’m sorry, what? He even said, “It plays great”? Just, it plays great
before the election, but now we don’t care? Yeah? Like-like, everyone else
was doing this (bleep) for real, and he was just playing,
he was just testing it out? You can even feel some people
in the crowd were like, “Yeah… Wait, we were playing? “Come on. I wrote that
on grandpa’s tombstone. I took that seriously.” That’s not even
the biggest surprise. Because, look, I can get going
hard on your opponents, right? But Trump’s campaign’s
central appeal was that he was an outsider, a man whose main mission
was to drain the swamp. He said it all the time. He was going to get rid
of the lobbyists and get rid of Wall Street money and give D.C.
back to the people. But Truth Trump,
he tells it like it is. We’re going
to drain the swamp… of corruption. Funny how that term
caught on, isn’t it? I tol… I tell everyone–
I hated it. Somebody said,
“drain the swamp.” I said, “Oh, that’s so hokey.
That is so terrible. I said, “All right,
I’ll try it’.” So, like a month ago,
I said, “drain the swamp.” Place went crazy.
I said, “Whoa. What’s this?”
Then I said it again. Then I started saying it
like I meant it, right? And then I said it…
I started loving it. And the place loved it.
Let’s drain the swamp. I mean, it’s true. It’s true. It’s true. Drain the swamp. You know what Trump is like?
He’s like a magician telling everyone
how he did the trick, and still some people
are like, “Wow, magic. “It’s magic. “Ooh. Magic.”

  1. Black oppression huh? People are getting real tired of that argument. America has done every thing possible to help Blacks .And Trevor How oppressed are you when you cash your million dollar paychecks ? Your argument with Tomi comparing Whites and Blacks rioting >.Big difference is Whites sometimes party after a champion sports team wins along side blacks which is stupid but Whites don't go braking into business's stealing every thing they can carry then burn buildings down. Then use it as a excuse to riot because of some thug shot killed by police while committing a crime. Whites also do not march down streets screaming what do we want dead cops . Accusing cops of killing Blacks just because they are Black. 100% Bullshit. Nor do Whites gang up on Blacks beating them up for voting for the most corrupt politician in history Hillary .Bottom line is your skin color should make no difference on who you are! Your ether good or bad . So what does that say about you Trevor ? You ungrateful anti American race baiter pile of shit . That puts you in the bad. The next time you cash your million dollar check for promoting racism you can take your oppression and shove it straight up your ass!

  2. Noah, either you`re acting like you don`t know it`s all a game , a race ( the election ) or you are stupid and don`t know it is.
    It is strategy and tactics to win bro …

  3. God. Like. This guy is trying to make this basic social anxiety of Trumps funny…i fucked up..act cool..cant follow through..well we never meant it right? come awnnn!!! hes a clown…a scary one.

  4. 4:55 look at that retarded Trump supporter in the back with the red hat, beard and glasses. Do people like that have a right to vote? That explains a lot,

  5. Not only is he a constant liar, but that guy actually finds it amusing that he lies, yet they continue to stand there with those Westborough Baptists Church grins on their faces. Brain-dead Zombies are not a myth folks. His supporters are as stupid as stupid gets!

  6. It's not Trump's fault. Americans are so worried about housewives​, rappers, and reality that he could have done worse and if wasn't on SoMe noone cared. Americans get what Americans deserve.

  7. trevor noah you are full of shit. you gloss over facts to sensationalize YOUR viewpoint. your living in a fantasy world. grow up. America won and Democrats lose

  8. "he's like a magician telling everyone how he did the trick and still people are like 'ooooohhh magic! it's magic!' "

    LMAO! YES! xD

    you know why he can get away with this? we've stopped teaching context clues and critical thinking in grade school. hmm no wonder he wants someone that wants to completely dismantle public education as secretary.

  9. Idiocracy and the entire cast of orcs a la Tolkien is the new USA. Well done all you Trumpettes on electing a travesty of a caricature of a non-sentient parody of the epitome of absurdity.

  10. As much as I hate Trump, I can't seem to find an actual video of this. Only bits and pieces of video that have no link.

  11. lol love his honesty. but really this is why he won he seems real and talks like he's not on a teleprompter. yeah he says dumb stuff and contradicts his self that's what happens. it's all part of the charm.

  12. I never understand whether I'm supposed to like it or dislike it.. I mean do you dislike a video that shows a man being killed or like it cause it informed you and hate yourself for likeing it?

  13. I'm definitely not a Trump supporter here, but I'll play Devil's Advocate. It seems in some of these he was obviously joking, like the first thing he said about Paul Ryan. Although I guess you could say that he let the truth come out in a statement he phrased as a joke.

  14. Ok so in the end i know now that what i heard about Americans is true most of them are dumb as fuck 😂😂😂 Is rude i know but is a fact…I hope the smart Americans the ones are not Trump supporters and are left there to do something and fix that bullshit president you have before all the world will think the same about all of you 100% is sad to see that this lier can lie into your face so easy and get away…if he was my president in my country he was resign in the second day after elections :)))) Dam people be united and get that joker out before does more harm than good 😉

  15. Red Tie—> Don
    Blue tie–> Twin Brother

    Paid by the same folks on wall street who tested to see what Russia would do if Hillary became the president

  16. i used to say there aren't enough stupid people in America to elect Donald Trump but i stand corrected. i am surrounded by ignorant Christian hypocritical nut jobs. these immoral phoney ass horrific lying drunk fake Christian scum bags. That'll go straight to a bar get drunk treat women like they are shit talk shit about everyone they know go home yell racial slurs around at everyone (as long as no black people are around) and act like decent people all dressed up on Sunday morning at their phoney church. praying to their sky daddy to solve all their problems. It's despicable. typical Christian hypocrites. 99.9%of the Republican voters are these types of horrible ass people. They are scum and they are dumb as a box of fucking rocks

  17. the daily show, a safe place to meet up with people who can say anything they want and be backed up by others, name calling, and taking jokes at face value. "drain the swamp, i use to say it and not mean it"… Meaning he did not care about it before. "untill he goes against what i say"… I do not understand this guys videos, its like he watches a video on trump, waits for him to make a joke, then jokes him for it??.. but its funny when the daily show jokes, but not ok when trump does… i guess this is why your show is on comedy central, because thats the only arguments made…behind backs…

  18. it is magic donald trump got electeted he is using mind control I mean come on how else is he going to get elected I mean its magic that will leave our economey in ruins for decades , but still magic

  19. Speaking of crime scene clean up companies…what company was hired for the Newtown Sandy Hook, oh wait that was the fake shooting like Orlando and that Batman Theater

  20. You can actually see the raw hurt and disappointment in some of these peoples' faces. At the end of the day, ya'll stupid motherfuckers, but I would like to work together to fix your mistake.

  21. Trump revealing how THEY (Trump and the Repubs) PRETENDED that they weren't in on it together. What a bunch of stupid voters to have believed all of that bad TV programming.

  22. this is not funny, its sad… there are more stupid people than smart people and this is what happened because of it

  23. This guy is freakin' HILARIOUS! He's like a more amazing Comedy Central version of John Oliver from Last Week Tonight!

  24. This president just admitted he lied about almost everything to be elected and people are just cool lol. How stupid can people become

  25. Wow, after watching this I'm sure that his voters are all fucking retarded. Look at what he says at his rally, and they cheered for him? Pathetic degenerative retards.

  26. This is quite a telling video on how serious Trump is about his promises and intention. And the Trump supporters did continue to cheer and support him. They really want him to be in the office at any costs. They believe that he will bring about change in the government and policies of America. Well, they are right. A change it is going to be. Good or bad? Well, let the Trump supporters discover it for themselves.
    I am glad that America is not my country but it really doesn't matter because a paradigm shift of a super power country like America will affect the whole world. Damn……But all is not lost. Sometimes when it matters most, he may finally make the right decisions.

  27. If I had voted for Trump i would NOT be able to look my son in the eye! How, how, how was this lying, delusional, arrogant egomaniacal man ever elected? Before the election i was stunned at the level of animosity directed toward me whenever I questioned his statements and/or behavior. Was everyone drinking the same Kool-Aid???

  28. As he broadcasts from a Freemason owned building lol for which Illuminati has there fingers in of course there gunna talk shit bout Trump he's Gunna clean the swamp people!!!

  29. The most gullible
    Poeple on the planet are Americans. You can sell American a piece of crap with tinsel on it and tell them it's a Christmas ornament and they will buy it.

    They sure bought into trumps crap. Big time.

  30. Pussies still crying! Trump is doing a fabulous job. Trevor is a fucking idiot and just another cry baby! Fucking sheep! CNN IS FUCKING GARBAGE NEWS! ASS HURT!

  31. Man, everyone said that 2016 was bad, then everyone said 2017 sucked, and now I wonder how people will think about 2018

  32. I was at a Club as a teenager with all my friends because my then boyfriend told me it was banging the day before. I told a bunch of my friends and we all ran there but it was empty. We get in the elevator and we see a worker. So I figured I get why it was so empty that day and I asked the guy why was it banging the day before but so empty that day. I was looking at all my friends like yeah we’re getting to the bottom of this. The guy looked at me n said they were closed the day before and all my friends were looking at me like yeah Linda. We got to the bottom of that. Now what you gonna do???

  33. And people are still voting for these popularity contests called presidential election. Democracy is an illusion. Wake up people.

  34. Totally agree, Trump completely abandoned his promise to "drain the swamp". Made a video about it for anyone interested.

  35. Trump is now 908 days into his sham of a presidency, and he's told over 10,000 verifiable lies. Most people would find that disturbing, but Trump's followers love it. America is on pause and will resume playing once the orange imbecile is out of office.

  36. A person who is okay with Trump isn't going to watch his every speech. I appreciate that you've made this video, but lets be legit – only die-hard Trump supporters are going to say, "it's magic".

    And there aren't nearly as many die-hard Trump supporters as mainstream news and hollywood would have us believe. Most people like Trump because they are done putting up with political correctness. A lot of people are beyond tired of having people tell them how they MUST talk. People are sick of big government knowing every last detail of their lives. The federal government only needs to know that you exist. They don't need to know how much you make, what you've spent, how much you owe on your home and cars, if anyone in your household served in the military, how much you have in your bank account, your investments, – these are all violations of your God given right to privacy. These are violations of the fourth amendment, the Federal Government is not allowed to gather this information. And I know our country has been dumbed down and there will be people coming back with "we need social security", "we need healthcare", "we need the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT controlling our lives. And those people are the same ones who when schooled on the United States Constitution, will hate the United States Constitution. They will hate that the Constitution does not not give the FEDERAL government permission to rule over their lives. They will want the Constitution amended or tossed out the window. The Government schools have done exactly what they were designed to do. People don't want to be free anymore, they want to be cattle – herded up and corralled through life. The fourth amendment is perpetually violated and no one cares.

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