Trump, Humiliation, Populism: Franco "Bifo" Berardi in conversation with Verso

we have an enormous technological power economic power and this is why we are important because the more our faculties are objectified in the machine the less the organ is powerful I mean the more we rely on glasses the less we our eyes see so the more we rely on on artificial intelligence the more we tend to become stupid this is a general law of the relation between technology and the human body we should be aware of that our they did the technological projection of our potency is the impotence of of our of our body and of our mind we must find a balance linked to the political impotence of the of the white working-class that kind of political impotence that is a is is bringing people is pushing people to vote for for the right wing at work for people like Donald Trump and so on it's the political face of a sentiment of existential importance it's also a sentiment and a a a manifestation of sexual impotence that is I mean it's the problem of growing old growing older Islam can be a beautiful experience if you are able to think that that I have nothing to lose I have nothing to to build but if you think that the problem is meaning the problem is completing at that point growing gold is very very bad because you Lowe's you become a loser whatever you whatever power you have are what no matter our money our way purse whether you are loser if you understand that losing and winning means nodding with the one that has told me that the important is not winning or losing or logging the important is being impeccable what is the meaning of impeccable who knows it important is being yourself I've started the thinking about the problem of humiliation it's a word that does not belong to the tradition of Marxism and of the political told but I think that if we don't don't understand what humiliation means we don't understand the victory of Donald Trump in the United States of America or the victory of a guy like nigger Farage in the United Kingdom and so on and so on because this kind of people are the Avengers of the humiliated people of the world so what is the meaning of your mediation humiliation in my opinion means the perception that you cannot can no more be that you can no longer be what you were proud to be something belonging to you is stolen and at that point you started feeling sort of a dispossession of young creating businesses ameliorating because you are guilty if I steal your your your salary in your life it's your fault because you're poor you are wait you have no power you are impotent you're stupid and so did Shawn you know what if you want to understand the victory of Donald Trump you have to think of Tony Blair of Bill Clinton of Massimo D'Alema of France wall and they deny liberalist have been the Humiliator sir and workers the workers of the world we're investing in people like Tony Blair is Tony Blair is someone became powerful thanks to the British workers it's the workers we've made the fortune of Tony Blair and what is Tony what is Dan Tony Blair his reiated the British workers and and he said that cool Britannia is good and you are all people I don't care about you and that is the perception that we have of Tony Blair that that's the point and for 10 years we have accepted that for 20 years we have accepted that expecting tomorrow maybe that something happens at the certain point after 30 years of permanent humiliation the working class of the West has decided that the day Illya Turing in chief they high permeate the radiator called Donald Trump is our favorite person because he is going to create the humiliate errs I see a similarity between rot say the other fiddler – the white workers of Germany and what Donald Trump is saying to the white workers though of the United States of America they are making the same the same talk either say to the white workers of Germany forget about your in mediation you are not humiliated and defeated workers you are white warriors and we will win they did not really but they destroyed Europe at the same say the same thing is saying dollar country he speaking with the American white workers saying you are not workers you are white people you are white warriors and we will win I think that they will not win but they are poison to destroy the world so you see is it populism now it's fascism then someone some friends of mine and the brilliant idea that we should be populist but leftist published what you mean we should take the same values of the resist and transform these values into leftists values we should understand the cry of suffering of the people I don't want to understand the mediation from the point of view of humiliations itself I want to understand you mediation as a starting point for therapy for self transformation the humiliated people are not evaluated people they are the possibility of dignity they are the possibility of autonomy they are the possibility of communism a guy called the Vladimir Lenin that I don't like so much and I find beautifully and sort of em not ironical enough for my test and came to the fore saying that communism is the potency of the state against capitalism the conclusion has been very bad because the state is not a friend of human freedom and is not a friend of the possibilities that are inscribed in the present so under the assaulter the Soviet revolution I would I would like to say that the real problem is that we should emancipate from the superstition of salaried lab or what is the superstition the superstition is the idea that if you want to survive you have to work well it has been true for 500 years probably during the Industrial Age a certain amount of work was necessary but at a certain point work has become more and more identifiable with knowledge and you know what knowledge is essentially knowledge is the ability to live Survivor without objectifying your time in the form of labor knowledge is freedom from lab or this was probably impossible hundred years ago anyway now it's the moment we need the technical platform for the Solidarity of hundred million of cognitive workers in the world and those are good millions of people like me like and like you 200 million people will be able to create a world where richness is for everybody because richness is already for everybody we don't see it but we have an intellectual potency that can produce we need without obliging our time to be subjected to the blackmail of salary the blackmail of work if we accept the idea that the Silicon Valley is Google and Facebook and Amazon and Microsoft and Apple and some are the big global corporation bye-bye we have no way out it's none politics is impotent me you an hundred million people in the world we are Google we are Facebook we are the Silicon Valley Silicon Valley is not somewhere in Cupertino Mountain View I don't remember where in California know the real Silicon Valley is everywhere in the world wherever there is an anonymous cognitive world well the world is a punk a hippie a love report an engineer who refuses the blackmail of of power of misery of of the life of work a salary or wherever there is a rebel with a keyboard and with access to the global machine the global Silicon Valley is there so you know I think that we even want to win the battle against the global corporation that are the real force of capitalism nowadays it's not politics that will help us is not the National State the Parliament that political parties know it's us

  1. Franco Berardi's mind (and heart) are fascinating and essentially beautiful. I rarely am on the same page as he is (neither have I read the same books he did and does), but his perception of humans is outstanding and his gesture is goodness. Anyhow, I just want to say that I don't think Trump presented himself as the redeemer of the humiliated — by calling the people of the USA who were paying attention to the candidate Trump "irredeemables" and "deplorables", Hillary Clinton herself created the redeemableness of Donald Trump (and hence tried but failed to farther humiliated the people of the USA). BTW, this was something that Emmanuel Macron quickly noticed and of which he made a practical note for his own benefit. Tangent> Greetings to Prof. Berardi.

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