1. Liberals are very upset Trump didn't start WWIII. That is some serious TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). Love him or hate him, we do not need to start another war. "Let's Make Iran Great Again" was kind of tongue-in-cheek, but if we can see them prosper and not feed their hate then it's a win-win.

  2. 川普大概是伊朗的间谍吧,人家把你无人机打下来了,你要让人家great again……要么中国也来打一架美国的无人机下来,这样川普也会帮助中国great again了

  3. Khamenai is a supreme leader. Everyone should learn from his and Iran. Iran teach the whole world to love , help others, and careing neighbours and every human being. Trump learn humanity from khamenai.

  4. Viet nam helf iran shot down thê drone of amercan and secret sending 500 soldiers to iran for attack american beside more china Russia north korea are friend will attack american trump just is big mouth never do something done and now trump so worry and crying

  5. "Iran never just woke up and starting hating America or its Western allies. It has been a systematic downfall from foreign intervention and meddling in democratic elections. In 1951, with help from the British, the newly formed CIA was not happy with Iran's free, democratically elected President. Iran not only was about to oust the Iranian Monarch known as the Shah. But were going to drop American-European currencies by adopting a gold standard. Then from there. Naturalized their own resources. This angered American-European delegations who wanted a submissive Iran, a puppet state. So what does the US do? Easy. With their newly formed Central Intelligence Agency, they orchestrated a coup. Bribed, and smuggled in foreign fighters to cause a false flag or rebellion. After the coup attempt. The evil Shah and his monarchy were reestablished to governance. Which resulted in over 20 years of oppression and tyranny. In 1979, the Iranian population got tired of such enslavement. Created a revolution that ousted the Shah and his associates. But instead of holding democratic elections. They went with a religious authoritarian type rule of government. They placed a religious, Muslim fanatic that was no better than the Shah from before. From there. The policy of indoctrination and media manipulation painted the Western Alliances as the enemy. This implemented a network of funded terrorism, downgrade in civil rights, and the abolishment of certain freedoms. Iran could've been a center of positive influence for the Arab regions. But America fucked that up."
    -A.H. Roberts

  6. What’s with the chopper talk is he trying to sound like he’s angry or possibly so that he can turn around and say he didn’t say that bc you can’t really hear much of his blasphemy

  7. Let me process this he just said he cares about 150 Iranians lives 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 yeeeeeeaaah right

  8. All Obama did was returning Iran’s money that US government was holding for 30 years. And you are the one walked out of the deal illegal after negotiated for years. And you walked away because of the terrorist state of Israel. So stop your bs. Iran is already a rich country but the illegal sanction by US has caused them to suffer ordinary Iranians because of Israel’s lies. Iran dose not have nuclear weapon.

  9. And if trump is worry about jcpoa athurization in congress ,why he refuse for congress athurization about going to war with iran ? 😁

  10. This man just contradicted himself within ONE sentence. He said they hadn’t met yet, and then he said “when they met”.
    That whole thing about Iran getting money was Iran’s money from sanctions imposed on it, being returned to them by the Treasury dept. when Iran signed the Nuclear Arms deal which they have totally complied with … until of course Trump withdrawing from it for “Obama cooties” on it.
    “any casualties are a lot with shooting down an unmanned drone” … this man is an IDIOT. If there is a god out there, please help us. This whole thing makes me sick.

  11. He's still paranoid about all things "Obama" lmao … Just like they invaded Iraq looking for non existent WMD's ..

  12. CNN. Let’s make America dumb again? Seems to be working for whatever viewers they still have left. Anyone who can’t see through this now has real issues! Put any Democrat through what Trump has been through, and see what happens!!! Oh wait, that’s coming very soon. Going to be hard to process for this crowd.

  13. We ALL love you DONALD TRUMP and we ALL will come out again to VOTE for you in 2020 because we ALL know what's going on in America now and CNN has taken sides with IRAN, #1 in the world at FUNDING TERRORISM!! Shame on CNN and The Wallstreet Journal for taking sides with IRAN!! TRUMP has already done FAR more for America than ALL of the Democrats COMBINED!! WE ALL LOVE YOU DONALD TRUMP!! TRUMP NATION BABY!! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!! 👏👏👏💪💪😎⛑⛑⛑

  14. "We have a great phone system"… " I know too much about nuclear..a lot about nuclear" " great plan"…"I know a lot of iranians" "great people"…What a moron! you are a GREAT moron too!

  15. We will we will help you Almighty president ruler of the Free World We bow down to you we will kiss the rain and follow you wherever you go you can find out any woman you want and like you said shoot somebody on Broadway and be innocent you are the greatest man on Earth you are so wonderful if only you could fly and free us from the burdens of the immigrants coming across the border take a note jobs our women

  16. It's Okay If Trump Hates Me
    Mommy Saids If I'm Good When
    I'm Older She'll Take Me To Trump's Funeral So Y'all Better Hope I'm Not I'm Gonna Do Very
    Bad Things To His Grave

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