Trump appears to show Sharpie-altered hurricane map

-We thought we’d give you
an update on the hurricane. We got lucky in Florida —
very lucky, indeed. We had, actually,
our original chart was that it was going to be
hitting Florida directly. Maybe I could just see that,
Kevin. It was going to be
hitting directly, and that would have affected
a lot of other states. But that was the original chart. And you see, it was going
to hit, not only Florida,
but Georgia. It was going toward the Gulf. That was what was
originally projected. And it took a right turn. And ultimately —
hopefully, we’re gonna be lucky. It depends on what happens
with South Carolina and North Carolina.

  1. Wow, this clown just won't let it go. Sad, so so sad. This guy has single-handedly destroyed all credibility the historical collective of US leadership has garnered since WW2. Unbelievable!

  2. I think we discovered how his staff can get him to pay attention to important information: circle in sharpie. Use different colors to keep his attention span going.

  3. What a buffoon….He'd have been smarter to let this dumbass error of his go, but he wants to rub it in everyone's faces what a stubborn jackass he is.

  4. The whole world is laughing at Little Donny Fail-Fail.

    The whole world is laughing at his mentally defective MAGAsucker fans, too.

  5. It's a good thing that Little Donny Fail-Fail and his mentally defective MAGAtrash fans are dumber than a bag of hammers.

  6. We? We who? I'm sure the meteorologists can speak for themselves. Wow! Another delusional statement from the narcissist in charge of the United States. Anyone else see his cognitive decline? What is the protocol for making sure the president is fit for office?

  7. He probably still thinks it's going to affect us in Alabama, while it is 95, sunny, and slightly breezy right now…just cause it's what he said before and he can't ever admit to being wrong.

  8. So to cover for his stupidity, he uses projections ( altered with his black sharpie) from BEFORE he went to Camp David to 'monitor' the storm… Perhaps if he hadn't played golf at his own properties twice over the weekend he would have been up to date on the projections. Dangerous incompetence and utter uncaring about anything ( unless it puts money in their pockets) are NOT good qualities in a POTUS

  9. The Oval Office has been a Special-Ed preschool class for nearly three years. Also, he has nukes! What could possibly go wrong?

  10. The pettiness is one thing, but the sheer laziness he shows in being petty is remarkable. The projected path is a circular shape with a white boarder. He added his own projected path in black sharpie. He couldn't bother to get someone in the WH to edit and print a new map so it wouldn't be debunked in 2 seconds?

  11. PUBLISH A CORRECTION about your bullsht fact checking of Bernie Sanders AND APOLOGIZE. Stop politicizing fact checking you fcking cretins.


  13. Stupid! We already have accurate weather reporters. What's he think hes doing? That's not his job. His job is to save as many lives as possible during a disaster like this by directing his organizations in an appropriate direction. Commander in chief? More like condemner and cheat.

  14. 0:20 All I see is a broken, tiny white penis……

    ……and if you look at the chart he's holding… give details of the hurricane!!

  15. Al Roker just said that it is illegal to put out an altered hurricane projection map. Trump did it because once again he had put his foot in his mouth bullshitting his way through a press session. He forgets that we have video and photos to catch him in his lies. This is what happens when people actually call him on the carpet for his lies. The emperor's is finally being told his clothes don't exist.

  16. What I Am / Edie Brickell
    "He's not aware of too many things, he knows what he knows if you know what I mean. Philosophy is the talk on the cereal box ….. ".

  17. First off, I am surprised that Trump could find any, ANY state on a map. Secondly, it is funny how "his" people, the "best" people keep screwing up with inaccurate maps such as this.

  18. Sharpie on a map? Oh the horror! What are we going to do? He must be a racist.

    For those who do not understand, I am being sarcastic.

  19. Ralph Wiggum

    This buffoon could nuke Australia and show a map of Sidney like this:

    Sidney Pyongyang

    "We got Korea, one of the two"

  20. So he is showing a chart that is obsolete now to prove that he was right in tweeting AL? What was he updating? Was he trying to prove to people he is here to "monitor" the storm and not playing golf? The information he presented you could get from the internet which is a much more reliable source than him.

  21. Why???! No one cares, if you got your state lists wrong, it wasn't even that important, but this rediclous attempt to win a pointless argument is by far the dumbest thing you have ever done. If I was Kevin McAleenan, i'd probably resign just to protest at how stupid he just made him look.

  22. When was that projected hurricane track (minus the Sharpie addition) published? If ever? And is the Sharpie version a White House special edition?

    Edit: that was published 29-Aug. I guess “monitoring” doesn’t include keeping up on current up-to-date forecast revisions.

  23. What's with all the pretty colored prints on his desk? Looks like he ripped the pages right out of his coloring book.
    Must be an SNL Skid we don't know about.

  24. Hahaha! He drew on the map with a Sharpie and then told a ridiculous lie. He should have doodled little crickets on the picture as well, to represent the Republican Party's response.
    Vote Big Blue Wave 2020, y'all! : )

  25. So … this afternoon, he doubled down on this again when asked about his sharpie-doctored weather map, saying that original maps had shown the hurricane heading across Florida and hitting Alabama and Georgia to the """RIGHT""" of it. Ummm… I am pretty sure that the ATLANTIC OCEAN is to the RIGHT (EAST) of Florida…. and Alabama and Georgia are to the LEFT (Northwest) of Florida. In the IMMORTAL WORDS of our former Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, WHAT A F****NG MORON!!!!

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