Trump Has Suspended The Law To Get His Border Wall Built Faster

To say that Donald Trump has no respect for
the rule of law, I think would probably be a gross understatement, right? We all know that Donald Trump has no respect
for the rule of law, but each day we’re kind of finding out a little more and more about
how little regard he has for it. Take for example, this story that came out
earlier this week. Apparently Donald Trump has decided that in
order to appease his rabid base, he’s got to get his border wall built as quickly as
possible so that he can have the 450 miles that he’s promised constructed before the
2020 election. But in order to do that, he kind of has to
screw with the process a little bit. See, there’s a reason why federal projects
seem to take a little bit longer and it’s because there are lots of different laws,
actual laws in place, that govern how money is spent by the federal government, especially
when it comes to hiring private contractors. So Donald Trump this week said, you know what? It is within my authority to do this. So I am going to temporarily suspend those
laws so that we don’t have to abide by them so that I can fast track my border wall. And these are all laws, 10 of them, that apply
to the procurement of the project, meaning what materials are used, how those materials
are purchased, who they are purchased from, who gets hired to do the job and eliminating
competition in the bidding process. Basically doing away with the bidding process. So whoever Donald Trump and the department
of homeland security say, yeah, this guy looks good. He gets to go do it. That’s it. There’s no more bidding. There’s no more analysis of which company’s
legit and which one may rip you off. They’re just going to pick somebody willy
nilly, most likely a Trump supporter based on the people we’ve seen building the wall
in the past. And that person then gets to have that job
and they get to make millions and billions of dollars possibly. And, you know, we’re not going to be looking
over their shoulder to make sure they’re using the correct materials or that they’re even
doing the correct job in the first place because Trump just wants it done. Now here’s the question I have for Donald
Trump supporters out there who are just giddy over the fact that we’re going to have this
border wall. We saw reports, what a week and a half ago,
where part of the wall blew down. Right? Like the big bad Wolf is sitting over there
in Mexico just huffing and puffing. But they had a heavy breeze. Part of the wall blew down and it’s because
they didn’t set the concrete properly. And I know they say it’s, well, it wasn’t
dried. Yes, but you do not lay concrete in inclement
weather. So you hired a contractor who didn’t know
what the hell they were doing and we look like a bunch of morons with a border wall
that blew over in a light breeze. What’s going to happen when there’s no more
competition and where Donald Trump, who has proven that he’s already going to do this,
hires some nut job off the street to build this crazy border wall? I can’t wait to see how his base is going
to react. But the thing that terrifies me the most is
one, that this thing is going to even exist because it’s unnecessary and it’s disgusting. Let’s get that out of the way right now. Okay. This is an absolute disgusting project that
is meant to show the world that the United States does not like you, will not tolerate
you and doesn’t even want to look at you. We as a country should be better than that
by now, but clearly we’re not. The second thing, we are about to lose billions
of dollars by Donald Trump ignoring and waiving these laws that are in place. These laws are in place for a reason. Fraud against the government is a massive,
massive racket for private contractors. We have seen it happen countless times over
and over again with our forever wars that we have going on over there. We have seen it happen with Medicare and Medicaid
through these private hospital corporations. You can ask my Senator Rick Scott about that. He knows a lot about it and how to do it,
and that’s what’s going to happen with this border wall. You took away the regulations, you took away
the oversight and you’re going to hire the dumbest people you can possibly find to build
this border wall who are going to do a horrible job and then pocket millions of dollars in
profit. My prediction is that 10 to 15 years from
now, we will likely be seeing massive lawsuits against the shotty government contractors
hired to build Donald Trump’s wall.

  1. Kickback, and who's going to pay to maintain this thing? Trump no, he will be gone, leaving his mistakes for others to deal with.

  2. No, there wont be any lawsuits against the wall builders as I'm sure they have contracts that hold them unaccountable from any future lawsuits.

  3. Again trump will pick some hack doner and moscow mitch with the senate will continue to allow trumps complete lawlessness

  4. Throughout Trump's history with contractors he broke everyone of them and never paid any of them for their work he uses so many excuses to avoid paying them and they all have sued him for the breach of contract and know him to day he'l break every law to get what he wants No one is given favors by Trump he only wants your vote as well you listening to to bad puns vulgar fart riddle and crack jokes he no longer is intersected the politics he can't read long important words let alone the Bible if he is so damn smart then why don't listen or understand to what other are saying to them and if the report of dug use i have heard on Youtube and paper then he is burning himself out cause those who work up close to him have told the media of his drug use to boost his confident that is how you see him and the reason why he can't laid anymore

  5. It was all obvious this was a con job from the beginning when step one was changing it from a concrete to a steel wall, step 2 was put a 25% tariff on foreign steel…the it went from 5B to 10B to 20B

  6. Witch Judy , is not what america think, if you have'nt notice , her favorite arguing point is n has always been "I'AM SMARTER THEN YOU" – DOES PROJECTING that she is'nt all that SMART, – just googled how many times she's use it throughout her career. The burn 🔥 will win, if need be, over her dead remains.

  7. The branch of government designed to uphold the rule of law, doing away with it. The most damaging thing to happen to our democracy since Reagan pulling power away from the people with his "trickle down" garbage that has led to many of our problems. To be ruled over instead of governing ourselves

  8. You know, if people don’t like immigrants then why don’t they go back to their country (Germany, Britain, etc). Unless you are Native American you are an immigrant! Wake up people, vote the crazy man out of th the WH in November!

  9. Trump is sick in the head & also with the shoddy workmanship of the existing wall that he has authorized all they're doing is robbing taxpayers of their money

  10. Millions to spent on the fake wall that blew over and where’s the health care that he promised nothing. The wall is more important than the health and the lives of American citizens weird, and yet his dumb fuck supporters are living on Obamacare what an embarrassing situation. He lashes out on Obama in every turn but hey take a look of what have you accomplish…nothing….mmmm wait…nah you have accomplish taking money out of everyone including your stupid supporters.

  11. If we as a country do not want people coming maybe we should stop bragging that where the greatest country in the world start calling ourselves a shithole country and maybe nobody will want to come

  12. At some point USA taxpayers will get completely fed up with their money being spent on things that don't benefit them. If they are wise.

    So that will be like Mexico paying for it"
    Sorry Gump that is not Mexico paying for the wall only dummies will LOOK at it that way. Another promise made not kept

  14. He "suspends" the law for the wall then he will "suspend" the election in the name in national security too.
    It will happen.

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