Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Global Threat Story Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

[MUSIC PLAYING] The Mythical
Gollum was imagined as an artificial intelligence,
designed to serve and protect. The myth is now a reality. This self-driving vehicle
across the entire United States, without a human
touching the wheel. The computer was created. It out-smarted me
every step of the way. [MUSIC PLAYING] Entrepreneur, visionary,
genius, Jace Skell is planning to change the world. This is our first
deployment of lethal drones. They have already saved
countless US lives. From our new
headquarters on Aurora, Skell Technology will, quite
simply, build the future. [MUSIC PLAYING] Skell type drones will enhance
industries across the globe. They will eliminate food
shortages, heal the sick, and in time erase poverty. Mr. Skell, critics claim that
with new autonomous systems, we risk summoning the devil,
what do you say to that? We combine AI Machinery to
serve humanity peacefully. I am personally dedicated to– [MUSIC PLAYING] Scared. Machines that could act to
give react faster than humans. They are cheaper
and more efficient than any other measure. There’s no doubt that Swell
surveillance systems will reduce crime on our streets. Would Mr. Skell
care to comment on the recent assassination
of a political candidate by a lethal drone? Mr. Skell has no
comment at this time. [MUSIC PLAYING] Lethal autonomous weapons are
being developed and deployed without oversight
or limitations. They are the next global threat. The UN must vote
to enact sanctions on the spread of these weapons. We must act now. We’ve lost contact
with Orella, no way to reach Jace Skell. Yes sir, I understand
the risk level. We’re sending them in. [MUSIC PLAYING] Available October
4th, preorder now.

  1. I don't get how people keep blabbing ubisoft gets "political".

    Duh its "Ethics of technology". Like how one illustrate story of bioethical issues in cloning.

  2. … lol these people clearly have no idea what to do with the forward assist. You don't hit the forward assist when you chamber a round unless the bullet dosent go into battery and at that point if that's happening you need to get out the go no-go guages…not force the round into battery…. normally, who cares but you're trying to portray a real "operator"… There's actually arguments out there about are forward assists even needed anymore at all.

  3. How about you release details on what kind of tiered weapons and what is there about offline mode, Ubisoft? Right now it feels like you're hiding those details on purpose.

  4. Ubisoft, if youre listening and its not too late, for the love of God PLEASE give us TOTAL button configuration setup control on consoles instead of just preset button configurations. If I want to shoot with X and run with R2, I should be able to. PC has been allowing this for ages. Why not with consoles?

    And give us DEDICATED servers for PvP! I'd pay the $15 / month.

  5. I think the world map on this will be smaller then wildlands, but to be honest i think that will improve the game a bit

  6. I am not hyped. This game is ONLINE ONLY. If your internet is provided by AT&T like me. You're screwed.

    I only bought the Wildlands cause you can play online and offline to support their effort. I even bought their DLC.

    Oh well, guess I will skip this piece of garbage then. Too bad Ubisoft, I thought you guys can spare Breakpoint from the ONLINE ONLY Live Service trash, guess I was wrong

  7. Guys, I begging you, boycott this ONLINE ONLY garbage. Make Ubisoft implement offline mode so when your internet connection is lost or their server shut down for good, you still can play it.

  8. No offline support means you are disappointing a large portion of your fan base. Listen to your community we are all being very vocal and passionate about the lack of offline play over social media.

  9. Im so glad they’re remastering black ops 3! Don’t know why they’re changing names around but I’m still stoked!

  10. Please ubisoft do like you did in the ghost recon future soldier please put that gimmic of the sincronized fire just like you did before

  11. Yo it would be cool if they had modes where you can be in an ultra realistic military one you know like 1 to 2 shots then they could have the normal mode with the health regen and how it was in the trailer

  12. Please Ubisoft, give us other godamn parts besides Magpul and at least let us change our reveceivers.

  13. PLEASE add a realistic mode option in pvp this is the only good war game on ps4 and we are so many that not want just go running like crazies shooting and marking no realistic way

  14. As soon as this game comes out, it'll be great. everything you've ever wanted from a ghost recon game. Then the reviews are going to come in and everyone is going to say the game is trash and you'll believe them because that's what you do. Welcome to 2019.

  15. This game may be a sequel but it will play nothing like wildlands. They put what was missing in wildlands on this game but took away so much that made wildlands awesome.

  16. Would be entertaining a ghost recon in Russia or depends on I don't think these areas are from Bolivia

  17. I've loved all the Ghost Recon Games! Keep it coming that's why I joined the military and served to begain with! HOORAH Ghost Recon!

  18. With Wildlands the 3 Ai team m8's were boring plus they made the game to easy…

    I love to see 1 full customized team m8 with both a male and female personal story one that you can relate to. Plus they need better conversations.

    Other then that…. Can't wait

  19. Ubisoft a special thanks to you for pushing this long to make new and improved games. If it is a possibility I would ask if you could add some Easter eggs that pays respects to games you've made in the past and in the present time length we are in and, as a personal request I would ask if you could make a new and improved more life like experience to the predator mission in ghost recon wildlands the mission was fun and hard but it didn't give me the highest expectations for it. The thrill of it just showing up and you having to make the choice to hide or fight was a thrill but if I was granted the curtisy of making this request possible, I would be thankful and happy for your team of gamers to make a better mission for the predator encounter. Thanks for the time you put into reading this. P.S Can't wait for launch I want to get my hands on it when the time comes thank you for making games that were worth wial and an experience I can hold on to thank you.

  20. Lol i can feel the connectivity vibe to WATCH DOGS HOME SURVEILLANCE ETC reminds me of that. THE IOT INTERNET OF THINGS

  21. Thumbs up if Ghost Recon Breakpoint should implement the feature to take cover with the car door as you come out of a car into combat!

  22. Will multiplayer be released a year later incomplete on this too? I especially hope its still only 4v4 on terribly chosen/designed maps for such numbers, what a joke wildlands was and what a joke this will be.

  23. I'm not gonna lie this is like a flipped universe with call of duty ghosts by rorke is Elias walker and his army was full of tactical bois

  24. Can we get a UBISOFT Ghost recon Space Marines Aliens (Xenomoph) game please! I'll pay my whole check!!!! Like if you down!

  25. Ghost Recon Breaking Point y'all need to make sure you can make the character how you want it make the character buff anything basically fixed on the whole body the head to feet

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