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Prime Minister Trudeau is in Osaka Japan for the g20 gathering of world leaders while he does not have any meetings scheduled with China's President Xi Jingping the Prime Minister is hoping for movement in Canada's ongoing diplomatic dispute with China Canadians Michel Kover again Michael's father are still detained in prison in China accused of spying in recent months China has stopped importing some Canadian products like canola and earlier this week China halted imports of Canadian meat due to a shipment of pork with fake Canadian certificates so what is happening to try to resolve the dispute Jim Carr is the minister of international trade diversification he joins me now from Winnipeg Minister Khar welcome back to the program again thanks Heather it's not good to be on a very hot day with a bit here to an Ottawa I'm to say can we begin this conversation on China on the meat van and on the fake certificates what is the latest today on the investigation nothing has changed since you spoke to the Agriculture Ministry yesterday and we did a series of interviews there is an investigation in authentic certificates have been found and we're going to get to the bottom of it and we want to resolve this as fast as we can and we have been in constant contact with the industry with producers with our provincial counterparts with the CFIA which has been in daily contact with officials in China and we're working very aggressively to resolve it what is the level of cooperation with China I'm wondering whether they are investigating the origin of the meat whether they're looking to see who in China ordered the importation what is that level of cooperation yeah there's been quite a bit of cooperation and frequence as you know it's in everybody's interest to solve this quickly we have the finest product in the world the Chinese have demonstrated how much they like the product sales have been way up there has been a culling of the herd in China so they need our product so it's in everybody's interest to make sure that this is resolved quickly it's not unprecedented that there have been certificate problems it has happened before it's rare and we know what our interest is it's to assure the producers in Canada that we are telling our partners and everybody around the world that this is the finest product and that our safety system and inspection is the gold standard now we're gonna we're gonna work through it or we're gonna work through it as quickly as we can okay so I'm gonna come to the timing back to that in a second but what you're telling me not any closer today to determining the origin of the source here what are the possible sources Minister Khar well that would just be speculation and there'd be no point in that and it's not helpful because I could speculate and I'd be wrong and you'd come back to me in a week or in the month and you would say yeah your speculation was wrong so I don't think there's much advantage and what we're looking for here is a route to a speedy solution right if not the origin then how would you help us understand the process how would you even determine the origin of this would you look at for wearable DNA testing of this meat well the investigators will do that this is what they do arsenic or their well we have our law enforcement officials working with the CFIA they know the roots of investigation that are fruitful and they're working full-time on it right now why would Canada have been the target of fraud in this way I don't know I don't know for sure again you're asking me to speculate what do we know we know that we are sending abroad the finest work in the world we know that the Canada brand is an elite brand so I guess it might be in somebody's interests to use that branding and to use that reputation but we don't know and those are the reasons why we're aggressively investigating and you've indicated you want this to be resolved as quickly as possible how long do you anticipate the Chinese market will be closed to Canadian meat and what are the short-term fixes you're looking at in terms of ensuring that's a short as possible well we're looking to expand our export markets and as you probably know we just returned from South Korea and Japan with canola producers with the ministers of trade from Alberta and Saskatchewan with officials with canola growers because we know that because of the quality of our product that it is desirable internationally and part of the trade diversification strategy is to understand that it's in the strategic interests of Canada to really reduce our reliance on any one partner seventy-five percent of our exports go to the United States and make sense for us to diversify 40% of our canola goes to China the same reason supply and we've been working very aggressively I've been on the phone non-stop with counterparts and importers in Malaysia and Pakistan and Bangladesh in Mexico in France in Germany the United Arab Emirates to sell our products we have a relationship already with all of these nations and it makes sense to broaden and deepen them and particularly on the canola point have any of those efforts yielded anything definitive to this point yes they have and we came back from South Korea and from Japan with some memorandums of understanding with major retailers with Costco with latte and we know that through these distribution networks it will bear fruit and probably in the short term remember we already have a large percentage of these markets so the ambition is not only to get a larger percentage of the current market but to expand it and the way you expand it is by talking about the health quality and the nutritional value of our product the best in the world and I felt that it was a very successful mission and I believe that our partners did too because we're looking last year at 2.7 billion dollars of canola seed to China alone last year alone that's a lot to make up it is and we don't want to give up on the China market far from it and as you know we have been trying to engage at all levels particularly the scientific level because there has been an allegation of impurity in Canadian canola but we haven't seen the evidence we've had problems with the Chinese and canola before in 2016 before that in 2009 we were able to work through it but we need the engagement so we're working very hard for that engagement meanwhile there is a support system in place to advance loans to canola producers and we're working very aggressively to find other markets the g20 as you well know set to begin in Osaka is there any further clarification that you can share on whether the Prime Minister will in fact get that face-to-face meeting with President Xi no I can't give you an update on whether there will or will not be I do know that at these meetings there are opportunities for leaders to have informal conversations we'll see if that happens we know that there is certainly an agenda and we're very keen to engage Chinese leadership and diplomats at all levels because I believe and I'm sure most Canadians would believe that the way to resolve a problem is to talk through it and when we're able to do that I think we'll make progress well when you said informal conversations based on tradition at these kinds of gatherings leaders are organized alphabetically which means Prime Minister should be scientist be side-by-side with President Xi China so that because I've been at the g20 meetings where I've sat next to the Chinese and there might be an opportunity to have some kind of informal exchange we'll see Donald Trump has said that he will do what he can to advocate for Canada's positions including on the two detainees but I'm wondering as you're fully aware he is embroiled in his own trade issues with with China is it realistic to think that he really will get around to the Canadian problems and will try to bring his influence to bear well this is the closest alliance in the world I just talked about the seventy five percent of our export that Ghost the United States and me were linked by geography by history by language by tradition we are the closest allies in the world and allies help each other and I know that the conversations between the president and the Prime Minister have been very constructive on this issue and on others so I'm very hopeful that the Americans and the Canadians will be on the same side of a wide variety of issues as we usually are Minister Khar I very much appreciate your being on the program today thank you my pleasure thank you very much Jim Carr the minister of international trade diversification in Winnipeg today hi I'm Vashi Capello's host of power in politics see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC news channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching

  1. Too bad the Canadian Prime Minister is too weak and dose not have backbone to stand up for Canadian. He should show strong revenge against this evil China government. At least he should expel the Chinese ambassador to Canada and prepare to end formal relationship with it. It is a thuggish regime, only recognize force.

  2. The day Ms. Meng is extradited to the USA, is the day of the drug kingpin’s head on the chopping block! And the day Ms. Meng is found guilty in the USA, is the day of the 2 spies’ heads on the chopping blocks. Way to go! 👍👍👍

  3. CBC PRAVDA NEWS.. Start following the other important stories. You know your buddies over at Google with your socialist agenda.

  4. Still dancing around the problem. The Chinese made it quite clear, release the woman. No country wants to deal with kidnappers.

  5. He has no respect . No one wants to bother with him. He erks anyone near him . His father Would roll over in his grave . He is an embarrassment to this country . The elections can't come soon enough .

  6. Did you notice how effeminate Trudeau appeared when he was seated next to Trump at the White House last week?

  7. Hopefully your PM understands that "being on the world stage" is just a saying and does not, in fact, involve Trudy dancing in a kimono with yellow bamboo socks.

  8. Trudeau looking for allies against China in Japan? Not a good idea! And begging for Trump to intervene? Ridiculous!

  9. Mr Turtle is there to negotiate gender equality just like he did with the US Mexico Canada deal ! That’s all he could negotiate ! Just the way he sits , a real man could see how weak this PM is !

  10. I got a beard as silver as his head. Hah. I'll bet his supervisers tell him to shave lmfao. I wouldn't wear glasses and I'm nearly blind lol. I can't fit in a suit and tie, lol. Too many muscles. Too smart for my intell. Good enough

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