Transforming government service delivery

From block chain to Uber, we’re living in a brand new digital world Better connected. Better informed. And enjoying better, more convenient services – just a few clicks away. Australians love digital. And as groundbreaking new research from elstra shows, they’re largely embracing the digital government services on offer today too. They consider digital to be quick, easy and convenient, compared with old ways of dealing with government. And would like even more online services in the futur The technology landscape is changing quickly. Now’s the time for government to leverage the opportunity and start thinking how tomorrow’s services could be delivered. how to avoid duplication of effort, make better use of data, improve government decision-making, reduce expenditure and deliver services the way people want. Our research shows that what’s needed now is a new model that puts the individual at the heart of government’s service delivery framework that protects their data. Allows them to choose what information they share. And seamlessly links all agencies they may deal with. With Telstra, government can take the next step to bring this vision to life and become an exemplar of the innovation economy Leverage comprehensive research into the Australian public’s interactions with state and federal government And help transform how government services will be delivered in the future. To find out more visit

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