Trump declines to blame Putin over election meddling

There was no collusion
with the campaign. And every time you hear
all of these, 12 and 14, it’s stuff that has nothing to
do – and frankly, they admit, these are not people
involved in the campaign. But to the average reader out
there, they’re saying, well, maybe that does – it doesn’t. Just now, President
Putin denied having anything to do with the
election interference in 2016. President Putin was
extremely strong and powerful in his denial today. And what he did is
an incredible offer. He offered to have the people
working on the case come and work with their
investigators, with respect to the 12 people. I think that’s an
incredible offer. Zero collusion, and it
has had a negative impact upon the relationship
of the two largest nuclear powers in the world. We have 90% of nuclear power
between the two countries. It’s ridiculous.

  1. Maybe becouse there wasn't any. I wish Putin comes out and just says he did it. I would respect him even more, just for fu…ing America up. Give them a taste of what they are doing everyday. For all those lives they took and lifes destroyed. One day, One day we'll see that, it would be a great day.

  2. Time for NATO to either suspend the USA's membership or kick them out. The European countries in NATO already spend 5 times more than Russia on defense.

  3. Trump is Putin's puppet. He says and does whatever his puppet master orders him to do. If Putin says he didn't interfere in the election then Trump announces that Putin didn't interfer in the election. Trump is being run by Vladimir Putin and that means America is being run by Vladimir Putin. Trump was the beneficiary of Russian hacking. He is a fake president, an illegitimate president and, along with that, he's a #PornWhorePig. He was installed into the White House by Vladimir Putin and America has been run by Vladimir Putin since the day his puppet, Donnie Dimwit, took office.

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