Top U.S. & World Headlines — November 17, 2017

welcome to democracy now the war and peace report I'm Amy Goodman reporting from Bonn Germany back in the US on Capitol Hill Republican lawmakers are moving closer to passing a sweeping one and a half trillion dollar tax cut that largely benefits the wealthy in the nation's largest corporations the House passed its version of the bill Thursday by a vote of 227 to 205 13 Republicans joined Democrats in opposing the legislation the massive tax cut was approved without the house holding a single hearing hours later the Senate Finance Committee approved its own version of the bill but it's unclear if the Republicans have enough votes for it to pass the full Senate one of the biggest beneficiaries of the tax bill may be President Donald Trump's own family an NBC News analysis based on his 2005 tax return found Trump would personally save 20 million dollars under the house bill while his heirs would save 1.1 billion dollars meanwhile the US Senate plan will actually result in higher taxes by 2027 for workers who are in less than $75,000 a year this according to a new analysis by Congress's Joint Committee on taxation a radio broadcaster in California has accused Democratic senator Al Franken of touching her breasts while she slept and forcing her to kiss him in 2006 on Thursday Leon Sweden posted a photo showing Franken placing his hands on top of her flak jacket and Kevlar vest while she was sleeping on a plane the two were on a tour entertaining US soldiers abroad at the time Franken was working as a comedian tweed and said the photo was taken after he forced her to kiss him as they rehearsed a skin and he just put his hand on the back of my head and he mashed his face against it mean it happened so fast and he just mashed his his lips against my face and he stuck his tongue in my mouth so fast and all I can remember is that his lips were really wet and it was slimy senator Franken Apollo giant and cold for an ethics committee investigation of himself meanwhile Donald Trump has weighed in on the controversy he wrote on Twitter the owl frankenstein picture is really bad speaks a thousand words where do his hands go in pictures two three four five and six while she sleeps Trump tweeted Trump himself has been accused of sexual harassment and assault by at least 16 women there has been a major oil leak from the Keystone one pipeline in South Dakota the pipeline's operator TransCanada says 210 thousand gallons of oil leak Thursday near the town of Amherst it's the largest Keystone spill to date the leak comes just days before authorities in Nebraska are scheduled to make a key ruling that could decide the fate of another TransCanada pipeline the proposed Keystone XL environmental and indigenous groups have long warned about the dangers of pipeline leaks this is Tom gold-toothed executive director of the indigenous environmental network we just can't win yesterday of the Keystone XL 1 spill there's something that we've been saying all along has native as indigenous people said every pipeline is going to spill is going to leak we all speak with Tom gold-toothed later in the broadcast here in Bonn in international news the world food programs warning 150,000 children in Yemen could starve to death in the coming months if the us-backed Saudi coalition continues to block food and medicine from entering Yemen Save the Children says 130 children are already dying every day in Yemen Lilly caproni deputy executive director at UNICEF UK appeared on channel 4 Thursday this is now the world's worst humanitarian catastrophe UNICEF and the other agencies were still there we're still in the country in fact working in all of the areas of Yemen but we can only save those lives if we can get the humanitarian supplies in that we need and at the moment this blockade is making that look dangerously unlikely so we have been able to purify water to stop more waterborne diseases like cholera breaking out and deliver therapeutic food to save the lives of starving babies but if those supplies run out and they might well do we can't do that and these children will die an 18-month investigation by the New York Times has revealed the us-led military coalition is killing far more civilians in Iraq than it's acknowledged the Pentagon claims it's air war against the self-proclaimed Islamic state has killed just 89 civilians but an on-the-ground investigation by reporters osmocon and Anan gopal found the actual civilian death toll maybe 31 times higher than the US is admitting they right quote in terms of civilian deaths this may be the least transparent war in recent American history you'll hear the authors of that report on Democracy Now next week when we're back in New York and news from Syria Russia has vetoed a United Nations Security Council measure to renew an international inquiry and to who is to blame for chemical weapons attacks in Syria zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe emerged from house arrest today to attend a university graduation in the capital Harare this marked his first appearance in public since the Zimbabwean military launched an apparent coup earlier this week Mugabe has resisted calls by the military to resign the 93 year old Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe since it became an independent country 37 years ago in Nigeria 15 people have died after four suicide bombers set off explosives Wednesday in the northern city of Maiduguri which is considered to be the home of Boko Haram movement two of the suicide bombers were women Human Rights Watch has accused the Burmese military of committing widespread rape against women and girls as part of a campaign of ethnic cleansing against Rohingya Muslims Human Rights Watch spoke to 52 Rohan NGO women and girls who fled to Bangladesh 29 of them said they were raped some of the rape victims agreed to speak on camera I have a younger sister we tried to flee but some soldiers caught us they took us behind my house and raped us I felt like I was dead then I lost consciousness the director of the Center for faith-based and neighborhood partnerships at the Department of Homeland Security the Reverend Jamie Johnson has resigned after CNN on earth a series of racist and Islamophobic comments he made prior to taking office Johnson was appointed to the position in April by then Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly this is Johnson speaking on a radio show in 2008 and it's an indictment of America's black community that has turned America's major cities into slums because of laziness drug use and sexual promiscuity CNN also uncovered audio recordings of Johnson repeatedly disparaging the Islamic faith I agree with Dinesh D'Souza your friend in mine who says really all that Islam has ever given us is oil and dead bodies over the last millennia and a half and they are not our friends in media news the republican-controlled FCC has voted 3-2 to along party lines to loosen long-standing media ownership rules the vote clears the way for the right-wing Sinclair Broadcasting to expand its local TV Empire Sinclair already owns a hundred seventy three TV stations it's attempting to buy Tribune media which controls another 42 stations this would give Sinclair the power to reach 72% of US households in other media consolidation news Comcast and Verizon have reportedly both made moves to purchase the film and television assets of Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox in climate news the fossil fuel divestment movement got a major boost Thursday when the Norwegian government announced its considering selling off thirty five billion dollars in oil and gas stocks Norway would become by far the largest entity to join the divestment movement Norway's 1 trillion dollar sovereign wealth fund controls about one and a half sent of all global stocks and the Senate Judiciary Committee is pressing president Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner to hand over more documents saying he failed to give investigators several emails related to Russia and WikiLeaks during the 2016 campaign one email discussed a quote Russian backdoor overture unquote the Senators learned of the emails after obtaining them from other witnesses and those are some of the headlines this is democracy now the war and peace report I'm Amy Goodman

  1. At G., Don't ever stop doing what you're doing. The world needs you. Keep it up. You truly are a hero.

  2. How to prove that white liberals are racists:1. Still now DN report on Miami Fire & Rescue's (Latino US city) noose hanging on a new black employee's desk.  2. Still defining US labor and socio economic issues caused by mass import of cheap labor as "xenophobia".3. Still no background news on their favorite minority and their leadership role in the African slave trade.4. Juan works for a newspaper that refuses to report on crime in Asian neighborhoods or daily crimes committed by these groups.

  3. More civilian deaths under Trump in one year than full terms of any other president. We are the terrorists.

  4. All the russia, emoluent, sexist smokescreens that will not effect anyone. While this tax bill/insurance retraction is being shoved through the congress and senate. This will negatively impact EVERYONE, except of course the rich.

  5. 1:40 – No, you're lying. As stupid and crude as Franken's behavior was, the shadows that are quite evident make it clear Franken isn't actually touching Leeann Tweeden.

  6. Russia must intervene Yemen to established a Base there,to protect Yemen people from aggression by US & Saudi Arabia.T hey must S top like syria,please act promptly so millions of people can be saved.This is the only way solution to solve the war.Saudi Arabia is the evil roots mix with Israel to destabilize the Middle East and NATO(National Agency of Terrorist Organizations) with the help of US are doing all these killing in Middle East. .

  7. 130 children dying a day and some sensitive reporter complaining about a joke gets more news time. Guys josh about. If women want to be equal they can deal with the teasing and joking. Al is not even actually touching her

  8. is it just me or was franken not even touching her breasts? it appeared to be a joke, why would you photograph a grope? this is just stupid prank without the actual sexual part.

  9. Q:How could his tongue get in her mouth passing through her lips and all the teeth if her mouth had not been open already?

  10. S what a bunch of bullshit look at the picture his hands are not touching the flak jacket and it was a kiss during the skit this one needs to be investigated and this girl needs to be investigated for motive???

  11. Besides the sex maniacs & mass merders in the us so-called elite & government I don't hear anything about the actual censorship regarding RT and Saudi Arabia purge…. Interesting if someone will say something about democracy now when it gets censored later?

  12. Clean out the Whole Fucking Government including Trump; 16 women have come forth accusing Trump of being Sexual Predator, FUCK HIM

  13. Melania and Tiffany are holding those big sharp scissors and looking over like "we could end this now, we can save America"

  14. a performance bond maybe a good solution for a pipe line leak, the state could ask for $1 B for the performance bond and if a leak occurs, the state would have access to that money for a third party to fix the leak, that way, no time is wasted waiting for a repair crew from the oil company to deal with the leak, of course the oil flow would be stopped if the performance bond is not topped up

  15. Islam has brought only oil and death? Seriously? America has been the chief exporter of death and chaos since the end of World War 2. We've killed more civilians than so called "Islam" by far. America is full of shit. We are the Empire of Death and Corruption.

  16. 1:30 Al Franken picture: Oh get fucking real, people. In bad taste yes, but in the category of sexual assualt no. Have you all lost your minds? HE's FRIGGING APING FOR THE CAMERA.
    Keep crying wolf like in this this instance and you're all going to diminish the significance the reports of future allegations of sexual misconduct and assualt, mark my words, so have your fun while it lasts. Enjoy the groupthink of the herd in all their self-righteousness. They move on to something else when they milk this of its importance.

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