1. Love the like to dislike ratio. CBS and the mainstream media are falling to the power of the American patriots. HEY MSM, you will NOT win a fight against the American people. Impossible.

  2. The bias is so blatant. They are asking to be regulated. They operate public squares period. Yes they are private companies and I'm all for hands off.. however we are talking about our rights as citizens to interact with one another. We need a new Bill of Rights for American citizens regarding social media.

  3. If you would bother to do a little bit of research you would actually find that there have been a number of whistleblowers at Pinterest at Google at Facebook. There's pretty damning evidence about censorship.

  4. So these content creators are called outrageous? Why because they don't agree with you? Or because you don't get the jokes that they tell?

  5. Why would the big Tech Giant's be invited to this particular meeting? That would not make sense. It's not for the big Tech Giants. It's for the social media content creators that are being censored by big Tech Giants. And to say that the censorship is alleged it's just completely dishonest.

  6. The alt media being labelled as conspiracy theorists, but you all just created a huge conspiracy theory about trump and Russian collusion, which was proven untrue! so I would be careful who you throw stones at 😂😂

  7. It seems alot of crazy people were brought together to cry about why nobody wants to watch their scatterbrained, meth induced psychosis on livestream…. the right seems to make a big deal of people not accepting them / watching their videos… maybe because its just not rooted in reality, alot of you sound like you have mental issues..and you all sound the exact same! like a mirrored version of Trump, economy economy, economy, shadow bans, the left wing liberal media, Hilary emails! Illegal immigration! its like a big cult… you all want to be accepted and taken serious, but the right has gone off the rails! it is the party of Trump now..and this will not end well, if you dont see your being conned, its because you are the target.

  8. TBH its about time we start boycotting the media. Conservative and liberal media. Down with the established media!

  9. These big media giants go nuts when there 1st Amendment rights are stepped on. But they push daily to silence the people of America. Fake Biased News.

  10. This started out decent until they showed the tweet of the black guy complaining about Harris exploiting American blacks history

  11. Humanity is plagued in a genetic psycho/antisocial war

    socials vs antisocials

    healthy normal people with a social conscience vs those unable to form a social conscience, no conscience sick SOBs

  12. can you tell a sick antisocial thought from a heathy social thought.?

    can you tell a sick antisocial meme from a heathy social meme?

    I can, Trump and his GOP can't

  13. Trump is confused as are all GOP sociopaths, this is the mental pathology that accompanies sntisocial personality disordered sociopaths..

    what he is accusing those that are aginst him and his sickness by calling them "biased" is not bias, he is accusing them of having a fully functioning social conscience.

    sociopathy is a sickness,,, not a virtue

    having a social conscience is a human virtue that sociopaths will never have..

  14. "… unregulated media can help propel him to victory in 2020…" Well, when the major social media companies and the majority of the MSM are actively trying to silence anything remotely close to support for him or conservative ideals then I don't think it has to do with "propelling" him to victory as much as it is about allowing his message and support to be as fairly represented as the left in these spaces. Thanks for your bias, CBS!

  15. CBS, you think we will all blindfully believe your propaganda. For this, you will someday be irrelevant.

  16. Establishment gatekeeper media upset that independent content creators are given a voice. Unsubscribe to CBS Evening News.

  17. Fake propaganda. They weren't invited because it's a about them as the problem for not implementing the fairness they so often lie about, just like you CBS

  18. This former OWS and Obama supporter is a hard right conservative now as a result of the FANGs censorship. Everyone has a right to talk sh!t and say stupid stuff, and guess what? If I don't like it I can either debate it or ignore it. But I absolutely cannot silence anyone I disagree with. The left has become Toxic supporting censorship and wanting to force their ideology on everyone. The internet is the public square! It was founded by tax dollars! Just because corporations have significant realestate doesn't mean they own the internet or get to censor it. If anyone can join and content is public it is a public square. The FANGs are public squares owned by private entities.

  19. You framing this video proves you are part of the bias, "Accuses them of bias" no we have documented leaked proof they are bias, don't act like you didn't know this you smear merchants.

  20. When republicans are complaining about having a hard time pushing disinformation, fake news, and hatemongering, you know the world is getting a little bit better.

  21. Neither media or social media have a right too censor or report in a politically bias manner. In todays world neither are fit for purpose

  22. Ever since Trump grabbed Hillary by the Cooch and took the election Silicon Valley and MSM can't stop wigging out.

  23. Within his summit, he said he was inviting the very companies CBS claimed were not invited. This summit was a collection of people who were harmed. Jiminy christmas, cbs was being the fake media they are accused of being. Thankfully the woman addressed this at the very end. But anyone with half a brain cell understood the purpose of this summit and why some were or were not invited.

  24. The media calls conservative voices extreme while not mentioning extreme obvious bias by the media and themselves!

  25. Get Dirty Donny Dinky Digits a tissue. Without social media bias and cybernetic manipulation he'd be nothing more than a lying amoral NYC hustler who's never been loyal to the same thing twice. Instead he's the President. I'm sure the Russians and the Israelis not to mention a little help from new pal Kim Jong-un will be using every trick they know to help him capture a second term.

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