Top U.S. diplomat visits Seoul ahead of termination of S.Korea-Japan military intel sharing pact

now we’re closely following the u.s.
Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific affairs Davis Stilwell
dust Wednesday morning he arrived in Seoul last night for a
three-day trip which will include a series of meetings with South Korea’s
foreign defense and security officials now asilo is set for meeting with South
Korea’s foreign minister kang ji yaohua later this morning which will be
followed by sit downs with officials from the presidential office and the
defense ministry upon arrival Tuesday evening is still well said he hopes to
have productive talks and reaffirmed the strong alliance between Seoul and
Washington one that he called the cornerstone of regional security of key
interest is what message will deliver regarding Seoul’s decision to pull out
of G Soniya which is an Intel sharing pact with Japan which expires later this
month still is expected to emphasize its importance in earth Seoul to retract its

  1. This is Japan doing their dirty works pushing US to pressure Seoul to reinstate this GSOMIA which basically benefits japan, Japan has fuck all intel which benefits Seoul as Japan satellites are not efficient in intel gathering from space and they are not close enough to use other radars and sensors to gather intel. Since South Korea is landlocked they can get plenty of intel. Also it is Japan who displays no respect for this pact and never showed any true trust or cooperation in the past so japan can fuck off.

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