1. To all the people who hate Hilary, what exactly makes Trump better? Angry baseless bullshit will be ignored. Bear in mind that both candidates are shit, but they're what we got

  2. By forcing someone to accept the result of the election no matter what (frauds) is the worse dictatorship. It's a bait to trap Trump in the future. Guess what, you can't stump the TRUMP!

  3. Forget the election. Let the two have a slugfest and the winner becomes President. That way, it ain't rigged.

  4. To all the Trump supporters: Trumps lost. Get over it. The election isn't rigged. You can't accept the fact that a majority of Americans want Hillary. Cry all you want it won't do fucking thing. You'll shit post on the internet about "taking back 'Murica but you'll just sit on your fatasses and do nothing. Stop crying, face facts and move on.

  5. I'm not a fan of Hillary at all, but she would be far less bad than this buffoon. It's totally understandable to hate her, if you do your hate is completely justified. But for goodness sake don't vote for Donald fucking Trump. He has no idea what the hell he's doing. His proposed tax cuts for the rich and everyone else are larger than Bush's were, which would lead to a recession AT LEAST as bad (but probably worse) than the one in 08, and increase the national debt by about $10 trillion in 10 years. His healthcare plan would be a disaster; he would repeal Obamacare and let insurance companies fuck you over with higher rates and they would be able to drop your coverage simply because you were sick at one point, or if you become sick they could just suddenly drop you then too. He has no plan to help with student loans; whenever he's asked about it he either dodges the question by bitching about China and Mexico "taking our jobs" or he says "we're gonna do great things with student debt" (which he did in the last debate) and leaves it at that. No substance whatsoever. Instead of trying to win over new voters with good talking points in policies in these debates he got too caught up in the name calling, conspiracies and flip-flopping between liberal and conservative views. And no, calling me a "Hillbot", "Shill", "Bernie Bro", "communist" or whatever is not going to change the fact that Trump is a disaster.

  6. 1st time in history like in a 100 years, a current president as a hard on for the candidate who's trying to make it in the office. Campaigning against Trump. Hope Obama chokes on Hillarys 5 inch nipples and Bills red nose

  7. Bernie accepted honorably. only to find he and all of his supporters were royally screwed by DNC from the beginning. So why on earth would Trump accept the result blindly?

  8. The election is being rigged for Hillary. It will take one hell of a lot of rigging to even make this one close. Trump will win by a very large margin.

  9. what a clown. To see how far he came surprised me. I still can't understand why people support his ideas,if he has any.

  10. This son of a gun has to win.

    I wish people could truly understand, how what little things this man says or does, has no reflection on how he will run the country.
    How many wives or girlfriends have caught the husbands or boyfriends checking out another ladies body? What do you think he is saying to himself in his mind when he does? What do you think he tells his buds when he sees them about that hot pc of ass? But, yall still with him for the good stuff? Stop being childish and just damn stupid

  11. something about this guy just makes me want to paint my face red white and blue and sing the National anthem while i fly the American flag on my truck and run over smart cars with it

  12. What a fucking BOSS. Yes "progressive" authoritarians, I mailed my absentee ballot from here in Korea 2 days ago and yes, I checked off Trump and Pence.

  13. If Donald wins, he will be too tied up in court to act as president.
    He will be testifying at his hearings for the Trump-ed Up University case, testifying at his hearings for raping a 13-year-old girl, and testifying at his lawsuits against the 11 women who have "falsely" accused him of sexual assault, among who-knows-how-many other litigations.

  14. What is this shit ?
    U guys applaud him for that ?
    I knew americans are stupid but this goes way too far.
    Please stay in your shit hole of country and dont come to Europe.

  15. Trump doesn't give a shit……and thats what i love about him. Says exactly how he feels and says it like it is. Real Fucking Man right here!

  16. This was possibly the coolest moment I have seen in the last 25 years..
    you could almost hear ipads dropping from the gathered medias shaking hands…as they were hoping to run back with a Trump apology.

    This gave every Trump supporter the assurance that all was well in hand…


  18. that finger point was too damn good.
    such a boss, and ppl preferred crooked hillary?

    Thankful for President Trump

  19. well at least hes fuckin HONEST about not wanting to accept the outcome of the election if he wouldnt win (thank G-d he did). Unlike KILARY and her hypocritical self and hypocritical supporters when killary said some shit like "I find it HORRIFYING that he will not accept the outcome of the election" and then she said something about how we need to have a democracy. BUT SHE AS JUST SAYING THIS CIZ SHE THOUGHT HER COTTAGE CHEESE ASS WOULD WIN!!! OH WELL! BUT THEN WHEN HER DISGUSTING SELF RIGHTFULLY LOST, SHE AND HER SUPPORTERS COULDN'T ACCEPT THE OUTCOME OF THE DAMN ELECTION! INSEAD THEY WERE OBSESSED WITH BULLSHIT RECOUNTS WHICH WAS JUST A WAY TO TAKE MOREEE MONEY FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. NO REFUNDS RIGHT!!!????

  20. Perhaps the greatest part of all the accusations thrown at trump about not accepting the election results is how in the end it was hillary and the left who refused to do so. There are no bigger hypocrites then leftys…..

  21. Still hilarious… never gets old. It's even more funny now that everyone asking him to make pledge, can't accept the outcome. So awesome.

  22. Please people, please, look at the list of Trump’s presidential accomplishments since becoming commander in chief. Then compare Obama’s. Everyone thinks Obama is the greatest American president. Until you look at his accomplishments. The smoke and mirrors of superb public speaking patterns trump all legislature that he has laid and betrayed. Funny how that works with millennials isn’t it?

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