1. I suggest him to study Greek History in order to find his answers.
    Until then he will not be able to define his target.

  2. You just confirmed my suspicions about these “Democratic Schools”. The type of language used by those who are pushing for this type of reform made it clear.

  3. Truely inspirational. This talk deserves way more views and comments. As a teacher I truly want to investigate the options of being part of a democratic school. Thank you.

  4. you forgot one thing. if it's for 15 years you don't want to have to choose when you are 4 what you are going to study.
    I'm 15 and I haven't picked any kind of direction, well dropped out of history class, and French. (wanted French, but need biology and at my school you need to choose and still have French or German)

    I just have wayy too many interests.
    but I wouldn't like to only need to work in groups, I'm a procrastinator, and when I do everything alone I'm not disappointing anyone.
    I like to be creative, but my visions are never instant. so as an idea for a group project, no. I'm the only one who is able to understand it before it's completely finished.
    like a presentation about society, everyone pick obvi subjects like drugs, safety, the army, language, alcohol, autism etc,
    I picked dogs…

    you can be really creative in most projects. you just need to know HOW. break a small rule to be original. and if you don't know how important the rule is, explain your plans to the teacher and ask if it's OK.
    it usually is..

    and don't say blue and red pill to kids. they don't understand. I don't understand, only know it's something from the matrix, which was apparently a big movie or something that now is blown in new life.

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