Transgender Man Reacts to Activist Mommy | Gender Insanity

hey guys what's up so I'm gonna make a reaction video I haven't done one of these in a really long time but I kind of don't want to because they also take forever we're gonna try it anyways I reacting to this video because this was sent to my mom from a family member and I didn't really think it was something that I would have to react to just because it's so crazy like extreme to one side and very ill informed but obviously people believe this so I figured I would do you my best to do any sort of damage control I guess anyways I'm gonna put the video on so you can you know see what I mean talking about there's this blogger she's like a mommy blogger I guess she has like ten kids she's all about like religious freedom and making America great again and so yeah she's the activist mommy activist mom blogger person anyways let's just get the video started here you go hi I'm Elizabeth and I'm two activist mommy well today we're going to be talking about gender and sanity someone please tell me I'm just dreaming and I simply haven't woken up from a very bad dream our youth culture is drowning in an identity crisis we've got grown men saying they identify as six-year-old girls been identifying as aliens and even dragons women identifying as cats moms and daughters transitioning to the opposite sex together we've got guys going in alright so first of all anyone identifying as Dragons cats or whatever is definitely it's not a gender that's not something the trans community is like trying to get for acceptance what they're doing is playing off identity politics this is kind of why I think that like identity politics are a slippery slope I don't really feel like I identify as anything besides you know I'm just a dude that was born female and had to unfortunately transition like in my experience this is like my own experience only just to clarify I feel like I was born in the wrong body that is my experience I don't identify as a male I just feel like I am male I don't like I'm just a human who had some unfortunate circumstances that I had to do a few things to be a lot of my body second of all you know I kind of share her laughter and identifying as a cat but at the same time like it really doesn't affect her and she's going to the 100% extreme on one end just to prove a point but also she's just very ill informed I'm just gonna carry on with the video in the girls locker rooms and bathrooms and drag queens are reading stories to children in public library okay so I will say I don't understand that completely I mean I have nothing against drag queens but a public library reading to kids it's not something that I ever would have imagined so I can't say that kind of helps the LGBT LGBT community in any sort of way shape or form it is what it is I'm not like against it but I don't under I don't understand the I don't understand what's behind it at the same time I guess just to get people more comfortable with you know expressing yourself differently whatever but moving on there by normalizing this behavior of men dressing up in high heels a wig a bra and copious amounts of makeup whatever happened to puppet shows in crak day at the library Wow well those were fucking boring so that's why those died so drag queens do you spice it up a little bit so I'll give her that why do we need to bring in kiddie porn and tampon and Lucy fur to accommodate the point zero zero one percent of the population then we have the LGBTQ uqi a a PP acronym okay that like anyone who uses the whole acronym talking like a normal talk is a little bit a little bit extra also I've never met anyone in the community who is a little gym like use I mean LGBTQ is long enough for me I feel like all of that kind of covers everything especially the cute because it's like the biggest umbrella term when you don't really need to go further than that but for some reason she's just kind of like sped out any sort of acronym that has ever existed for the LGBTQ community I guess I'll just finish to see what she has say yes that's right I'll have to read this list since I can't keep up with all of it it's lesbian gay bisexual transgender queer questioning intersex asexual pansexual that means anything and everything polysexual this includes polygamy and orgies pink is the K this will include bondage spanking people public sex whatever floats your boat that would come under the label acetate public sex whatever floats your boat I'm sure there's plenty of Christians out there here you know like a little spanking a little public sex you know these are not acronyms these are actions of just not like people who do things and like you know I'm not a I'm not a kinky person myself but some people are but I don't feel inclined for it to be added to the LGBTQ AI whatever the fucking those letters are so she's going a little bit extra here she's reaching a lot she's reaching really hard at this point then we have the pronoun police and they want to make sure that we say sigh self and air self and burst self and Tercel Oh instead of the homophobic pronouns that we used to use pronouns can't be homophobic there's a difference between being gay and being trans there are no homophobia home oh wow there are no homophobic pronouns there just are not but also these pronouns that she's talking about are also very rare I absolutely never come across anyone that uses these the most common are he/she well she her hers he have his or they that these other pronouns are very very rare I mean yeah it's she didn't even mention that actually we just usually prefer to use the normal language pronouns not the homophobic pronouns or the non homophobic pronouns now if you don't abide by these gender sensitive policies and pronouns you're called a racist racist no she's so confused oh my god misogynistic homophobic privileged bigoted well she's definitely a bit of a privileged person I feel like at least that's how she comes across but if you miss gender me I don't think it was someone miss genders me my first reaction is not to be like you're racist my first reaction is to feel like you're disrespectful but that's all that I could really say about that and maybe I mean it just means that you are insecure basically and you're a disrespectful person but you're not racist maybe slightly homophobic but that still has been pertaining to me and pronouns I don't know I don't know you anyways moving on marches edition of Time magazine said this every different type of identity that exists should be supported this is where I have some issues sometimes where people kind of piggyback on you know trans terms or identities or whatever to help it be in the favor of anything they want to kind of like the Rachel Dolezal thing where she identified as she was like trans you know what's its racial she's like identifies black there if I'm therefore in black but like there's just so many more issues with that I still feel like being trans isn't so much of an identity as people like to think of it as if I am you know identifying a certain way it brings you more comfort that's cool me I don't I'm Kody and that's about all there is to me if you identify as a cat and you're not hurting anybody go for it but that's not that's not the trans community it's not being trans at all it just is not so lumping them together you're just going you're reaching real hard there lady look people this is stupid this is literally one of the most embarrassing moments in our nation's history literally one of the most embarrassing moments in history so like slavery wasn't embarrassing at all nope we had become so open-minded that our brains are falling out here's the fact if Bruce Jenner who now calls himself Caitlyn Jenner or to commit a crime and leave DNA evidence behind investigators would send a sample to the lab and determine that the perpetrator was either a male or a female the evidence would show that she is a what a biological male yes that's right I'm sorry if you don't think that's sensitive but no matter how big Bruce makes his boobs and how high the heels are he wears Bruce will always be Bruce he can't change that you see truth in reality and science really mean nothing to the left oh my god okay so biology and science and all that means that thing to the left nothing biology and science are not exactly something that Christians tend to acknowledge until it pertains to trans people you know they're all about creationism and teaching that in schools and teaching religion in schools and you know Adam and Eve and Eve was made out of Adam's rib and like God created the heavens and the earth and seven days and the the earth is only five thousand years despite whatever science says but don't forget trans people it's biology your chromosomes are the same and you cannot change that it's science cool let's move on people are fighting their true biological identity and Hollywood and the media are trying to pressure us to celebrate this no I'm not gonna celebrate your mental disorders I'm not gonna celebrate your sin I'm not gonna celebrate your departure from reality I'm going to invite you to embrace who you really are who God made you to be when you allow for anything other than biological male and biological female it's banana land gender insanity is ruining our nation and our credibility as a people if you agree please like my page to become my friend and share this video with the hashtag gender insanity thanks and God bless [Applause] hashtag gender insanity all right so I want to make this video because you know I had a family member send this to my mom actually people follow this lady and they believe what she says and they're just as misinformed as she is because they don't go elsewhere to educate themselves apparently I feel the need to try to defend trans people or just to put something else out there that's like yo we're actually just normal people and she doesn't give any examples of a trans person who was just you know like an ABS like there's Caitlyn Jenner but Caitlyn is probably like the most known trans person who's been very problematic I guess we could say but anyways just an average everyday trans person completely is non-existent from this video so hi this is me I'm trans and I don't use any sort of crazy pronouns I don't identify as a cat or a dragon I just go I'm a personal trainer and a chef and I live my life like a normal human being and I don't have any sort of insanity that is affecting your life in a negative fashion I think there is a lot more damaging things going on right now in society that we could probably focus on a little bit but for now I guess I'll just focus on living my life and hopefully one day she'll focus on her life and her ten Cades life and realized that you know there's not everything is trying to like bring down her religion it is not under attack and she's got her freedom she should let us have ours so that is it for this video feel free to leave any comments down below peace out guys I'll see you next time

  1. Im a pro kink and i dont think it needs to be added to lgbtq+ acronim either and like public sex hahahahah 😂😂😂

  2. I love how she said "to accommodate that 1%"…like using disabled people getting to have "special" parking treatment. so she finds certain presidents as not a crisis but this is. I find I'm liberal for a conservative and this lady has nothing to support her reason to make this rant. She showed one article supporting the "gender insanity" but quoted nothing to support her.

  3. I don't normally upvote your vids but I'll thumb up this one. On another note, her videos don't get that much daylight. Don't give her the relevance. On an unrelated note, two of those drag queens turned out to be convicted pedophiles.

  4. Several times, I 've heard someone mention, in talking about their feelings growing up, of not being comfortable in the "sex" they were born with. But I also am reading of kids not being "assigned " a gender when born by parents, they're being allowed to choose their own gender . Would this have been helpful for those that are now trans? I'm entirely serious, not making fun of anyone. I do feel it's been taken too far by some people who've jumped on this bandwagon on their own agenda. I've been enjoying your videos, and your candor in disscussing your experiences. I'm in my 60's so grew up with people and phobias, and staying in the "closet".

    Kff=killing for fun (babies, animals etc)

    All in the same category, all of the above is a act of behavior, you are born either male or female.(period).
    No one is born a pedophile or a murderer NOR gay, you see, God is responsible for the fact of free will, humans are responsible for the act of free will….

    Make your life choice, sin or righteousness.
    And accept the consequences of your choice.

  6. Great point about the religious right using science when it fits their agenda, but then ignore the same science that proves evolution. Spot on!!

  7. Her mouth is weird. Is that racist? I’m having trouble embracing that 14 seat clown car she’s sitting in

  8. Betcha she has never sat in a menstrual hut, and I bet she is probably on her second marriage by now. And would someone please tell her what racist means.

  9. So she picks a very slim set of the most extreme photos she could find, labels them trans, and therefore all trans people are insane? Sure, perfect logic LOL

    She doesn't deserve her title of activist, she's not changing anything for the better…

  10. I wonder about some people… literally not effecting her or her place to talk about it so why the hell is she talking about it? Also great editing keeping the insert text here in and adding words in white over a very bright background (the text in white going over where the sun is shining on her) cause no don't want to read anything… er if that was you who added the text then oops lol just a tip if you're gonna add text and it's two different lighting contrasts pick a colour that is readable on both like red would've worked in this situation. Or put like a black background around the text kinda like it's highlighted it's more editing but it makes it so the audience who you want to read the text can actually read it without having trouble.

  11. says biology and science mean nothing to the left.
    but transsexuality is proven by science and biology

  12. This woman, I call a control freak. Why does she have so many kids?
    Haters have no place in my world.
    I think the bleach is getting to her.
    Move past her.
    You are Cody!

  13. The odd thing is that Caitlin Jenner "identifies" as right wing. So why is she associating this tolerance with "left wing."

  14. You are a woman, if you stop taking testosterone you become a woman, you are NOT a man or you will NEVER be.

  15. I don't see how anyone will misgender you, Cody. You are a nice looking young man. Cody just keep being YOU because you are amazing!!
    This woman has issues!! What is wrong with equality for all regardless? This is how issues come about and children learn to look down on others. Lady… Get a life.

  16. ah usual she uses transwoman and erases transmen. its common with these far right conservative christians.

    so let me be clear caitlyn jenner does not represent transwoman, she is really problematic, and I personally distance myself from her, especially when I talk about being trans to other people.

    btw I am myself by taking estrogen. and no I personally dont want to use womans locker rooms or bathrooms. but since there arent many unisex bathrooms out there It I have to use one of them. and using the men risks being assualt. besides I bet she wouldnt feel comfortable using mens.

  17. Cody, I am a conservative Christ follower and I think you are great. I’ve learned a lot from you and enjoy watching your videos. Yes, the world is much different than it was 50+ years ago and sometimes I’m just bewildered. But, please….don’t think that just because a person is a conservative that we all are judgmental, close minded and don’t want to learn and understand. I really would love to see civil discussion really start in this country and people come together in understanding. Thanks for taking the time and effort to do your videos…..and know that an old lady conservative Christ follower does enjoy you and who you are.

  18. Just because you don’t have o researched the information that’s mean she’s talking bullshit you should update you knowledge hun I work in a secondary and really she’s telling the truth
    So what’s the problem with her and her video is she lying or being dishonest .. nope …

  19. she's so SSSOOOO I want to start using those really messed up pronouns that start with z and I have NO idea of how to pronounce. 😀

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