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welcome to the show thanks for having me and officially welcome to the debates you found out today that you have qualified for the debates yes yes we're excited about it is that it's not a weight off your shoulders because there's so many candidates right now that it really is like who's gonna be at the debates and now you're gonna be there yeah a little bit most people would have never given me a chance to get on the debate stage and here we are and that's kind of the beginning of the game and just we're in the game and we're excited to get our message out right do you really believe that you have a shot in this game just because you are one of the candidates who's living in that world where in some places you're polling between zero and two percent right I know you don't believe you're out of it but why where I come from I represent the forgotten communities of the country and I think you look at the history of these races Jimmy Carter Bill Clinton Barack Obama Donald Trump right the the winner comes out of usually comes out of nowhere and I think when people hear that I come from a forgotten community I've represented these forgotten people who have lost jobs the last 30 or 40 years and go back to steel mills closing outside of Youngstown Ohio in the late 1970s my father-in-law was one of them I could tell you a story 15 years ago about my cousin Donnie he was a Vietnam vet he his last act it his factory was to unbolt the machine from the factory floor put it in a box and ship it to China and I could tell you a story a couple weeks ago the General Motors factory that used to have 16,000 people is now idle so when people hear that I know what they're going through yes I understand that that's what we need in the White House and I make one promise to them Trevor all I say is all I know and all I can promise you is when I'm in that White House when I walk into that Oval Office every morning I won't forget who you are and I'll know exactly what to do on your behalf I think when that message gets out we're gonna move you you you you talk about those people who are in your district and it what really is fascinating about those votes is as many of them voted for Barack Obama yeah and then they switched over to Donald Trump who promised that their jobs would come back right as you said the plants are still closing yeah but we're reading that many of them still support Donald Trump so how would you sway that type of voter who seems to still be with him even though his promises are falling apart you know I think those articles are over stated I think the shines coming off the Apple people are saying you made all these promises and you hadn't delivered and so my argument to the Democratic voter is to say look who better to prosecute the case on the economy than the very person who represents the communities that Donald Trump lied to about bringing the economy back he hasn't done a damn thing we're still getting our rear ends kicked by China with electric vehicles with solar panels with wind turbines all these manufacturing jobs that I want to bring back yes he hasn't done anything to do that so I'm the best person to prosecute that case in prosecute sorry but prosecute that case in western Pennsylvania Ohio Michigan Wisconsin Iowa Indiana those states that we need to win on an economic argument I believe I'm the best person to do that you you have been big on economics that's been your talking point for a very long time you've said that Democrats need to talk economics otherwise they will lose elections what does that mean when you say that well it means you have to talk to what people are thinking about and what they're feeling 75% of the American people still live paycheck to paycheck 40% of the American people can't withstand a $400 emergency which means you blow your tire out or somebody gets sick your economic life unravels and we have to speak directly to that now those are those are you know the people I represent every single day and that's what they're thinking about and it's not just my district it's you there's 10 cities in Los Angeles there's people who are in the fishing industry on the coast that are affected by climate and everything else right they're losing their jobs there's you know manufacturing people in my area they're not white people they're it's white black brown gay-straight urban rural people in rural Iowa are getting killed right now farmers haven't made a profit in five years and they have the highest suicide rate so everyone's hurting now it's time for us to come together I think it's time for us to have a nominee and a president who actually understands what everyone's going through and it's from a part of the country who's been dealing with this for decades so do you genuinely believe that the 23 other candidates don't cover these bases not not like I do right and this is where I live I've lived here 45 years and as I said my father-in-law my cousins when these factories closed I know who they are do you think that the Democratic Party has has become a party where some of these people have forgotten how to speak to some of these people who live in these areas you're speaking about to some extent we've become a very coastal party we've become a very Ivy League party and I think we've forgotten in many ways how to talk to the workers right when when I campaign for my re-election for Congress its wages its pensions it's health care its mental health its education affordability making sure you can get your kid into a certificate program or two-year degree or college bread-and-butter issues that's how you beat Donald Trump because he hasn't delivered for them let's talk about education one thing that I've really been intrigued by is how you've talked about being 100% for education but reshaping the way education is spoken about in America you've not a big fan of everyone being pushed towards college or nothing right what does that mean and why is that important to you well most of the jobs in the future talk about building an economy where we're making things again electric vehicles solar wind all these other things yes technology though most of those require a two-year degree most of them require a certification so how do we start that a little earlier with vocational training in our high schools start getting kids on a track and then getting them that certification getting them that two-year degree because that's where 70% of that people are gonna go yeah we need College needs to be I think free I think you know we it used to be K through 12 yes for the old economy that's free everyone pays taxes every kid can go economy has shifted dramatically so K through 12 is just not going to cut it any more so we need to expand it but let's focus on these technical degrees let's have an industrial policy and create that pipeline so these workers from high school certification can then fill those jobs that's how you begin to build the economy when it comes to K through 12 we've got to reform it in the sense that the first thing we have to do is deal with the kids trauma most of the kids my wife's the first grade teacher most of the kids that come in are in some kind of trauma they have adverse childhood experiences that we never deal with right I want to push a social and emotional learning curriculum and every school in the United States a trauma based curriculum I want a mental health counselor and every school in the United States Wow so we start dealing with the root causes of our kids inability to learn we know what the brain science tells us is that when you're in trauma when you're in fight-or-flight mode you literally can't access the part of your brain you need to learn yes so I don't care what your plans are I mean I've my always a teacher I want her to make more we should pay teachers more but if you're not dealing with climate of the classroom and the trauma and adverse childhood experiences you're not gonna get the kid ready to learn you've got all the policies the the big challenge now for you is going to be getting noticed with all of the candidates out there I noticed at at the gathering of the of the Democrats that happened on in California everyone chose to walk out walk out song you know Elizabeth you know who Bernie Sanders hits everyone had a song that said something about them your song when you walked out was little Nozick's old town road yeah that was an interest what is I couldn't figure out what does that mean like what would he what are you saying I had one target audience there and that was my kids [Laughter] [Applause] you

  1. As one of this guys constituents, he is right. Our area is a rusted out shell with very little prospects of viable industry to sustain us economically since most factory jobs are gone. What he is wrong about is that trump has a loosened hold here.

    The jobs thing was a front to most people. Sure, we need jobs but it was never about that. People here are scared of progressivism. If it weren’t for the few starbucks and dunkins around you would swear it was still late 80s/early 90s. It has to do with the values of the people, which I’m sorry to say are shitty and stalled out. Older people are scared of change and as a young person living here it is very frustrating when you try to make the case for basic things like why homophobia is wrong and that you can’t say those racist things in public anymore. Trump represents those days when that was acceptable which is why he still holds Ryans district tightly.

  2. I heard youngstown and General Motors and realized he’s from where I’m from and if he’s from north west Pennsylvania he’s gonna have the meth head votes

  3. OH crap! Been a long time since I've heard about Tim Ryan, but I'm glad to see him here! Excited to see him debate. Love what I've heard so far–can't say I'm very impressed with other candidates.

  4. What made the Midwest attractive and what made it work a century ago was cold weather that worked with the heat from manufacturing, by the end of July the heat in these shops were unbearable. Also access to the Great Lakes for shipping and abundant water supply was vital. Along with boatloads of immigrants coming from Europe and southernere coming up from the south to get a liveable wage. Then WW-II wiped out every industrial country in the world except for the US and Canada. England was crippled but bounced back fairly quickly. which allowed the companies in these countries , their workers and the towns they lived in to thrive. We had no competition! By the mid '60s the rest of the world had rebuilt and were knocking on our back door. Honda for example started taking over the motorcycle world along with some other Japanese manufacturers. Many once well known brands went under in a hurry. Harley's future was even questionable by the late '70s! What hit the motorcycle industry in the '60s hit the auto industry in the '70s, especially after the 1973 oil crissis. As Japan's industrial complex matured, they were into vertually everything by the '80s. Then China got into the game, they are now going full bore with cheap labor and way, way, way more people than the U.S. They cut into Japans game with many things including electonics and motor scooters which is what got Japan's foot in the door around the world in the first place. So as far as the Midwest is concerned, Modern climate control in factories negates the need to have the shop in a cold climate unless climate change makes the winters milder and it becomes a more pleasant place to live. Modern rail systems, Trucks and shipping containers make it easy to ship products from anywhere to shipping ports and visa versa. Immigrants are still trying to come to this country to work but they're considered the wrong colored skin by right wingers so they are put in concetration camps. And if we try and start World War III to get back on top again, it's not going to end well for us at all. We haven't had a sucessful engagement of war since WW-II. Korea's still screwed up, Vietnam ended in disgrace, WTF was Granada? We only fucked up Central America which ended up with refugese trying to come here, We totally fucked up the Middle East, with refugees heading all over the world, we have been engaged in war there for decades and for decades to come. We thought we won the cold war but Russia is far from done with us, they own the republican party! And now we are about to start a war with Iran which we most likely won't have any other countries fool enough to join us in. So how does this Tim Ryan plan to fix all of this???!!!! Making the Midwest great again is not going to happen especially once Trump gets through with this country! And if you think I don't know what I'm talking about, I lived in the Detroit area for over 40 years, through the '50s, '60s, '70, '80's and most of the '90s. My dad, my Uncles and many friends worked in the auto industry or in support of the auto industry. I was there in it's heyday and I was there through it's decline. I watched people buy goods from other countries because they were cheaper instead of buying American. Way back in the '70s I would tell them, If you don't buy American, there won't be any American jobs! well by the end of the '80s, that ship had sailed. We lost, greed destroid us, We began to sink slowly. Between corporate raiders like Mitt Romney, buying stocks out from under smaller companies, firing people, shipping off manufacturing to China and third world countries while retaining the established brand names (like Schwinn for example) while selling off the machinery, the real estate then taking the pensions from the people that worked for these companies for 20-30 years and putting it in their pockets Union busting, and still functional companies closing factories in the US while opening up shop in other companies. So when Tim talks about his friend unbolting machinery and boxing it up to ship to China, that's such a touching hit home kind of story to tell around the Midwest, but that was the final sceen of a very long drama that doesn't even begin to address the problem. I do believe, the rich are making their last grab before we're completely done and the religious nuts are waiting for Jesus to take over and save them!

  5. glad hes a congressman hope he continues to bo because i loved and was down for everything he spoke on.understanding what most of our lives are- the struggle, and the utmost importance of being mentally healthy FROM YOUTH….all of it so important

  6. I like him but, he will be slaughtered in debates. Because he is just monotonous, no showmanship. I mean you can't put someone like that against Donald Trump. There is nothing wrong with him, but he is too monotone to go up against Donald Trump.

    Love his education policies though. I still say Pete Buttigieg has the best chance against Trump. If Dems don't get their act together and field Joe Biden…., it's like just pitting the same personality against the same personality. Both are just as bad as each other. And if people have to pick better of the worst again, like what happened with Hillary. They might pick Trump again!

  7. I dont mean treat the black people in a bad way……but careful about muslim…muslim are voilence dont forget about 9/11…FYI if that happen again it will be late…i dont meant every muslim are stupid…but majority are…have you seen any muslim country peaceful😂

  8. he REALLY needs to convince the other candidates that have NO CHANCE to win to RUN FOR SENATE!!! being a democratic president who defeats trumpf in 2020 is POINTLESS if we have the cancerous bullshit republican senate who ONLY do what republicans and the shit industries want instead of what WE THE PEOPLE ELECTED THEM TO DO: WORK FOR US

    fuck the right forever

  9. Didn't know much about this guy beforehand and after listening to him I'm for Tim Ryan. He said a lot of things I've been saying for some time! #Ryan2020

  10. I'm really hoping whoever becomes president picks up a lot of these other dem nominees for their cabinet because this guy would be great at the department for education.

  11. Ah, yes, the forgotten community of…well-educated white men? So forgotten. So overlooked.
    Edited to add: He seems like a good guy, and he actually does have some good policy ideas. He'd be a solid VP pick for Warren. His policy ideas would work well with hers, and she has the policy chops to bring his ideas to fruition.

  12. Its amaising how this guy does not stop promoting bernie copies that can easly be differenciated by the way they express their ideas

  13. If straight white dudes knew what was important they would drop out of the primary.
    2:38 He could have mentioned how he's going to pay those manufacturing jobs 120k a year to keep up with inflation. No mention of how he's going to make rich goons stop shipping our jobs to other countries.

  14. mental health has to be dealt with… the future belongs to compassion and kindness and that's very hard, when you're hurting a lot…

  15. Honestly curious as non american
    Why most/generally americans think the democrats would always lose? If so, why need democrat and rp parties? Why there are ppl who becomes candidates from democrats knowing they would just lose?

  16. "I'm fighting for the forgotten communities." Then what about the Native Americans whose land you want to destroy with those pipelines?

  17. He is correct about the trauma and child learning. I've been in the school system over 11 years now and yes, so many can't even begin to learn because they have so much else going on. School is just a safe space, with trustworthy adults and food.

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