Trump Blasts Democrats For Holding Hearing While He’s At NATO Summit | NBC Nightly News

  1. Noticing some red flag? Signs that it’s time for Nana Statler to move in a home. He's a perfect candidate for assisted living.

  2. To be a Republican today is almost definitionally to be an Always Trumper. Any Republican who reveals himself to be merely a Sometimes Trumper gets ejected from the party. Those who remain in the GOP pledge their absolute loyalty to their boss, especially voters who get their news from de-facto state media. In a recent PRRI survey, a majority (55 percent) of Republicans whose primary news source is Fox News say there is nothing Trump could do to lose their approval. There are, of course, many reasons to worry about this kind of idolatry. But the biggest risk is that the more unconditional love the Always Trumpers show, the more emboldened Trump becomes. And the more he escalates his democratic destruction.

  3. Was he going to testify? That why he loves bringing Hillary's name up all the time. It will go no where but his base has no memory so it's always new.

  4. the core mission of NATO is defending its member countries against any offensive attacks, upto now NATO has violated its mission and US used NATO's resources, locations, and manpower to invade countries like Iraq, Syria and more. So NATO is entitled to either ask US to pay back for the resources they used or mask off NATO's core mission, it is a big lie.

  5. But see NATO was formed in responds to the Warsaw Pact threat. Last time I checked, the Warsaw Pact world is no more. Why does NATO still existence?

  6. russians are killing humans in Ukraine is that ok with you trumps billions and billions of dollars trump gave russia letting russia take over military aid to Turkey Syria and Vinaswalla russia is making billions and billions of dollars

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