TrueView for app promotion | YouTube Advertisers

These days every business has a app, but does
your app have a user base? A sizable, healthy, engaged user base? You don't want your app to possibly be downloaded,
maybe checked out, and likely fall into oblivion behind a million other apps. A recent IPSOS and Google survey study has
shown that a quarter of an average user's installed apps are never used. But what if there was an advertising format
that brought you more active users who drive the greatest lifetime value? Introducing TrueView for App Promotion. You know TrueView, it's that ad format that
you see on YouTube videos with the little skip button in the corner. Every month, over a billion people watch videos
on YouTube, and TrueView lets you get in front of them to showcase your brand. With this special type of TrueView designed
for app promotion, you can promote your app to engaged viewers to order to build a valuable
audience. These video ads appear on mobile devices,
and give you the opportunity to show off why your app is worth downloading. Videos can quickly and powerfully communicate
the benefit of your app. It's always better to show not tell right? Plus, you'll only pay when someone clicks
or watches at least 30 seconds of the video. It's the same way TrueView counts views, and
ensures you're seeing quality results from viewers who chose to engage with your content. Getting a campaign set up is short and sweet,
so get your app ready for the biggest little screen out there, because it's about to meet
some new fans.

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