Tom Steyer: Not Going To Join The ‘Stop Bernie’ Campaign | MTP Daily | MSNBC

  1. chuck todd and nbc and msnbc need to stop disrespecting sen sanders it's really ridiculous now why don't they realize how it looks and sounds to fair minded voters!

  2. Let's not forget that MSNBC is part of the ruling class we are fighting. Guard your conscience from corporate media. We must remain fierce and endure. Bernie 2020!

  3. What I love about Steyer is that he and his wife signed a pledge to give away half of his fortune to charity in his lifetime.

  4. Chuck relates Sanders supporters to brown shirts. What a joke. The economy sucks, Chuck. The stock market is ok but the people are struggling. What a hack

  5. America is ready for a true progressive. Look where corporate dems and the GOP have led us. Today in America, any policy that invests our taxes in us – our health, education, infrastructure – is somehow deemed communism. That's how far-right they've taken us as a country. We're just supposed to accept corporate welfare, insane military spending, endless wars, space force, a useless wall, corrupt billionaires, rising fascism, crushing medical and student debt, skyrocketing housing costs, stagnant wages, an undemocratic concentration of wealth and power – and never question these priorities or costs lest we be deemed uncompromising commies? What kind of tools do they think we are? Bernie is exactly what is needed now more than ever.

  6. Despite his status as a Billionaire (which is not his fault anyway), Tom Steyer is a respectable candidate. He talks with good substance. And he respect Bernie Sanders and the grass movement. I think he is more genuine than Pete, Elizabeth and even Joe. Just my two cents. I feel the Bern.

  7. 75000 Dollar tonight during the Bernie rally from individuals. Eat that rigging 🐀 Buttigieg. Bernie / Nina Turner 🔥💥🌶💥🔥 Bernie won Iowa!!!!

  8. If Bernie picks Steyer as VP, it’ll calm down Chris Matthews and other centrists who are too scared to vote for him thinking he’s gonna lock up the rich

  9. The economy should be easy to take trump on with.. – just tally up the Fed's NOT QE numbers along with the nightly repo madness and the asset buying and expose it – the only good about this economy is the fake propped up stock market that is owned like 80 percent or more by the elites – and then you can show the adjustments made in the jobs created that never gets press – they say they create say 200,000 jobs in the last quarter and then 1 month later revise it down by 100,000 but no one sees that revision. maybe we will go to MMT when Bernie is in office because there really is no way for the world to pay off all the debt the central banks have issued – there is no easy way out – the only countries in the world not in debt to central banks are North Korea and Iran – and maybe Israel because America probably borrows it for them…makes you think

  10. trump will rip Biden and son's corruption wide open – he needs to step back if he doesn't want to go down the hard way..

  11. The MSM media is sure in bed with monied elites. Christ, even the supposed Uber left MSNBC hates Bernie.

    Shows who runs the media.

  12. Chuck Todd you are an embarrassment to journalism and all those that have integrity. You are truly embodying elite culture. A true 1% sympathizer. I used to watch you a long with all the other host on this station…. but ya'll have changed for the worst. Shameful!!! The only good thing about this clip is that Steyer wasn't gonna throw Bernie under the bus. But how you posed the questions was shameful. Almost like you want trump to be president again….smdh!

  13. Tom Steyer is a stand up guy. He's up on stage debating with seasoned politicians, he's standing up for climate change, now he says he's not gonna Bernie bash. He states his ideas & issues & promotes his agenda each time. Unlike🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤜🥴🤛 Michael-(take-ur-soda-pop) Bloomberg who just pours money into the DNC so they can use it in corruption & espionage. What a waste of money & how stupid…

  14. And what is so hilariously funny is that Trump was given a great economy to increase it. He had done nothing to help build it, but inherited it.

  15. Mr. Steyer just join the revolution. You will have so many friends. Those billionaire people are boring, join the party bro. You will be beloved by the American people for the rest of your days and beyond.

  16. Tom Steyer is a sincere human being. I'm glad he's on board with the progressive agenda. He's the strongest advocate on reparations and I hope he is part of a progressive administration.

  17. Exactly when has Steyer refused to take all his tax breaks in the name of fairness to blue color workers? When has Steyer given money back to tax payers?
    Well Steyer, my paycheck is bigger and I'm more grateful than ever that I voted for President Trump and will again in November! Obamacare screwed me and thousands like me who worked for our benefits, out of our heath insurance and we're looking forward to having good insurance again after we take back The Peoples House, hold the Senate and reelect President Donald J. Trump to his second term!
    America will never turn Socialist on our watch, if you want Venezuela … best start packing to move!

  18. You clowns are so clearly biased against Sanders, you're talking to another candidate why is the very very very first thing you do try to attack Sanders? Todd you clown.

  19. How is Chuck Todd even on the air anymore? He doesn't ask smart questions (he's no Tim Russert), just lame ones intended to make the other guy look lame and Todd look smart in comparison. That act isn't working anymore, Chuck. Back to the News Desk at WTVJ for you.

  20. Who cares about Biden, CHUCK? Why are you asking Steyer if he can do better than the 4th or 5th place candidate? You guys never learn…

  21. Maybe you want to take a look behind the curtain. Tom Steyer talks a big economic game, saying that Trump is a fraud on the Economy. Really Tom? The facts tell something different. The fact is that he left his Wall St. business (Falloran Management) in 2012 because it was FAILING. (But not before taking $1.6 billion with him.) THE FIRM LOST 41% OF ITS VALUE, forcing Tom Steyer to go public AFTER 24 YEARS OF HIDING WHAT HE WAS DOING . Hmmm. Here's what the Wall St. Journal said on 3/12/10 about it:

    "Farallon Capital Management LLC is shrinking and reorganizing its investment operations and acknowledging some mistakes as the giant hedge-fund firm emerges from the rockiest period in its 24-year history. The now-$21 billion fund firm (down from $36 billion) is also pledging to share more details with clients about valuations of hard-to-sell assets and other investments, say several people close to the matter. Big clients such as the California Public Employees' Retirement System withdrew money.
    The more-open approach marks an evolution for Farallon, long resistant to disclosing details about its holdings, and shows how even well-established hedge funds are bowing to clients who want more information about where their money is invested.
    Farallon's co-chief investment officers, founder Thomas Steyer and Andrew Spokes, held their first investor conferences in the firm's history in late 2009, a sign of the firm's new openness, say people close to the matter. "

    Also, Steyer claiming that he "started with nothing"? REALLY? He was born into a wealthy family in New York – his father was a wealthy Judge. He went to Stanford and Yale…and NOT on scholarship. Straight to Goldman Sachs afterwards. Nothing wrong with all that – but he made BIG MONEY at Goldman in risk arbitrage. Started Falloran in 1986 during the Reagan boom years. Was TOTALLY SECRETIVE for 24 years until he lost all that $$$$$ and was FORCED to open up. He left shortly thereafter, but not before taking his billions (1.6 to be exact) after all the losses.

  22. The paper listes Joe Biden who abandons New Hampshire rather than Yang. If DNC and mainstream media let their bias get the best of their egos, Trump will win again

  23. "Behind every great fortune is a great crime"… I don't believe this billionaire. He could have created a co-op and splashed the cash if he was so concerned for others. He didn't. But, funnily enough here he is trying to consolidate his wealth and power by becoming president.

  24. LoL….MSNBC self owned in the title. TV viewers are clueless. If you know a TV news viewer, explain in detail what they did in 2016. And ever since.

  25. Notice how Interviewer doesn’t ask one question about Tom Steyer’s platform, about Tom Steyer’s the candidate?

    Why even have him there? (We all know MSNBC was hoping for a “Gott’cha moment” with the Bernie question)

    I came for the headline, because Bernie Sanders *name was invoked….I did not come to support, like, or add to viewership….

    Tom Steyer is a stand-up honest guy, he will Endorse Bernie Sanders at some point….

  26. Let's elect a socialist (Bernie) and destroy the economy. Good luck with that one. Tom has Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  27. Let's elect a socialist (Bernie) and destroy the economy. Good luck with that one. Tom has Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  28. And I know perfectly why Facebook always added you in my private playlists! Just to against president Donald Trump and nothing else, and I know since 2016 you guys never said anything good about president trump, and so far I'm not going to let you at all in my private playlists.

  29. Chuck, stop interrupting your guests. Steyer is a high acumen and knowledgeable businessman. He made his money investing in equities, yet you ask him to differentiate himself from a long-time politician on the economy.

  30. Fat Donald has put the USA so far into debt that bankruptcy is a realistic option, or when Bernie gets in, use an executive order to force Trump to build the Mexican wall, with his own skinny little hands if necessary.

  31. "Mr. trump". note the exclusion of his stolen title. I prefer "herr drumphf". exclusion of the title, original family name and lower case to illustrate complete lack of respect. #firechucktodd

  32. Steyer isn’t using his money to win the election, but he is trying to push the conversation and keep the conversation constructive. I can’t imagine a better use of his wealth at this point.

  33. Chuck, will you ever apologize for calling a Jewish candidate's supporters a "brownshirt brigade" and the equivalent of a Nazi mob on your show tonight?
    Even better, will MSNBC fire you for your blatantly anti-Semetic "analysis?"

    Why do Bernie supporters despise you and the rest of MSNBC (MSNeverBernieChanne)? Maybe because you equate his supporters with a Nazi mob? Maybe because when MSNBC isn't engaged in a news blackout of Bernie Sanders campaign, it is relentlessly dismissing him, demeaning him and smearing him? Maybe because you said Bernie's campaign rally crowds were just like Trump's crowds? Don't you think there's a connection?

    Here's what the progressive media (which you and the rest of the corporate media also despises) thought of the sheer idiocy and stupidity of your performance tonight (Mon., 2/10) on the eve of the NH primary:

    YouTube video: ""Brown Shirt" Reference Launches #FireChuckTodd"
    The Young Turks (TYT), 2/11/2020 [16:09]

    YouTube video: "Chuck Todd’s Attack On Bernie Supporters BACKFIRES"
    The Damage Report, TYT Network 2/11/2020 [8:24]

    P.S. No candidate is responsible for the online behavior of their supporters. But unlike all the other candidates, only Bernie has told his supporters to knock it off and was forced to apologize for their behavior by the corporate media which despises him. For example, Elizabeth Warren has never apologized for THEIR online supporters' vicious attacks on Bernie Sanders, and Andrew Yang's online supporters went after anyone who criticized him. Maybe most of the other candidates didn't criticize the corporate media as much because — with the exception of Tulsi Gabbard who was constantly smeared as a Russia asset and Assad apologise when she was no such thing — the media rarely crticized them and NEVER critiqued their policies or lack thereof.

    Chuck, your smearing of Sanders and his supporters was absolutely contemptible. You are NOT a jouŕnalist, your just a highly paid stooge and a shill for your corporate media bosses.

  34. He might be a rich guy but he sounds like decent sort…i douth there is audio of him insulting minorities like there is for buttigege (cant spell that name) or Bloomberg.

  35. that commentator was antibernie in 2016…what an oligarchy talking head… Everyone but bernie is supported by or is a billionaire. You really think billionaires and big pharma, fossil fuels and mafia vested health insurance companies are giving them money to help the middle class? only bernie is for the middle class and poor to be able to improve their lives…rest is just to distract you. Bernie was attending protests over civil rights and union strikes when pete was not yet born and knows DC. pete doesnt even know how to be a good mayor lol and biden is slowing down, no energy and bernie is the energizer bunny lol, working for the majority…not billionaire donors and corporations.

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